Best Practices in FME 2014


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  • This is like the anti-piracy ad that goes “you wouldn’t steal a car… so why would you steal a movie?”
  • Unless….. you’re an FME Best Practice Pirate!
  • Like the warning on movie DVDs. “National FME Best Practices Coordination Center” is obviously iMark’s office in Manitoba!
  • OK. Now to the main part. The training manual separates best practices into four parts, as shown here. The rest of the presentation goes through these four parts, explains what they are, and what has been done to help in FME 2014
  • Custom Transformers now allow a version [DEMO WORKSPACE AVAILABLE]Prepare by installing a custom transformer. Then open the fmx file. Make a change. Save it. You are prompted to update the version. Place one in WB to show the version number.Constants: No longer exist. All workspaces opened in 2014 will get them replaced with these [DEMO WORKSPACE AVAILABLE]It allows values to be calculated on the fly – i.e. constants are no longer “constant”!Canvas – Open a workspace and go into zoom mode. Now right-click. WB exits from zoom mode to the selection tool. A nice shortcut to reduce clicking on the toolbar
  • Annotation: Updated [DEMO WORKSPACE AVAILABLE]Demo by opening a workspace and placing an annotation. Show how these items can be changed.
  • With the removal of the grid and the auto-layout, don’t forget there are alternative tools that can be used. Not many users seem to be aware of these [DEMO WORKSPACE AVAILABLE]Select multiple objects, right-click, and there are align and spread – you might want to apologize for those functions being removed and assure users we are working on replacements
  • Performance means performance of the translation.FeatureMerger: Suppliers First is the same as the Clipper’s Suppliers First [DEMO WORKSPACE AVAILABLE]GeometryReplacer: Basically a prompt to remind you to remove the geometry attribute if it’s no longer needed [DEMO WORKSPACE AVAILABLE]You really don’t want to carry this attribute around the translation longer than is necessary.
  • Not much to mention in Workbench. Just note that the Transformer Info window is now a general Help window (including Workbench, R+W manual, etc)There are more items in ServerTopic Monitoring: Monitor a topic to see when it is fired. Makes debugging easier.View Log: You can now view the log for a job still in progress. Helps you confirm a long job (12 hours+ for example) is still running
  • Just like a movie/DVD piracy ad. Except our FBI is the FME Bureau of Investigation.If you’re thinking of applying for certification, you’d better not be lacking in any of these!
  • Best Practices in FME 2014

    1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. FME Best Practice for 2014 Fighting the Bad Practice Pirates
    2. 2. Organization is Important!
    3. 3. You wouldn’t not organize your child’s birthday party!
    4. 4. You wouldn’t not organize your trip to the FME International User Conference 2014!
    5. 5. So why would you not organize your FME Workspaces?
    6. 6. Bad FME Practices are not a victimless crime For more information on how unorganized workspaces harm the economy, please visit
    7. 7. Best Practices FME Best Practices are split into four categories: • Methodology • Style • Performance • Debugging
    8. 8. Methodology Use Workbench efficiently, to speed up creation of workspaces. 2014 • Custom Transformers • Versioning • Constants • Replaced by “Edit Value” • Canvas • Right-click resets zoom
    9. 9. Style Create workspaces that are easy to read and understand. 2014 • Improved annotation • Font • Font Color/Size • Background Color • Tables and Hyperlinks • Bullet Points
    10. 10. Style Create workspaces that are easy to read and understand. 2014 • Layout without a grid • Align • Spread • Add as Toolbar shortcuts
    11. 11. Performance Think about your actions. Small changes can have a big impact. 2014 • FeatureMerger • Suppliers First Parameter • GeometryReplacer • Remove Attribute Parameter
    12. 12. Debugging Use all the available tools and resources to aid in debugging. 2014 • Help Window • Includes all Help docs • FME Server • Topic Monitoring • View log of job in progress
    13. 13. The unauthorized absence of FME methodology, style, debugging, and performance is illegal. FME Best Practice infringement is investigated by FME law enforcement agencies and is punishable by up to five years in a correctional training institution.
    14. 14. Thank You!  Questions?  For more information:    FME Evangelist Blog Posts 