Comparison between VMware and Open Stack Cloud
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Comparison between VMware and Open Stack Cloud






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Comparison between VMware and Open Stack Cloud Comparison between VMware and Open Stack Cloud Document Transcript

  • Summary of Comparison between VMware and Open Stack Cloud Differentiation and service explanation Prepared by Cloud R&D Panacea Systems Limited 8/19/2013 Panacea Systems Limited Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 2 | P a n a c e a S y s t e m s L t d . Summary of Comparison between VMware and Open Stack Cloud Services VMware Features Open Stack Features Live Migration vMotion KVM Live Migration Resource Scheduler DRS Nova Scheduler Storage motion & support SDRS Nova Scheduler Network Security vShield Nova-network service Network Management vDS Quantum/Nova-network service Storage Management Storage APIs Nova-volume service Live Migration  Live migration in VMware managed by vMotion. Metro vMotion allows migration over metro level networks (up to 10 ms RTT) by dynamically adjusting TCP buffer.  Live migration in Open Stack managed by Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). Migration using KVM supported libvirt block migration features. Resource Scheduler  VMware Manages workload by grouping virtual machines; pooling resources of physical hosts and prioritizing VMs in these pools.  Open Stack manages the resource workload ‘intelligently’ by using Nova Scheduler Storage motion & support  VMware allows moving volume storage workloads over datastore cluster Storage vMotion. Supports affinity/anti-affinity rules.
  • 3 | P a n a c e a S y s t e m s L t d .  In Open Stack, local storage of VMs resides on local disks of compute nodes. Nova-scheduler supports boot from-volume feature that allows to use iSCSI persistent volume as boot VM device. Network Security  In VMware, Zones component provides IP-based applic.-aware statefulfirewall that recognizes IP addresses, ports, protocol (5-tuple), application type. Edge component provides connection on network edge, including 5-tuple firewall, NAT, DHCP server for VMs, site-to-site IPSecVPN, simple load balancing.  Open Stack supports per-VM firewall that uses 5-tuple to policy network access Security Groups Network controller performs edge firewall, DHCP, DNS, NAT functions for VMs   Cloud-pipe allows VPN connection to VMs (OpenVPN) Opensource IDS/IPS can be integrated into network controller. Network Management  In VMware, nnd-to-end physical and virtual network are managed Cisco Nexus 1000V. Enables Net IO Control.  In Open Stack end-to-end physical and virtual network management in Quantum following plug-in: o  Cisco Nexus 1000V o  Nicira virtual switch o  Open vSwitch o  Linux bridges Storage Management  VMware allows to integrate storage solution management vCenter for management functionality which called VASA.  Open Stack allows utilization of back-end storage appliance advanced features of driver configuration, including CoW, thin provisioning; no API provided by OpenStack.