Automated Quality Controls with FME


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This presentation shows how well FME works with ISO standards in quality control and how an FME Server validation service can be used to support data management in a data distribution workflow.

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Automated Quality Controls with FME

  1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. Automated quality controls with FME Anna Halvarsson and Johan Esko Metria
  2. 2. . How do I know if the data meet my quality demands?
  3. 3. Definition of quality  “The degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfills requirements”  ISO 9000:2000
  4. 4. Best quality?
  5. 5. Swedish Technology Journal  “Short wheelbase and minimal overhang at the front and rear, combined with high ground clearance makes it extremely well suited to continue the drive where the road ends. Indeed the Niva outperform the Porsche Cayenne, which in comparison is clumsy as an elephant with a backpack in a supermarket”. (Teknikens värld, 2006)  Comment:  “If it is the terrain capabilities that is evaluated, the Niva fulfils the quality requirements better than the Porsche.”
  6. 6. Best quality? Which one of these view services delivers data with the highest positional accuracy?
  7. 7. How to manage quality in my SDI?
  8. 8. Data QC service - Pilot project Objectives: 1. The QC service shall in a standardized and traceable way describe the quality of data 2. The QC service shall automatically perform the controls 3. The QC process shall be the link between the EPA:s manuals and the result published by the data host.
  9. 9. Applies to both cars and bikes Choose the right track for the solution
  10. 10. Excelfile Shapefile Excelfile SchemaMapper SchemaMapper SchemaMapper XMLTemplater XMLTemplater XMLValidator File for QC Harmonise data Create XML/GML (applicationschema) Test 1 DQ _Logical consistency Counter Test 2 DQ_Completeness Tester DQ X DQ_ Element Transformer Transformer Metadata (XML) XMLTemplater Readable QC report ISO 19156 O&M ISO 19131 Data Product specifcation ISO 19157 Data Quality ISO 19157 DQ ISO 19157 DQ ISO 19115 Metadata XSD-file Air quality reports Environmental monitoring type 2
  11. 11. Result files Quality control of Air data Quality control of Sediment data Quality control of Biota data Validate and deliver environmental monitoring data Select file for quality control:
  12. 12. Metadata XML ISO 19139 QC report HTML
  13. 13. Finally • During 2014 the validation service will be launched in version 1.0. • In Sweden a number of agencies have started to work with Product specifications and quality controls according to ISO standards. • Private companies are also showing much more interest in data quality issues than they did a couple of years ago.
  14. 14. Thank you! Johan Esko +46 10 121 81 29 Anna Halvarsson +46 10 121 81 49
  15. 15. Thank You!  Questions?  For more information:  Anna Halvarsson,  Johan Esko, Metria AB, Sweden CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE.