Helping Rebuild a City with FME


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This session outlines how the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team, the organization working to rebuild horizontal infrastructure after the devastating earthquakes that hit the region, are using FME to progress aspects of this project.

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Helping Rebuild a City with FME

  1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. Helping rebuild a City with FME Todd Davis GIS Consultant
  2. 2. The City and Background !  Christchurch, New Zealand. 2nd biggest city with 400,000 residents (under 10% of NZ population) !  Hit by 4 large Earthquake in 2010-2011 !  4 September 2010 – 7.1 Magnitude, 1.26 PGA !  22 February 2011 – 6.3 Magnitude, 2.2 PGA, 185 dead !  13 June 2011 – 6.3 Magnitude, 2.13 PGA, 1 dead !  23 December 2011 – 6.0 Magnitude, 1 PGA CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.
  3. 3. The Aftermath !  Liquefaction – large portions of Christchurch land liquefied causing damage to roads, infrastructure, housing and land (especially on Eastern side of city) !  Over 6000 homes “Red Zoned” (due to land damage, rock full danger) !  CBD fenced off for over 2 years !  Nearly 80% of CBD buildings will be demolished (nearly all stood through the earthquake)
  4. 4. Images
  5. 5. The Rebuild !  The move west…business and residential (gridlock) !  Expected NZ$40 billion to rebuild !  3 years on, more buildings still coming down than going up. !  Residents want the city fixed NOW. !  SCIRT (an alliance)- Over NZ$2 billion to fix horizontal infrastructure…started from scratch !  150 road crews, currently 40 within CBD
  6. 6. FME at SCIRT !  20+ organisation supplying all sort of spatial and non-spatial data (600+ layers on GIS viewer) !  Location Intelligence meets Business Intelligence !  Gateway for data in and out of organisation !  Good/Bad – Expectations and increasing workload…might be victims of our success. Proactive use and as a bandaid (sadly) !  It has become well known in the organisation: “12d bad, GIS good” “You guys have the tools to do this, we don’t” “Can I get this FME on my computer”
  7. 7. Making Config files for Multiple Roles in GIS Viewer
  8. 8. Config files - 2012 Mainly Python
  9. 9. Config Files - 2014 Featuremerger in 2014 – Suppliers First
  10. 10. Ww, Sw and Ws !  2d information into 3d (2d pipes with a 2d invert point somewhere away from the pipes end… hopefully coincidental (no id linkage)) !  Pipe id deleted, no reference between new and historic ids
  11. 11. GPS Photos
  12. 12. GPS Photos Check coordinates, extract date and time, orientation, resize photos, create thumbnail, add watermark, create feature, assign description
  13. 13. PDAT !  Originally designed in excel, a pseudo-regression analysis to figure out which pipes in an area are likely to be damaged based on several factors, without the need to CCTV all pipes. !  Took a knowledgeable user around one week to run in excel and hope that is didn’t crash. !  Recreated in FME and takes under 3 hours with a standard user running the process
  14. 14. FME Server 1st Process !  Key requirements: !  Watch directory for additions !  Load 6 different excel files into Microsoft sql !  Archive excel files after loading !  Send emails of failures, or success and counts And then: !  Remove empty rows in excel !  Unzip zip files containing excel files and process according to zip file name.
  15. 15. FME Server 1st Process – The parent
  16. 16. FME Server 1st Process – a child process
  17. 17. The future in Christchurch !  FME Server to check construction firm asbuilts without manual intervention and only minor intervention once submitted into SCIRT GIS team(very close) !  Traffic team, Designers etc running their own test through FME Server !  “GIS” processes/setup at SCIRT investigated for deployment back into local council
  18. 18. Thank You! !  Questions? !  For more information: !  Todd Davis or !  Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team ! CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.