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Copywriting secret of the masters   the power of the foregone conclusion - john forde

Copywriting secret of the masters the power of the foregone conclusion - john forde



Copywriting Articles by John Forde

Copywriting Articles by John Forde



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    Copywriting secret of the masters   the power of the foregone conclusion - john forde Copywriting secret of the masters the power of the foregone conclusion - john forde Document Transcript

    • Copywriting Secret of the Masters: The Power of the Foregone Conclusion by: John Forde www.ProCopyWritingTactics.com
    • The Power of the Foregone ConclusionI’m sure you’ve seen the Miller Lite beer commercials over the years.From retired boxers to women in bikinis, wrestling in a fountain. And we jointhe situation in the middle of an escalating argument. What are they fightingabout? You know it, I know it, everybody knows it: ―TASTE’S GREAT!‖…―LESS FILLING!‖On the one side, a dedicated Miller Lite drinker loves the beer’s taste whilehe claims it goes down easy without filling up.In one recent, much-forwarded version on YouTube, the Miller Lite fans doingthe fighting are wet women in tight shirts rolling in water fountains. Youmight think it’s only the latter detail that kept this age-old ad slogan afloat.But is it possible that’s not the only reason? Absolutely.See, what every version of those commercials does is more than just keepus entertained while they flash images of the beer label. In each, theprospective customer is offered a choice.And here’s the key – it’s NOT a choice about whether or not the beer isgood.Rather, the commercial assumes the beer has more than one virtue, andasks you to think instead about WHY it’s good. The door to deciding whetheror not to buy the beer at all is already closed.This is a classic way to coax a customer – or anybody – to move toward adesirable decision.For instance, I’m sure you’ve seen the same technique work with children …―Hey, Junior,‖ you say while trying to peel your 5-year-old’s eyes from thetelevision at bedtime, ―Do you want to brush your teeth with the stripedtoothpaste or the blue stuff?‖ www.ProCopyWritingTactics.com
    • No option there for Junior to opt out of brushing his teeth entirely. ―The bluestuff,‖ he shouts. And minutes later, Junior is tucked into bed, teeth brushed,staring at the ceiling and wondering what happened.You can use the same technique in direct-response copy.Especially in the sales close, where getting your prospect to commit to adecision is key. For instance, imagine a sales letter that says in the close…You might choose a one-year trial supply of Sludge-O-Matic water filters,yours to try at no risk. For a full 12 months.Or you might lean toward my ―Discounted Lifetime Offer‖… which will haveyou guzzling crystal-clear water from now until judgment day.Really, it’s your choice. Either way, you win. Just let me know soon what youdecide…This is called a ―foregone conclusion‖ close. It’s assumed, in the copy above,that the customer has already decided to buy the filters. And now the onlydecision to make is whether to get it for one year or a lifetime.Clever, eh? www.ProCopyWritingTactics.com
    • John Forde:A Master at WritingMore Controls More Often"If you write copy … how many chances to sell your talents to the businessesyou know and trust have you overlooked? Company websites … local salesbrochures … online ads and sales letters … print ads in local papers … evenP.R. pieces or ezine editorial.It might be the small gigs that get you started. It might be the bigopportunities that let you smack the cover off the ball at your first at bat.Either way, I’ve met plenty of people who had no grasp about what rolecopywriters play.Masterson’s [Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting] offers themost thorough and well-organized approach to the subject I’ve seenanywhere. There’s not a technique or secret in there that I haven’t foundhelpful over the years. I owe a great deal of my own success to MikeMasterson. And I tell him so regularly. As for the program, I’d recommend itto anybody – not just direct-mail copywriters, but anyone who’s trying to geta grip on what makes marketing work."— John FordeJOHN FORDE has been writing winning controls for going on two decadesnow. He’s made untold millions for clients in the financial, health, and travelindustries. John also works as a copy coach, hosting intense seminars fortwo or three hundred marketers and copywriters at a time.John Forde also writes the successful and very useful eletter, TheCopywriter’s Roundtable. www.ProCopyWritingTactics.com