How to Exchange Data between CAD and GIS


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Gain total control over CAD and GIS data exchange. Discover how to use FME to preserve the information in CAD annotation when converting to GIS, and turn GIS data and attributes into rich, clean CAD drawings. You'll see how you can use reusable workflows to easily transform virtually any CAD or GIS data including AutoCAD, Esri ArcGIS, MapInfo, and MicroStation.

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How to Exchange Data between CAD and GIS

  1. 1. How to Exchange Data Between CAD and GIS August 28, 2013 This webinar is being recorded
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Safe Software Live Demos  CAD to GIS  Data Transformation  GIS to CAD  Bonus Demo (3D) Q&A #fmewebinar
  3. 3. Who Are We? Dale Lutz  Co-Founder & VP of Product Development Dean Hintz  Senior Product Specialist Mark Ireland  Product Evangelist #fmewebinar
  4. 4. Questions are Encouraged! Please submit using the GoToWebinar PanelWe will follow-up with unanswered questions #fmewebinar
  5. 5. @SafeSoftware 95+ exuberant employees Partners World-Wide Located in Surrey, British Columbia Thousands of happy customers About Us #fmewebinar
  6. 6. FME – Feature Manipulation Engine FME Desktop FME Server FME Cloud
  7. 7. Powering the flow of data 300+ supported formats Convert data from one format to another Transform data into the precise model you need Share data for use in other applications Integrate data to use in your preferred system Validate data to identify and fix quality issues
  8. 8. Poll: How long have you been using FME? #fmewebinar
  9. 9. New to FME?  Visit our Getting Started Page:  Attend a weekly FME Overview webinar: #fmewebinar
  10. 10. CAD vs GIS: Different Perspectives CAD users have a drawing perspective:  Layers & levels  Styles & Symbology  Dimensions & Labels GIS users have a feature perspective:  Attributes and geometry  Data structure, model  Relational tables, domains  Location  Connectivity and proximity  Analysis
  11. 11. FME Approach: CAD to GIS  Preserve labels and attribution from text, blocks or dimensions  Interpret layers, styles or symbols as attributes (e.g. road type, pipe diameter)  Improve geometry:  create connectivity – snapping  form polygons from lines  Combine geometry and attributes using proximity  e.g. point on area overlay, nearest neighbor: transfer label id to nearest line or polygon  Join to external database based on common id (ms_link)
  12. 12. Demonstrations Live Demos  CAD to GIS  Data Transformation  GIS to CAD  Bonus Demo (3D)
  13. 13. Demonstrations Live Demos  CAD to GIS  Data Transformation  GIS to CAD  Bonus Demo (3D)
  14. 14. FME Approach: GIS to CAD  Create AutoCAD blocks or Microstation cells based on attribute values  Preserve attributes as object data or tags  Translate annotation  Schema transformation to conform to CAD standards  Geometry transformation and filtering to match CAD requirements (layers etc)  Ensure essential CAD information is preserved in GIS structures (GIS <-> CAD)
  15. 15. Demonstrations Live Demos  CAD to GIS  Data Transformation  GIS to CAD  Bonus Demo (3D)
  16. 16. Demonstrations Live Demos  CAD to GIS  Data Transformation  GIS to CAD  Bonus Demo (3D)
  17. 17. Q&A #fmewebinar Final call for questions!
  18. 18. Poll: What demo was of most interest? #fmewebinar
  19. 19. Save the date!September10 • How to Easily Consume, Leverage, and Publish Web Services September18 • How to Accelerate Microsoft Excel Workflow with FME Recorded Webinars: #fmewebinar
  20. 20. FME Training FREE Online Courses •Live, hands-on training at no cost – even if you're not a customer. Course Schedule •Various courses offered online and in cities worldwide. FREE Resources •Access tutorials, recorded courses, and demos – all available for free. #fmewebinar FMEpedia - CAD to GIS
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  22. 22. Q&A #fmewebinar Some interesting answers
  23. 23. Thank You! Sales  Support  (604)501-9985 ext. 278 Mark Ireland  Dean Hintz  This webinar is being recorded #fmewebinar