FME Server for High Quality On-Demand PDF Printing


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FME Server for High Quality On-Demand PDF Printing

  1. 1. FME Server for High QualityOn-Demand PDF PrintingSteve BogartVice President, Technology Product ManagerJones Lang LaSalleApril 16th, 2013Jonathon McIntyreCTO, i-Open Technologies
  2. 2. Who is Jones Lang LaSalle? Jones Lang LaSalle is a financial and professionalservices firm specializing in real estate servicesand investment management. Our more than40,000 people in 1,000 locations in 70 countriesserve the local, regional and global real estateneeds of those clients, growing our company inthe process.
  3. 3. Who is i-Open Technologies? Established 2002 – HQ Abbotsford BC Systems Integrator – Core Focus is SolutionDevelopment Objective and Trusted Partner to its Clients Technology Platform Approach – Cross Industry GIS – Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Data Integration i-Open Management have been delivering Enterpriseand Government solutions for over 25 years
  4. 4. What were the requirements? Integrate with existing Floor Plan display system Variety of data sources Print high resolution PDFs Flexible to deal with individual clientrequirements – new opportunities Contextual high quality legend Layer control Handle complex patterns and labels
  5. 5. What types of Data were used? Inputs Autodesk DWG Autodesk DWF Autodesk SDF Microsoft SQL Server Comma Separated Values (CSV) Output PDF
  6. 6. Sample PDF Output
  7. 7. Why FME Server? Can reside on separate servers allowing loadbalancing and stability Existing FME use allows knowledge transfer Can be incorporated transparently into currentsolution Scalable, proven solution Other output formats (ie PNG/JPG) could be usedalso Opportunity to add additional attribute data
  8. 8. Workbench Overview
  9. 9. Key Components FME Server: Data Streaming PDF Layout Configurability Text Labelling High Resolution Legend Polygon Themes Layer Control
  10. 10. FME Server: Data StreamingService Executed from JS in Web Mapping client…passparameters, lots of parameters FME Server processes raw data Sends back ‘smart’ pdf
  11. 11. PDF Layout Floor Plan Legend Title, Scale Bar, Floor Details Rotation Clipping
  12. 12. PDF Layout
  13. 13. PDF Layout PDFLayouter: place the elements on the page
  14. 14. Legend Dynamic Context Sensitive High Resolution
  15. 15. Legend LegendBuilder: build custom legend; Pythonscript
  16. 16. Text Labelling Rotation Location Donuts Size Multi-Line Custom symbols
  17. 17. Text Labelling TextRotator: Create placement point and rotate
  18. 18. Text Labelling TextRotator: Create placement point and rotate
  19. 19. Text Labelling TextLabeller: Create Label, justify, deal withmulti-line labels
  20. 20. Configurability Must integrate with existing app, data, site Multiple clients, multiple requirements…BurgerKing (have it your way) Parameters, parameters, parameters…it just goeson and on my friend… Custom transformers
  21. 21. Polygon Theming Patterns Fills Hatches Angles/Spacing Donuts
  22. 22. Layer Control Layer output in PDF to match layers in Floor Plans
  23. 23. Thank You! Questions? For more information: Steve Bogart: Jones Lang LaSalle Jonathon McIntyre: i-Open Technologies Enter other resources
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