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A Few of My Favorite Things:The Magic that FME Brings to My Life
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A Few of My Favorite Things: The Magic that FME Brings to My Life


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. A Few of My Favorite Things:The Magic that FME Brings to My LifeJerrod StutzmanGeoSpatial Business Analyst April 8, 2013
  • 2. About Devon Devon Energy Corporation is a leading independent natural gas and oil exploration and production company  S&P 500, Fortune 500  NYSE: DVN  Headquartered in Oklahoma City
  • 3. FME Usage at Devon FME Desktop  In use since 2006  13 licenses on FLEX License Server FME Server  In use since 2008  4 Production licenses, 2 staging/test  Apache Tomcat servlet engine/web server  FME Server Scheduler
  • 4. FME Usage at Devon ~20 FME Desktop Users, ~ 10 power users FME Server jobs  Scheduled  20 Nightly jobs, 7 Weekly, 2 Hourly  On Demand  Creating separate “open access” FME Server FME Administrator  Server uploads/scheduling  Quality Control
  • 5. FME Job Summary FME Desktop and Server are used directly or indirectly by a variety of groups at Devon  GIS, Geology/Geophysics, Land, Midstream, Field Operations, Seismic, etc.  Lease dissections/rollups  Scheduled data exports and database synchronization  Pipeline risk management  Quality control  “Spatializing” data
  • 6. Complex Workbench
  • 7. Simple Workbench “Simple” yet very high value!
  • 8. Developing with FME Many potential solutions  Your solution will likely be different than others‟  Both could be viable solutions but one may be more efficient The following examples highlight features of FME that can simplify a workbench, reduce run time, or accomplish what was once impossible!
  • 9. Pipelines “At Risk” All pipelines are required to be registered with the proper agency (OneCall) to minimize accidents  While all measures are taken, there is still potential for some to be missed  FME creates a failsafe for any of these pipelines and generates a notification email and posts the data to be registered with the proper agency
  • 10. Pipelines “At Risk” Process Intersect Pipeline with Grid Get Grid IDs Send Data to web service POST: Grid IDs = AA001, AB001, AB001, AB003, AB004, AC005, etc
  • 11. At Risk Grids Process – FME Run time ~9 min
  • 12. ArcSDEQuerier saves the day!Grid layers contain tens of millions of features.ArcSDEQuerier returns only those we are interested in.This is the difference between a process that takes manyhours to one that takes minutes!
  • 13. Rig Locations Update Vendor provides excel spreadsheet with weekly rig locations Data is „spatialized‟ and written to SDE and shapefiles Shapefile is used to maintain history  Date is used as part of shape file name
  • 14. Rig Locations Update Run time ~1 min
  • 15. Concatenator + Fanout option
  • 16. SCADA Database Sync SCADA data is synched hourly for web mapping Almost all values change, but there is also potential for wells to be added or deleted  We can‟t simply do an UPDATE operation because added (new) or deleted wells will be left out!  Logic is required to determine the database operation that should be performed: INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE
  • 17. SCADA Workbench
  • 18. ChangeDetector+ DB Op
  • 19. Well Area Assignment Predefined polygons are used to group wells into Project Areas Well database stores latitude and longitude values but is not a spatial database (lat/lon are simply number fields) When a new well is entered, its area needs to be assigned FME writes this area back to the non-spatial database
  • 20. Well Area: Workbench
  • 21. Here, Clipper >PointOnArea… Clipper is much faster than PointOnAreaOverlayer and is sufficient for this task Each point gets attributes of clipper (polygon)
  • 22. Summary FME Desktop and Server save thousands of man hours and money each year at Devon  Risk mitigation potentially saves millions! There is no „wrong‟ way to create a workbench, some just may be more efficient than others  Using best practices and a few tips and tricks can save a lot of time Organize your workbench with bookmarks and annotations. You‟ll thank yourself a year from now!
  • 23. Thank You! Questions? For more information:  Jerrod  Devon Energy Corporation