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how to promote your business at twitter, how to use twitter for lead generation,
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Twitter plan

  1. 1. Benefits of using twitter---<br />Your business and brand get more popular and people altercation will increase.<br /><ul><li>You company is easily able to track your competitor or competition using twitter.
  2. 2. Your company also interacts with your targeted audience or your existing customer.
  3. 3. Your company can also able to manage online reputation by using twitter. Because news on twitter spreads very rapidly.
  4. 4. Your company also uses twitter to promote you official blog content.
  5. 5. Your company employer is easily sends your company updates by using twitter on mobile.
  6. 6. Your company should also able to know the new trends and what’s going in world so your company have an idea which types of product is going to achieve success in market.
  7. 7. Your company also used twitter as feedback form while launching a new product.
  8. 8. Your company also use twitter for product promotion.
  9. 9. Your company also use twitter as traffic generation mechanism for your blog or website.
  10. 10. Your company also used twitter as Q&A system.
  11. 11. Your company also uses twitter to hire new employer.</li></ul>What is twitter---?<br />Twitter is second most popular social networking site in whole world. Twitter is known as micro-blogging system. You can do Q&A in twitter. What are you doing in twitter you are sending 140 character massages is known as tweets. Your friends are known as follower in twitter.<br />Website Info---<br /><ul><li>Company Website URL—your company website URL or link.
  12. 12. Website description--- gives short and sweet description about your company website.
  13. 13. Twitter profile URL--- Your twitter profile name should contain a keyword or your company name.</li></ul>Twitter profile--- <br /><ul><li>Profile—your twitter profile should have all company information.
  14. 14. Custom background—create custom background for your twitter profile, your twitter profile background should contain a Pics and all your social networking profile urls like, facebook, LinkedIn etc.</li></ul>Twitter background---<br /><ul><li>Main part of your twitter profile is your twitter background. In twitter there are three types of background—
  15. 15. Tiled background
  16. 16. Sidebar background—always use left side
  17. 17. Single image background
  18. 18. Pattern background</li></ul>Keys of using twitter---<br /><ul><li>Business at twitter
  19. 19. Update your twitter status
  20. 20. Use power of retweets
  21. 21. Use widgets and badge
  22. 22. Promote your twitter profile</li></ul>Targeted audience---<br /><ul><li>Males
  23. 23. Females</li></ul>Target segmentation---<br /><ul><li>B2B—we are going to target all businessmen’s and cop rates.
  24. 24. B2C--- we are going to target all laymen’s and students.</li></ul>Targeted group---<br /><ul><li>23 years or above</li></ul>Targeted demographics---<br /><ul><li>Whole world or all major countries</li></ul>How to tweet---<br />Tweet—the 140 character massage is knows as tweets in twitter.<br /><ul><li>Ask the question, because twitter is well known for great response.
  25. 25. Answer the question; this will help you to increase your followers.
  26. 26. Keep verity in tweets.
  27. 27. When you are promoting content on twitter ask response in twitter, instead of just leave a link of your post.
  28. 28. Follow interesting people, if you find someone who tweets interesting things then you will get good idea about how to tweet or what to tweet.
  29. 29. Don’t tweet about your business directly in twitter.
  30. 30. When you talk or promote your stuff like, article etc make it useful.
  31. 31. Don’t tweet like robot, 3 0r 4 tweets is fine for one day.</li></ul>Strategy of tweeting----<br /><ul><li> Tweet about sales and marketing 33% like
  32. 32. Events
  33. 33. Products
  34. 34. New launches
  35. 35. Coupon codes
  36. 36. Contest
  37. 37. Store Special
  38. 38. Tweet about company info 33% like
  39. 39. Staff
  40. 40. Product pics or info
  41. 41. Customer services
  42. 42. Press mention
  43. 43. Tweet about industry info
  44. 44. General info
  45. 45. Industry news</li></ul>No of tweets to do daily---<br /><ul><li> Be active user on twitter or Do minimum 3 0r 4 tweets daily </li></ul>Viral factors or nature of twitter----<br /><ul><li>@replies—it one most important factor in tweeter you can reply any tweets.
  46. 46. Retweets—you can retweets any tweet then your follower is also able to see it and the person who tweeted the tweet feel good.
  47. 47. Twitter apps or tools—tweeter apps or tools is one of most viral nature or factor at twitter.
  48. 48. Ex: twitpic, love or hate tweet, tweet deck,
  49. 49. Follower--- in twitter your friend is known as follower. Your follower is able to see your tweets.</li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Follow—follow is a one of most important factor in twitter. Because when you follow someone you able to see what they tweets.
  50. 50. Listed--- listed means other people sort you by category like web designer and seo analyst etc.
  51. 51. Search --- tweeter search is one of important factor and its real time search.</li></ul>Whom to follow--<br /><ul><li> You can follow your competitors to see what they are doing on twitter.
  52. 52. You can also follow journalist of magazine, media realtors—related to your subject.
  53. 53. You can also follow your customers.
  54. 54. You can also follow social influencers, key note speaker, industry pundit, well know peoples.
  55. 55. You can also follow bloggers—related to your subject.
  56. 56. You can follow your college, vendors, etc.</li></ul>How to get RT in twitter---<br /><ul><li>URL shortened
  57. 57. Please retweets
  58. 58. Ne w things and updates like game, movie, gadget etc.
  59. 59. Breaking news
  60. 60. Keep your tweets short
  61. 61. Twitter RT button</li></ul>Twitter badges and widgets---<br /><ul><li> Use twitter badge and widgets at your website or blog to get more follower.
  62. 62. Use twitter retweet button at your website or blog.</li></ul>Promotions of company twitter profile----<br /><ul><li>Make your tweet to appear in public
  63. 63. Use twitter integration at your blog or website
  64. 64. Twitter profile image and background
  65. 65. Use other social networking sites
  66. 66. Send emails using your company twitter profile URl
  67. 67. You can create a special page for twitter at your website or blog
  68. 68. Offers- you can use offers to get more follower
  69. 69. Business card- put your company twitter profile URL at company business card
  70. 70. Email signature--- use your company twitter profile URL as email signature
  71. 71. Forum signature—use your company twitter profile URL as forum signature
  72. 72. Email marketing--- use email marketing to promote your company twitter profile</li></ul>Seo of your twitter profile---<br /><ul><li>You can also promote your company twitter profile by doing SEO of twitter profile. You can use all methods and techniques of SEO to promote company twitter profile.</li></ul>Monitoring in twitter--<br /><ul><li> You can monitor your competitor or keyword, brand name, customer etc using twitter monitoring tools.
  73. 73. Decide what do you want to monitor
  74. 74. Choose best real time monitoring tool. Like, twellowhood, hoot suite etc.
  75. 75. Track with URL shortening like
  76. 76. Follow hastage—hastage are a simple search tool people follow hastage for keyword and new trends. Use
  77. 77., etc.
  78. 78. Monitor trends—use
  79. 79. Use twitter list—you can create your competitors list.</li></ul>Matrixes---<br /><ul><li> How many number of your tweets is get retweeted by your follower.
  80. 80. How many follower do you have
  81. 81. How many peoples you follow on twitter
  82. 82. How many people listed your company in their list
  83. 83. How many clicks you have on your link—URL shortening
  84. 84. How many times you get reply on your tweets
  85. 85. Direct massage
  86. 86. Mentions
  87. 87. Your company Reputation on twitter--+ve or –ve