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Lesson 3 Day 5
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Lesson 3 Day 5


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Henry and Mudge Lesson 3 Day 5
  • 2. Question of the Day
    • What do you think a pet dog or cat would say to someone who had a pet snake?
      • Do you think dogs and cats are afraid of snakes? Why or why not?
      • What do you think a dog or cat would like most about a snake? Least?
      • What would it be like to live in a house with a dog, a cat, and a snake?
    • A pet dog or cat would say _____ to someone who had a pet snake.
    • Daily Proofreading
    • pass me the rolls please
    • Pass me the rolls please.
  • 3. Let other kids have cats and dogs. I love my pet snake Jake. And Jake appreciates the frogs That I catch in the lake. It makes me sad each time I think I’ll have to let Jake go Before the lake’s a skating rink And the fields are white with snow.   Jo Roberts
  • 4. High Frequency Words Word Wall hundred finally short different children ears
  • 5. High – Frequency Words
    • children
    • different
    • ears
    • finally
    • hundred
    • short
    • covered
    • everything
    • guess
    • through
    • woods
  • 6. CVCe Pattern awake surprise hopeful include awake include hopeful surprise
  • 7. Spelling Words
  • 8. High – Frequency Words woods guess covered short everything different children ears finally through hundred woods guess short ears through covered children hundred everything different finally
  • 9. Main Idea and Details Main Idea - The most important idea in the story. The other sentences tell about the main idea.
  • 10. Main Idea and Details of Clarence the Copy Cat Clarence doesn’t want to hurt another living creature. Clarence must leave his first home because he won’t chase mice. Clarence worries he’ll have to leave the library when a mouse shows up. Clarence has trouble finding a home.
  • 11. Build Robust Vocabulary
  • 12. something that prevents you from getting into a place blockades
  • 13. when something cloth takes in water and becomes wet soaked
  • 14. When something is in the wrong place misplaced
  • 15. things you believe about what is right and what is wrong principles
  • 16. When you don’t give someone something that they’ve asked for deny
  • 17. When you think very carefully about an idea consider
  • 18. When you have strong ideas about something opinionated
  • 19. When you talk about the size and weight of a large object bulk
  • 20. Grammar
    • Commands and Exclamations
      • A command is a sentence that tells someone to do something. It ends with a period (.).
      • An exclamation is a sentence that shows strong feeling. It ends with an exclamation point (!).
    • give Nate your bike to ride
      • Give Nate your bike to ride.
    • what a good idea you had
      • What a good idea you had!
  • 21. Grammar
    • i want to fly a kite today
      • I want to fly a kite today. statement
    • what a nice day to fly a kite
      • What a nice day to fly a kite! exclamation
    • get me string for my kite
      • Get me string for my kite. command
    • would you like to fly my kite
      • Would you like to fly my kite? question