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Copywriting secrets of the masters   michael masterson - are you honest, hard working, and financially solvent, if so, read this – you won’t like it, but you should read it now
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Copywriting secrets of the masters michael masterson - are you honest, hard working, and financially solvent, if so, read this – you won’t like it, but you should read it now


Copywriting secrets of the masters michael masterson - are you honest, hard working, and financially solvent, if so, read this – you won’t like it, but you should read it now

Copywriting secrets of the masters michael masterson - are you honest, hard working, and financially solvent, if so, read this – you won’t like it, but you should read it now

Published in Economy & Finance , Business
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  • 1. Copywriting Secrets of the Masters: Michael MastersonThis special report is brought to you free courtesy of
  • 2. "For more great free information on how to take your copywriting career to the next level please visit and dont forget to collect your free Pro Copywriting Tactics Reports while youre Are You Honest, Hard Working, and Financially Solvent? If So, Read This – You Won’t Like It, But You Should Read It Now Just about every adult I know is wondering about the economy.MB, who owns a large furniture wholesaling business, is wondering whenconsumers will start shopping again. “I’m just treading water now,” he says.“But not making any profit. My employees are getting paid, but I’m not.”PE, a real estate developer, fled the US after all his hundred million dollardevelopments went bust. Now he’s building homes in Panama. “I wonder ifI’ll ever get back home,” he said.My sister, a high school teacher, has seen many of her friends lose careersdue to budget cutbacks. She wants to know whether we’re in a “recovery”that will protect her job or will things get worse next year?Nobody knows for sure what will happen. But when I’m not sure about thefuture my rule is hope for the best but plan for the worst.The best we can hope for? A gradually improving economy with full healthrestored in 5 to 7 years.Theworst? A massive, worldwide Great Recession as long and as bad as theGreat Depression.In this essay I hope to do two things. 1. Show you why I believe the worst-case scenario is about 100 times more likely than the best-case one. 2. Give you a three-part plan to survive and prosper.
  • 3. Why Things Are Likely to Get WorseSince the real estate bubble inflated and collapsed trillions of dollars havedisappeared from American households.And millions of Americans – actually tens of millions – are now, for all intentsand purposes, bankrupt.My view of what happened differs a bit from the story you’ve been told byour government and most economists.Wealth didn’t magically appear and disappear. What happened was that thegovernment, banks, brokers, and real estate professionals colluded in thebiggest wealth transfer in the history of the world.Wealth (stored assets) shifted from the bank accounts of teachers,plumbers, merchants, and people like you into the bank accounts of bankers,brokers, lawyers, and others who participated in the scam.The wealth I’m talking about is not the tens of trillions in trumped upproperty values that disappeared. That wealth never really existed.The money that was cleverly shifted from one large group of people to amuch smaller one consisted of hard-earned savings and now-depletedretirement accounts.A significant portion of that transfer came from fees – the billions andbillions of dollars in fees charged by the bankers, brokers, and lawyers for allthe new and second mortgages, the appraisals, the insurance, the legalvetting, etc.But even more of it came from mortgage payments. While property valueswere falling, millions of Americans did their best to keep up with mortgagepayments, often emptying their bank accounts in a futile attempt tomaintain “good credit.”
  • 4. That transfer was probably in excess of a trillion dollars. And it hasn’tstopped. There are still tens of millions of Americans “under water” who willkeep paying till they can’t do it any longer. Eventually, they will enter intosettlements that will, essentially, leave them bankrupt.So most Americans are poorer now or will be very soon, while the bankingand brokerage community – protected as it has been by the government – isricher and will become richer still.But that’s not the entire problem.Our government itself is bankrupt. Its debt far exceeds its assets and thatdebt has been spiraling skyward since the Clinton administration.Whether it was to fight the “war” on terror, finance fraudulent brokeragesand irresponsible banks, the federal government has been taking on debtfaster than at any time in its history. We are talking about tens of trillions ofdollars.And finally there are all the future financial obligations our legislators havevoted in. Financing the baby boomer’s financial and retirement needs in thenext 20 years will cost additional tens of trillions of dollars.The total, by any count, is more than a hundred trillion. And one way or theother every single dollar of that must be paid back.Who Will Pay That Back?Not the financial masters of the universe that planned it all… .not the banks,brokers and lawyers that promoted it… and certainly not the government(which never pays back anything).No, these trillions will be paid back by a small percentage of the populationwho have been foolish enough to(a) work hard,(b) start businesses,(c) employ other people,
  • 5. (d) create new products and services,(e) make profits,(f) save those profits and(g) not fall for stupid scams and schemes like the real estate bubble.Those are the people who are going to have to pay back the debt. Therearen’t many of them. They comprise less than 20% of the population. Butthey will pay back 80% of the remaining debt. That is a 100% certainty.And why will the sins of the 80% be paid for by the 20%?Because no one else can pay it back.Our government can’t pay it back. It’s bankrupt. The bankers and brokersand lawyerswon’tpay it back. They have been “saved.” Eighty percent of thepopulation won’t be able to pay it back because they don’t have anything.So it must be paid back by the honest, frugal taxpayers who still havewealth – the middle-class and upper-class Americans who still have assets.If you have assets that means you. It doesn’t matter whether you are abillionaire or have a net worth of $10,000.They – the 80% of America that is (or will soon be) bankrupt are comingafter you. And they will have the government and the financial community attheir sides.There are three ways they will come at you: 1. By taxing you more. If you have a good income, they will make you pay more taxes. If you have assets, they will make you pay a higher “wealth/property” taxes on those assets. And they will introduce consumption taxes. 2. They will make create alternative, private taxes on every product or service you purchase. (These private taxes will take the form of increased banking, insurance, transportation, purchasing, and other fees – all tied to regulations meant to “protect you.”
  • 6. 3. They will make your income shrink while your expenses rise, making you ultimately poorer unless you do something radical. This is the primary way they will make you pay back their debt. With many years of stagflation. The economy will be sluggish. Income, on a relative scale, will decrease. And prices will rise. Getting us 20% poorer is really the best and surest way to pay back all the bad debt.If you think this is crazy speculation, do this. Post this now on your calendarfor 2015 and then read it again then. See how crazy it seems then.If you don’t think I’m crazy and want to do something to protect yourself,pay close attention to the rest of this message.Recognize that you will not be able to avoid the three-stage assault Ioutlined above.  You will not be able to avoid the extra taxes you will have to pay. If you do try to get fancy with your taxes, you’ll end up in jail. This is not an avenue worth pursuing.  You’re not going to avoid paying all the extra “private taxes” on everything you buy from now on. These will all be buried in the fine print. You won’t find them. And even if you do, you’ll be required to pay them because the laws that are being written right now to “protect” us contain clauses that allow banks and brokerages and so on to pass along the extra costs to their customers.  And finally, you are not going to be able to avoid the effects of stagflation. The value of your cash-based assets (it doesn’t matter they are in dollars or Euros or what) will diminish. Prices will increase. But your salary will not.But there is something positive you can do. Actually, there are three things: 1. Keep your job. There is a good chance that the business you work for will continue to make payroll cuts in the months and years ahead. That means your income or possibly your job is threatened. The best way to protect your job is to become an invaluable employee. When your boss has to make the tough decisions about who gets cut, who gets cut back, and who stays, you want him to want to keep you. You can do that by becoming an invaluable employee.
  • 7. 2. Put your savings in tangible assets: gold, real estate and, if possible, your own private business. 3. Create additional streams of income. This is the only way you can actually hope to build your wealth during the coming Great Recession. This is the most important of the three solutions.I am a big believer in multiple streams of income. I started working on itabout twenty years ago. At first the streams were mere trickles. Now eachone of them is more than I need. And I have about a dozen of them.That’s why I’m not personally worried about the great recession. But if youdon’t have additional streams of income, you should be.How to Create Extra IncomeIf you have at least a half million in cash, you can create income two ways: 1. You can invest in rental real estate. I’m doing that now and I’m getting cash flow of between 5% and 10% on my money. 2. You can invest in quality, dividend-bearing stocks. I suggest you follow Andy Gordons recommendations in the Sound Profits newsletter. 3. If you dont have a hundred grand to invest, then you really have no choice. To create a viable second stream of income you must start a side business – something you can do evenings and weekends. You could mow lawns or clean windows. But thats hard work for modest pay. The kind of business I recommend is one that (a) doesnt require very much start-up capital, (b) provides you with job satisfaction, and (c) could eventually allow you to quit your day job.That’s exactly what American Writers & Artists Inc. (or AWAI for short) canhelp you to do.AWAI specializes in helping people create multiple streams of income… allfrom learning just one financially valuable skill. AWAI has more than a dozenopportunities for you to choose from. Opportunities likecopywriting,
  • 8. being an internet researcher or publicist,writing resumes,desktop marketing,self-publishing,writing grantsgraphic designbecoming a travel writer… to name just a few.These opportunities can give you a sizeable second (or third) stream ofincome doing something enjoyable. And more than that, they can beleveraged into building even more opportunities.Let me give you a couple of examples of AWAI members who have done justthis:Ann Kuffner originally became an AWAI member so she could promote herretirement/relaxation development in Belize. But things changed – andchanged dramatically – after she attended her first Bootcamp last year.While she remains Vice-President of Sales of the Grand Baymendevelopment, she also has become a full-fledged copywriter enjoying hersecond stream of income… “Earlier this year, I reached one of my primary goals. I landed a significant assignment with a reputable international lifestyle publication. I’ve already completed and been paid for the job. And, I’m expecting more follow on work… I would never have come this far, this fast, if not for Bootcamp…”Member Roy Furr wasn’t expecting any big changes in his life last year. Heactually liked his job, but he knew he was limited there.Today Roy’s enjoying a recession-proof income stream and has no ceiling onhow much he can make… "This time last year, I had no clue how my life would be changed when I attended AWAIs FastTrack To Copywriting Success
  • 9. Bootcamp and Job Fair. I was holding on to my full-time job, only dreaming one day Id tell my boss, Adios! Im off to do what I want to do and make myself rich! "I wasnt sure if I was ready, but I invested in Bootcamp anyway and to my surprise (and my former employers) I launched my full- time freelance copywriting business 3 months and 3 days after returning home. "Now I can tell you flat-out: AWAIs Bootcamp was the best investment I could possibly have made in launching my freelance copywriting career.”Ann and Roy’s stories are far from unique. They tell typical stories of doorsopening when you put yourself in the fast-paced, high intensity environmentof AWAI’sFastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.Bootcamp opens doors by providing master-level training, training packedwith copywriting and marketing secrets.It opens doors by giving you opportunities almost every moment you’rethere to network with other members and with master copywriters andmarketers who are presenting at Bootcamp.And the most exciting opportunity of all: AWAI’sFastTrack to CopywritingSuccess Bootcamp and Job Fair opens doors by letting you meet face-to-facewith representatives from companies at the Job Fair… who are therespecifically to hire new writers. That’s how Ann and Roy starting buildingtheir second income streams and how you can too.There are many others too. Like Susan Clark. from HawthorneCalifornia… “Last month I made $13,210 from writing copy. I never could have done it without AWAIs FastTrack to Success.”Or Eric Gelb… "I attended my first Bootcamp last November. The event changed my life. I learned new and essential techniques and skills. I became friends with two copywriters and we brainstorm ideas that help me make money. I landed two clients at the Job Fair. And the best news is within six weeks of Bootcamp, I received $4,350 in fees."This year’s Bootcamp features an amazing lineup of professionals willing –no make that eager – to share their insights, their lessons, and their secretswith you so you can get started on building your second, third, or fourthincome stream quickly and surely.
  • 10. These are pros like…  Bill Bonner – whose famous International Living letter ran as a control unchallenged for 30 years, and whose Agora Publishing is now one of the largest publishers in the world…  Ted Nicholas – whose copywriting has produced over $5.9 billion in sales for his companies and his clients companies, in industries as wide ranging as candy products to incorporation to marketing to natural health.  Mark Everett Johnson – copy chief for legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz, his 15-plus year control for a major health provider has generated over 3.3 million paid orders and over $80 million in sales.And, of course, I’ll be there too. This year I’m teaching a systematic way towrite million-dollar copy again and again.This is just a glimpse of what you can expect to experience at this year’sgathering of the greatest minds in direct marketing and copywriting.Perhaps, you will walk away from Bootcamp this year with an experience likeSusie H’s… "My expectations for Bootcamp were that Id learn loads, get psyched up, be exhausted by the end, and meet plenty of eager AWAI members, generous seminar leaders, and Bootcamp coordinators. I was not disappointed in any of those expectations… “What I didn’t go expecting, even though Ive read these stories myself, was to walk away with a paid assignment from this Bootcamp… but I did! Networking happens, whether you consciously do it or not (unless you talk to absolutely no one while youre there). “Let it take you where it will, because youll be thrilled when it does. And, when you get home and the phone rings the next day with another paid assignment, you can grin, make the deal, then hang up and scream, and jump for joy. Go ahead. Expect it all. It happens."If you want to create an extra stream (or streams) of income for yourself,your opportunity to start begins at the AWAI FastTrack to CopywritingSuccess Bootcamp and Job Fair. It is the best way I know of to do it.It works. It’s worked for these copywriters you’ve already heard from. Andit’s worked for many others who’ve used it to generate their own incomestreams.
  • 11. Bootcamp opens its doors in just two months. And when those doors open,they will open doors for you… if you’re willing to take the first steps.Click this link to learn even more about the exciting adventure awaiting youat Bootcamp. And the fulfilling life a second and third income stream canprovide for you.This is a great chance – maybe the best chance you will ever have – to getto the next level of financial success.If youre serious about taking charge of your future, be there!As I said, the most significant thing you can do to protect yourself from whatI predict will be a disintegrating economic environment is to get an extra (ortwo) stream of income. But this is NOT something you should wait to do nextyear. The longer you put it off, the more challenging it will be. There’s still asignificant opportunity to create a lifelong cash stream if you actimmediately. This article was originally published as part of The Golden ThreadMICHAEL MASTERSON – There is no one more qualified and experiencedthan copywriter, entrepreneur, and business-builder Michael Masterson toteach you the art, craft, and business of copywriting.Michael started his first business – a fifth-grade publishing venture – at age11.After finishing grad school at the University of Michigan in 1975, he spenttwo years in the Peace Corps, where he began his writing career.Several years later he was working as a writer for a small newsletterpublishing company in Washington D.C. Then, in 1982, he learned the art ofcopywriting and launched the first of dozens of successful direct-marketingventures, many of which have become multi-million dollar companies.All told, he’s been directly involved in the generation of over ONE BILLIONDOLLARS of sales through the mail and online.
  • 12. He’s also a highly successful author. He’s published more than a dozenbooks, including several which have become Wall Street Journal, or New York Times bestsellers.Today, Michael consults mainly for newsletter publishing giant Agora, Inc.,and writes regularly for Early To Rise, one of the most popular self-improvement newsletters on the Internet, and for The Golden Thread,AWAI’s weekly copywriting newsletter.But there’s more to Michael Masterson than just his writing and businessskills.Michael also has a knack for taking just about anyone with a burning desireto upgrade his lifestyle – no matter what his background or education – andtransforming him (or her) into a top-notch copywriter:  He’s the one responsible for transforming Paul Hollingshead from a 35- year-old minimum-wage grocery store stock boy into a copywriter earning upward of $300,000 a year … and Don Mahoney from a woodworker to a $300,000-a-year copywriter living in Miami Beach …  He’s mentored other copywriters who have gone on to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales each year through their copy …  He’s shown people in their 50s and 60s – people preparing for retirement – how to successfully change careers and become well-paid freelance copywriters …  He’s taken young people fresh out of college – with no “life experience” at all – and turned them into top-notch copywriters and newsletter journalists …  He’s taught housewives, bartenders, and laborers to excel …  He’s even helped “professionals” – doctors and college professors – leave successful careers to enjoy the big money and stress-free lifestyle copywriting offers Discover how Michael can do the same for you with his AWAI Accelerated Program For Six Figure Copywriting. Michael Masterson "For more great free information on how to take your copywriting career to the next level please visit www.ProCopyWritingTactics.comand dont forget to collect your free Pro Copywriting Tactics Reports