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  • 1. Lesson 5 Day 5
  • 2.
    • What imaginary animals and creatures have you read about?
    • My favorite imaginary animal is _______because ______.
    • What makes an animal imaginary?
    • What can some imaginary animals do that real ones cannot?
    did you see the rainbow this morning Did you see the rainbow this morning?
  • 3. A bookworm of curious breed Took a bite of a book out of greed When he found it was tasty,   He said, "I've been hasty I think I shall learn how to read." Mary Ann Hoberman
  • 4. High Frequency Words Word Wall guess special already everything prove hundred finally sometimes through eight
  • 5.
    • has Trina has a new red bicycle.
    • win I hope our team will win the soccer match today!
    • spot My dog has a black spot on his head.
    • best Which of the kittens do you like best ?
    • mud My boots were covered with mud after my walk in the rain.
    • same Did you notice that we have the same kind of backpack?
    • broke The mirror broke when I dropped it on the floor.
    • rule Our class’s rule is to raise your hand if you want to speak.
    • clean Kenton has to clean his room before he can go out to play.
    • sleep I’m so tired that I can’t wait to go to sleep !
  • 6. High – Frequency Words
    • sometimes
    • everything
    • special
    • hundred
    eight prove already hundred eight sometimes already finally everything special guess through prove guess finally through
  • 7.
    • Gather your books to return to the library.
    • Which books will you look for today?
    • I read two books about trains.
    • That’s a great book!
  • 8.
    • Rory and Gail borrowed books about birds.
    • Birds lay eggs and eat seeds.