Science of Medical Cannabis - Michelle Sexton


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National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference 2013 Presentation

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Science of Medical Cannabis - Michelle Sexton

  1. 1. Michelle Sexton NDBastyr University Research Institute Liaison from ASA to the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia
  2. 2. “Back to Eden”by Jethro Kloss
  3. 3. • Roy Upton : Native American Native t, studied the ethnobotany of the United States, Virgin Islands, China. • Director, Planetary Formulas • Executive director and editor of the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia® • Roy is co-founder, past president of the American Herbalists Guild • led grassroots political efforts to secure passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) 2012 winner of the American Society ofHe has brought Americas Pharmacognosy (ASP) Varro. E. Tyler award forcollective knowledge of herbal outstanding lifetime contributions to the fieldmedicine to the world stage. of herbal medicine.
  4. 4. Cannabis interruptus Cannabis Time Line 4
  5. 5. Historical ReferenceCannabis flower (huo ma hua; 火麻花), combined with datura flower (originally given as shan qie hua (山茄花; Datura spp., yang jin hua; 洋金花) (Dou 1127-1279) 1811: Homeopathic Materia medica Amer ican M ater ia M edica, T her apeutics and Phar macognosy D eveloping the L atest Acquir ed Know ledge of D r ugs, and Especially of the D ir ect Action of Single D r ugs U pon Exact Conditions of D isease, w ith Especial Refer ence of the T her apeutics of the Plant D r ugs of the Amer icas. By F I N L EY EL L I N GWOOD , M .D . 1919 L at e Pr ofessor of M at er ia M edica and Ther apeut ics in Bennet t M edical College,
  6. 6. 2013: Rolling out the Green Carpet: Welcoming Cannabis to theAmerican Herbal Pharmacopoeia Internationally regarded as among the most comprehensive, practically useful, and critically reviewed monographs in the world (literally)!
  7. 7. * Developed in collaboration with the University of Mississippi,the only federally legal source of medicinal Cannabis in the US.* Provides complete battery of physical and chemical tests foridentity, purity, quality, and potency.* Provides key information on cultivation, harvest, drying,storage, processing.* Establishes criteria for foreign matter, moisture content,microbiological burden, pesticide residues, residual solvents.* Beautiful photographs and illustrations to facilitateidentification and quality assessment of crude material.* Clarifies some of the misconceptions and myths aboutdifferent species.
  8. 8. * Provides a detailed review of the authoritative historical literature on the medicinaluses of the plant.* Presents a comprehensive review of modern clinical trials.* Provides an overview of basic pharmacology and pre-clinical research and dosing* Provides a complete review of safety including; adverse effects, contraindications,carcinogenicity, interactions with conventional medications, use in pregnancy andlactation, influence on driving, and toxicology.* Outlines medical use of Cannabis according to Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Westernherbal medicine traditions.* Presents an overview of the regulation of Cannabis domestically and worldwide.* Separates wheat from chaff as to what is known about the appropriate and safe useof Cannabis medicinally versus misperceptions of what many people believe.
  9. 9. The AHP Cannabis monograph has been developed by a multi-disciplinary cadre of historians, botanists, chemists, pharmacologists, pharmacognosists, pharmacists, physicians, and traditional herbal medicine practitioners. TherapeuticsProgress Report PharmacokineticsComplete drafts of the following sections: Addiction & Dependence(under development) Use as a substitute for alcohol withdrawals Effects on appetiteQuality Control Anti-Cancer EffectsHistory Effects on the skinBotany Endocannabinoid systemMacroscopic & Microscopic Morphology Effects on MigrainesCommercial Sources and Handling Movement disorders (MS, epilepsy,Constituents Parkinsons, Tourettes, ALS)Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) Nausea-VomitingGas Chromatography OphthalmologyInternational Status AnxietyHPLC GynecologyPesticide, microbiological and Painresidual solvents limits Cancer Safety Alzheimer’s Traditional Herbal Medicine supplement
  10. 10. Saturday Afternoon: 4:30-6:00 Exciting Developments in Medical CannabisMore detailed description of the monograph and other strategies for navigating regulation in your locale!