3D-Twister Prototype


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The design of a hanging playground equipment based on the concept of the Twister game, swing and a climbing frame. The 3D-Twister's platform design to be robust, vandal-proof, light and luminescent was prototyped to test it's validity.

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3D-Twister Prototype

  1. 1. Sadiqa Jabbar - Samples of Work The key requirements of the 3D Twister-Bridge are: 1. It must be FUN Ropes to rig 2. It is about the MOVEMENT through and over platforms and ropes 3. It is NON-PRESECRIPTIVE play 4. The platform will be LUMINESCENT 5. It should look DELICATE but STABLE 6. Flexible enough to be able to detach from the ground and hook onto the rig Platform 7. Ropes need to be TORT and work best in TENSION Connections Ropes to adjacent platformSketch models Degree of luminescity H J G F E C B Platform types: A D A - 6 no. B - 3 no. C - 3 no. D - 1 no. E - 2 no. F - 1 no. A, B & C D E F G - 1 no. H - 1 no. J - 1 no. G H J Holland Park Adventure Playground Activity Net Steel Pole and Ground ConnectionsRendered Elevation The 3D Twister Bridge is a combination of three type of play equipment - a swing, climbing frame and the Twister game. It comprises of a series of platofrms forming an inward spiral connecting only via ropes connected to four points in the ground and a series of nodes within the steel rig structure. The platofrms bounce as children climbing and work their way through the rope jungle. In the context of the Timber Wharves Estate Playground Redevelopment, the key concept for the play equipment is to be detachable from the ground and be able to lift up out of sight. This will reduce any obstruction to the view of the stage and potential screenings from the amphitheatre. The design started as a mini-group project but I developed it further to its current stage. All drawings and models were created by me. Diploma Unit 5 4th Year Project
  2. 2. Platform at various stages of the making process (from left): in mould; removed from mould and trimmed; front view; angled vew; luminescity testRig Connection &Hidden Ground Details(originally 1:5)I prototyped one of the platforms formy technical studies. The platforms onthe 3D Twister-Bridge will be at variousheights for a more adventurous andchallenging play. The higher platformssuggest play for older children andperhaps the more adventurous youngones. It requires a higher skill level.The rope connections are crucial. Theyneed to be securely attached and noteasily dismantled. Any movementcreated by the platforms will needconsideration and testing to ensurethat the 3D Twister is safe yet fun anduseable.Factors regarding maintenance, healthand safety, and vandalism had tobe considered while designing andprototyping the play equipment.