CAD Data Validation using FME


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Auditing and validating CAD drawings against an established standard is a critical part of a robust CAD data management protocol. Oftentimes this consists of one or more drafters/checkers performing drawing audits from within AutoCAD using out of the box standards checking tools. This process can be time consuming and costly especially when a large number of drawings must be processed within a short time period. Several third-party applications exist to assist with this process but most require an extensive setup and an external database. Colonial Pipeline Company has developed an automated toolset using FME Workbench that checks incoming CAD drawings against its Drafting Standard and provides a detailed log of errors and compliance issues discovered within the drawing files. This toolset drastically reduces the time needed to audit drawings and utilizes software already licensed and used by the GIS department. This presentation will focus on the business drivers for the development of the tool; an overview of the tool; a demonstration; known limitations; and a discussion of next steps and future possibilities including FME Server, cloud deployment, and industry collaboration.

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CAD Data Validation using FME

  1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. CAD Data Validation using FME George Crowe Manager, CAD & GIS Colonial Pipeline Co. David Ellerbeck Senior Consultant Global Information Systems, LLC
  2. 2. Colonial Pipeline Company – Business Overview & Safety Share ! Interstate common carrier of refined petroleum products ! Over 5,500 miles of pipeline stretching from Houston to New York ! Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA ! Transports approximately 100 million gallons per day: !  Gasoline !  Home heating oil !  Diesel fuel !  Commercial jet fuel !  Military fuels
  3. 3. What Data Needs Validating? Why Should it Matter? ! AutoCAD (vanilla) ! AutoCAD Plant 3D ! AutoCAD MAP 3D ! Raster Design ! ReCap ! NavisWorks ! Vault ! Adept ! Maximo ! ESRI
  4. 4. Staffing Constraints… Over 5,500 Miles of Linear Assets ~ 215 Facilities Supported by over 20 Engineering & Design Contracting Firms Infrastructure Managed with ~75 Engineers & Project Mgrs. Asset Data Managed Utilizing 6 CAD/GIS SME’s (1 Mgr., 3 GIS, 2 CAD)
  5. 5. Atypical DWS Model
  6. 6. Standards Validation w/i the AutoCAD® Environment
  7. 7. Standards Validation w/i the AutoCAD® Environment
  8. 8. Where does FME fit in?
  9. 9. Standards Validation outside of the AutoCAD® Environment !  Automation !  External of AutoCAD !  Scalability !  PC based and/or Server based !  Cost !  Time Reduction !  Customization !  Pertinent to Industry or Corporate specific standards !  Evolve with business processes !  Error logging, correction, and notification … Our solution? …FME
  10. 10. Extract: Reading CAD (DWG) Files !  Robust DWG reading capabilities !  Obvious: geometry (2D and 3D), layers, line types, etc… !  Blocks !  Block Attributes !  Text !  Extended entity data !  Paper and model space !  Insertions
  11. 11. Transform: Manipulation of CAD Objects and Entities !  Works just like other data types !  Spatial Data !  Manipulation !  Comparison !  Replacement !  Tabular Data !  Logical Tests !  Data Integration !  Queries, aggregation, formulas !  Aggregation and reporting
  12. 12. Load: Write to almost any supported data type !  Back to CAD !  To Database !  To GIS !  To …
  13. 13. Our Approach !  Standards Based !  Well Documented CAD Standard !  Emphasis on Automation !  Minimize Human Intervention !  Repeatability !  Same Results Every Time !  Reporting Orientation !  Identify and Report
  14. 14. What Does it Mean in FME? !  Out of the box transformers !  Replicated logical tests !  “Custom” transformers (sub-routines) !  Standardized reporting approaches Let’s look at it…
  15. 15. Known Limitations of FME for CAD Data Validation… !  Writing to multiple Layouts within a single CAD file !  Plot Parameters are not supported !  FME is not intended to be used for hardcopy output Your Imagination!
  16. 16. FME/CAD Wishlist… ! Error Correction ! Vendor Distribution ! Cloud Deployment ! Integration with 3D, GIS, EAM, and/or other Enterprise Applications. ! 4D and beyond
  17. 17. Thank You! !  Questions? !  For more information: !  George Crowe, !  David Ellerbeck, CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.