Copywriting secrets of the masters building web traffic with words - brian clark


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Copywriting Articles by Brian Clark

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Copywriting secrets of the masters building web traffic with words - brian clark

  1. 1. Copywriting Secrets of the Masters: Building Web Traffic With Words Brian ClarkThis special report is brought to you free courtesy of
  2. 2. Building Web Traffic With WordsViral Blogging. Link Bait. Tagged. Dugg.If you dont know what those words mean, dont worry. Theyre simply newterms for a timeless concept you likely already understand.Publicity.At their essence, these fancy digital terms are simply the new nomenclaturefor gaining attention. Getting press, as it was labeled in days now past,when intermediaries known collectively as "the media" decided who thepublic became aware of.Online, the public now decides who gets publicity. What a concept, huh?Its been said time and time again that links are the currency of the web.Without links, your odds of achieving significant online traffic (either fromother websites or search engines) without big ad bucks are slim to none.Its not enough anymore to just get people talking... they need to be linking.Its more important these days that they spell your URL right, rather thanyour name.It can be awfully lonely on the web when no one stops by.If youre trying to do business online, lonely equals poor. Whether youreselling products, services or advertising, you need visitors who not only stopby, but return again and again. So its not enough anymore to just getpeople talking... they need to be linking.Heres four crucial elements to gaining web traffic today:First of all, you need to be blogging. Search engines and other bloggers lovethe format, and its the key to attracting traffic. Youve got to join theconversation and have something valuable to say before anyone will botheracknowledging you.Secondly, youll need to learn some good old-fashioned publicity strategies.The timeless things that have worked offline can also work great online.
  3. 3. Third, youll need to examine how publicity strategies have been specificallyapplied online. Be careful about violating the often complex rules of"netiquette" that govern what is acceptable online.Finally, youve got to make sure your focus is on your readers, and notyourself. Publicity just for the sake of your own self-interest has a way ofbackfiring, and online it can get really ugly.Click here to find out just how easy it is to create your own money makingwebsites.Brian Clark is the founder of the popular and highly respected blogwww.copyblogger.comOver the years, we’ve been fortunate that people say a lot of nice thingsabout Copyblogger and Brian:  Advertising Age ranks Copyblogger as a top marketing blog in its Power150 list.  The Guardian named Copyblogger one of the world’s 50 most powerful blogs.  Brian Clark was ranked #3 of the 100 Most Influential Online Marketers of 2009.  Technorati says Copyblogger is one of the most popular blogs in the world.  The editors of Performancing named Brian Clark the most influential blogger of 2007.
  4. 4.  BusinessWeek says entrepreneurs should follow Copyblogger on Twitter.  Dunn and Bradstreet says Brian Clark is one of the most influential people in small business on TwitterBrian has been featured in the following books:  Linchpin by Seth Godin  Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin  Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith  Internet Marketing From the Real Experts (Contributor)  The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott  Free Agent Nation by Daniel Pink  Problogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett  e-Riches 2.0 by Scott Fox  Gravitational Marketing by Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller  Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields  The Referral Engine by John Jantsch Brian will be sharing his expertise with participants at the AWAI Fast Track toSuccess Bootcamp and Job Fair which will be taking place on October 26 –29th 2011 in Delray Beach. At Bootcamp Brian will teach you proven contentmarketing strategies before showing you how to use them with your clientsto further increase your value — and your fees! Click here to find out more. This special report is brought to you free courtesy of