FME Spatial Querying in a CAD-Driven GIS


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Ponderosa has used AutoCAD Map 3D and Microsoft SQL Server as its primary GIS for over 10 years. Having DWG objects stored with real world coordinates has allowed Ponderosa to manage its telecom infrastructure by providing accurate locations for underground locators, footage information to qualify available services as well as detailed maps for engineering and planning purposes.

In the past 5-years, regulatory requirements have relied more and more on GIS data to support reports that require a variety of GIS layer overlay including Census Blocks, Census Tracts and Zip code Boundaries. Limited GIS tools in AutoCAD have proven to be inefficient and time consuming in running some the required queries and analysis. This class will focus on how FME's robust GIS querying functionality was used to save hundreds of hours in querying and analyzing GIS data stored in AutoCAD Map 3d and SQL Server.

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FME Spatial Querying in a CAD-Driven GIS

  1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. FME Spatial Querying in a CAD-Driven GIS Tim Jones, GISP, MSGIS Engineering Supervisor - GIS
  2. 2. Agenda !  Who is Ponderosa !  How we use FME !  FME in Action–Live Demo CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.
  3. 3. !  Location: Central CA Sierra Nevada, Southern CA high desert !  Service Footprint: 4,000 square miles !  Rural Terrain: Challenging, sea level to 10,000 feet, mountains and desert
  4. 4. Dark Background Slide Example !  Access the built-in slide layouts for this template on the Home tab under Layout. !  Click the small triangle to see all the available layouts
  5. 5. Ponderosa GIS Timeline Est. 1908 Dial tone 1950’s Computer 1980’s GIS 1990’s ACAD/OASIS 2003
  6. 6. Utilizing GIS !  Engineering/Right of Way !  Field Operations !  Marketing/Customer Care !  USA Locates !  Regulatory Reporting
  7. 7. GIS Work Flow Post as built drawings To base maps Add data to SQL Link records to AutoCAD objects Design in AutoCAD Map 3D
  8. 8. Previous GIS Setup !  AutoCAD Map3D !  Link Templates – data stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 !  3rd Party Application CHRM Oasis FM – AutoCAD linking tools and database front end. AutoCAD Map 3D DWG Oasis FM Microsoft SQL Server Link Templates
  9. 9. Current GIS Setup AutoCAD Map3d DWG Oasis FM Microsoft SQL Server Link Templates FME MS SQL Spatial Web Based GIS Enhanced Spatial Querying Abilities
  10. 10. Uses for FME !  Nightly data conversion to SQL Spatial !  Conversion of data to KML for special projects !  Conversion of data to DWG for mobile solution !  Data clean-up on AutoCAD drawings !  Ad-hoc GIS queries
  11. 11. Advantages to data in MSSQL !  Centralized location for web-based maps (Mapguide) !  FDO ready format for GIS Analysis in AutoCAD Map3D (Buffering, Overlay, Theme etc) !  Ability to do spatial queries within MSSQL !  Spatially driven MS SQL Reports (SSRS) CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.
  12. 12. Spatially Driven SQL Reports !  Utilize spatial data to drive SSRS reports !  Reports that allows end user to run a query without realizing they are doing GIS CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.
  13. 13. SSRS Report #1 – Lines by Serving Area
  14. 14. FME as a your GIS tool box! !  Data maintained in AutoCAD !  Stored in SQL !  Analyzed with FME CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.
  15. 15. Grant Applications !  Funding for broadband projects !  Application required Maps and GIS data submission !  Some data required spatial queries CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.
  16. 16. Customizing Census Block Layer
  17. 17. Creating Buffered Project Layer
  18. 18. Overlaying Census Block and Zip Codes on Subscribers
  19. 19. Impact of proposed sites on subscriber broadband availability !  0-2.5kf – 50mb !  2.5- 5kf – 30mb !  5-7.5kf – 20mb !  7.5-10kf – 10mb !  10-15kf – 6mb !  15-20kf -3mb !  >20kf – Not Available
  20. 20. Time Savings with FME Using GIS tools in AutoCAD Map 3D (2 hours and 25 minutes) !  5 minutes to create each band (about 16 bands total) 1 and half hours total !  Another 2-3 minutes for each overlay (additional 45 minutes) Using GIS tools in FME (5 minutes and 5 seconds) !  Create workspace - 5 minutes !  Run workspace – 5 seconds/band CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.
  23. 23. Result !  All GIS requirements met !  4 out of 5 grants approved !  Proven ROI for GIS investments!!! CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.
  24. 24. Thank You! !  Questions? !  For more information: !  Tim Jones CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.