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Facebook promotion plan
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Facebook promotion plan


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promote your business through facebook page and capture more leads or sales …

promote your business through facebook page and capture more leads or sales

for more info please visit here--

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  • 1. Social media plan <br />FOR<br />Gossip Tree (GT) <br />Benefits of facebook page promotion—<br />
    • Branding—facebook page can be a great resource fir generating brand awareness.
    • 2. Customer engagement— using facebook page and facebook apps you can engage or communicate with other people.
    • 3. Drive web traffic—using facebook you can generate traffic for your site or blog.
    • 4. Reputation management—with the help of facebook page you able to know what are saying about your brand.
    • 5. New customer—you can also able to get customer through your facebook page.
    • 6. Leads—using facebook page you can also able to generate leads.
    • 7. Client retention-- you can also able to build relationship with your client.
    • 8. Facebook apps— using facebook apps you able to know the behavior of costumer.
    • 9. Indexed by search engine—your fan page is also indexed by search engine.
    • 10. Customization— you can also customize your facebook page using several apps.
    • 11. Integration—you can also integrate you other social networking profile to your facebook fan page.
    • 12. Customer services—you can also provide customer services through your facebook fan page.
    • 13. Analytics—you can track your facebook fan page with Google analytics or facebook insights.
    Website info—<br />
    • Website URL-- social networking site.
    • 14. Website—website is about social networking in which you can send mails chat with friends, invite people etc.
    • 15. Vanity URL— your facebook page URL should have kws coming in like—
    FACEBOOK---<br />
    • Facebook— facebook is most popular social networking site in world. Currently facebook have 150 million user so it good site to promote your business. Because some time crowd is useful.
    • Profile— if you don’t have a facebook profile then just create your own personal profile.
    • 16. Facebook page—after creating you facebook profile create you business page in facebook. And start promoting your business.
    • 17. Keys to using facebook—
    • 18. Business at facebook
    • 19. Update your Facebook page daily
    • 20. Use the power of NewsFeed
    • 21. Choose proper apps for your business
    • 22. Promote your page with FB ads
    Targeted audience—<br />Targeted Segmentation—<br />
    • B2B— we are going to target all business mans and cop rates.
    • 27. B2C-- we are going to target layman’s, students, etc.
    Targeted group—<br />
    • 13 years or above
    Targeted Demographics—<br />
    • Whole world or all popular countries
    Promotion budget—<br />
    • If you are ready to invest some amount of money in your facebook page promotion
    Campaigns—<br />
    • Gossip Tree or social networking site addictions
    • 28. Get addicted to use Gossip Tree or
    • 29. Social Networking Site
    • 30. The way of the world is meeting people through Gossip Tree
    • 31. Meet your friends and colleges or
    • 32. Friends on Gossip tree
    • 33. Its not what you know but who you know and how much you know that makes difference
    • 34. Know all you friends or colleges on Gossip Tree
    • 35. Social networking sites like MySpace, Orkut, and facebook have literally exploded in popularity in just few years.
    • 36. Now its time for Gossip Tree
    • 37. The value of Gossip Tree is defined not only by who’s on it, but by who’s excluded.
    • 38. Check out how many people and
    • 39. Who are on Gossip Tree
    • 40. Get social on Gossip Tree
    • 41. Become social on Gossip Tree
    • 42. Save tiger with Gossip Tree
    • 43. Help us to save the tiger
    • 44. Watch Dabang with Gossip Tree
    • 45. Win 2 Tickets of Dabang on Gossip
    • 46. Tree
    • 47. Gossip tree Social network
    • 48. Create your own network with
    • 49. Gossip Tree
    • 50. Would you sacrifice your 10 Friend For Gossip Tree coupon
    • 51. Delete 10 friends using Gossip Tree
    • 52. Sacrifice and get 2 Coupon for
    • 53. MacDonald’s
    • 54. Do Something's for Cancer Prevention With Gossip Tree
    • 55. Help us to reduce the cancer
    • 56. Causes and motivate people to
    • 57. Take precautions
    • 58. Q-What did the general do when he learned via Twitter that the battle was going badly?
    • 59. Ans- he retweeted it
    • 60. Funny Pics of Social networking Site
    • 61. Create some funny Pics
    • 62. Of social networking site
    • 63. Gossip Tree Vs Facebook
    • 64. Comparison between
    • 65. Gossip tree and FB
    • 66. Create a quiz game
    • 67. Are you good person
    • 68. or bad person
    <br />
    • Search engine WWE
    • 69. The s-flu-- kill the virus of s-flue – Game
    • 70. GossipX customize package
    • 71. Create a apps in which people are able to send photos and videos
    Promotion of Page—<br />
    • Engaging page—give a reason to your user to like your page and engage with you.
    • 72. Viral nature of facebook— uses the power of newsfeed to generate more like.
    • 73. Make your page public—so search engine able to index it.
    • 74. Facebook ads—use facebook ads for extra promotion of your facebook page.
    • 75. Welcome page—create a attractive page to receive more likes.
    • 76. Information about your FB And Company—fills out complete information about you FB page and company.
    • 77. Facebook Page Image—uses company logo or human touch image.
    • 78. Custom page—create custom and attractive page to receive more likes.
    • 79. Facebook apps—you can also use FB apps to get more attention of visitor.
    • 80. Custom FB apps—you can also create Custom FB apps to promote your FB page.
    • 81. Suggest to friends—use suggest to friend button to receive more likes.
    • 82. Join conservation—never loose our presence on facebook.
    • 83. Active user—become an active user reply other people.
    • 84. Signature— just leaves your FB page signature on conservation.
    • 85. FB Page Wall—posts something interesting which attract the attention.
    • 86. FB Page album—creates an album about your product and services on facebook.
    • 87. Competitor—always keeps eyes on competitor FB page.
    • 88. Facebook Badge and widgets—keep a Badge or widget of your Facebook Page at your site.
    Promotion of your Facebook page outside of FB—<br />
    • Emails—send emails to your friends to like your FB page.
    • 89. Blog—create a blog about your FB page.
    • 90.
    • 91. Tweet about your FB page—tweet about your FB page to receive more likes.
    • 92. Like button—use facebook like button to receive more likes.
    • 93. Social networking sites—use other social networking sites to promote your FB page.
    • 94. Offers—you can exchange likes with the help of offers.
    • 95. Business card—put your FB page url into your business card.
    • 96. Emails signature—use your FB page url as email signature.
    • 97. Forum signature—use your FB page url in forum signature.
    • 98. Email marketing—you can also promote your FB page with email marketing.
    Seo of your facebook page—<br />You can also promote your facebook page with doing Seo of your page. You can use all methods and techniques of Seo to promoting you Facebook page. <br />How to advertise on facebook ---<br />
    • You can also promote your business with facebook ads, you can get more likes and able to generate more sales or leads. The ad creation on facebook is similar like Google adword. So try it get lots of likes.
    • 99. You can target all things like target audience, group, segmentation, age, sex, interest etc.
    Insights of Facebook page—<br />Facebook insights help you to analyze the trends with user growth, demographics, page views, like ratio, unlike ratio, growth, impression, average of likes and comments, mentions, tab views, referrers, language.<br />
    • Monthly Fan size growth—
    • 100. It gives you monthly growth in your like. If your growth rate is 10% to 13% that means you are doing very well.
    • 101. The average of likes and comments—
    • 102. These will gives you average of likes and comment are you receiving per month on your page.
    3. Unlike and attraction rate—<br /> This will give you information about how much unlike you receive in month.<br />4. Demographics--<br /> It will tell you in which country your page is more popular.<br />5. Page views--<br /> It will help you to identify to return visitors or it will tell you how many times your page is viewed.<br />6. Mentions—<br />This will tell you how many times someone tagged you in their post.<br />7.Tab views—<br />It will tell you which tab of your FB page gets more visit. This will help you to decide which tab is not good for you.<br />8. Referrers—<br />This will tell you from where you getting traffic or from where visitor come to your site.<br />9. Impression— <br />It will tell how many times your post is viewed.<br />10. Male and female—<br />It will also tell you in which gender your brand in more popular.<br />Need from client—<br />Create a tab in your Facebook page where your client or customer should able to post their need and complaint and suggestion etc.<br />Event—<br />Create an event tab in your Facebook page to attract visitors or receive more likes.<br />Product specific—<br />Create a tab in your facebook page about your product and services to get more attraction.<br />Monitor—<br />Always monitor you competitors campaign and what they doing on their facebook page, how they are posting on their page. Keep eyes on your competitor.<br />Kws important—<br />Using keywords in your facebook page is more important. So always use keywords in your page.<br />How to post on your Facebook page—<br />Post something interesting to attract more visitor or likes for your page. Make your post that much attractive visitor will comment on your post. Your post should include all this things—<br />Links—<br /> Post some interesting and informative links in your post.<br />Photos—<br />Post some interesting photos or your company products image and services image etc.<br />Videos—<br />Post some interesting and you company product or services videos.<br />Google analytics for your Facebook page—<br />You can track your facebook page by using Google analytics. Using GA you able get how much traffic and like you receiving daily and from where visitors are coming to your FB page.<br /> <br /> <br />