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Learning from iconic brands

Learning from iconic brands






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    Learning from iconic brands Learning from iconic brands Presentation Transcript

    • Case StudiesLearning from iconic brands…
    • “Nothing in life isabsolute-only vodka”
    • Absolut Truth: Tasteless,odorless and colourless,vodka is the world’smost popular spiritdrink. With offeringsindistinguishable fromcompetitors’, branding isthe only way to createcustomer appeal andloyalty.Absolut Heritage: In1879, Swede Lars OlssonSmith launched AbsolutVodka, made via aunique distillationprocess, and a distinctivebottle design, aprototype of an oldSwedish medicine bottleAbsolut Dilemma: As itwas being relaunchedafter a 100 years, in 1979,Absolut had to not onlyfight off the perceptionof vodka as cheap andtasteless, but create aspace for a Swedishplayer in a market ofRussian brandsThe Absolut StoryFor Absolut, the task of brand-building was accomplished via creative advertising
    • Built on the strength of advertising, Absolut strives towards one ideal- PERFECTIONSYMBOL IMAGE PHILOSOPHYThe iconic productsymbol- the bottlecelebrating vodka purityAn elevated and definitelifestyle projectionTakes a social standaddressing socialcontradictionsAbsolut Factors
    • Absolut ResultsSince its launchin 1979, hasachievedworldwide salesgrowth from90,000 litres peryear to 99million per yearIs the 3rd mostrecalled spiritsbrand of anykind in theworld*Is the 2nd largestbrand ofpremium vodkain the world**Source: Impact International
    • IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD CAMPAIGNIn 2007, Absolut decided to abandon its 25-year “Bottle” campaign and decided to bring in amore thematic element into its advertising with the launch of the “In An Absolut World” a fullintegrated campaign using multiple media touchpoints,, which challenges the status quo andasks the viewer to imagine a more perfect, “Absolut” world.The “Absolut Protest” TVC which kicked off thecampaign, showing protestors and policemenfighting with friendly, harmless pillows rather thanfirearms or sticks, in an “Absolut” worldhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0vhw2SuvusTVC
    • In an Absolut world, New York’s ad-laden billboards would be replaced by artistic masterpieces, politicianscan be caught lying via the length of their noses, and men could get pregnant too.Print Ads
    • Creative collaboration initiative: Absolut VisionariesAbsolut Visionaries, was an initiative that engaged consumers and people in the media, artsand entertainment fields to express their clever and daring ideals for life "In An AbsolutWorld”. It showcased the bold and optimistic projects from style-makers such as Kanye West,Eddie Izzard, Perez Hilton, Pablo Francisco, Jim Denevan, various Live Earth Filmmakers, TheSartorialist and editors from Thrillist.com, Flavorpill.com and Treehugger.com atwww.absolut.com.Shot from Kanye West’s visionof an Absolut world, whereanybody could be KanyeShot from Perez Hilton’s vision ofan Absolut world, where Hilton isGod
    • Creative collaboration initiative: Absolut QuartetInspired by the question, “In an Asbolut world, what if machines could be creative”, the Absolut Quarter isa custom-made multi- instrumental orchestral machine, which plays music by itself. Customers could logonto the Absolut website and feed in a music piece to be played, and watch it the machine doing so in realtime.
    • Online crowd-sourcing initiative: Visions of an Absolut WorldOn the Absolut website, the brand urged people to state their dreams of an Absolut worldand post videos of the instances where their visions were realized
    • Outdoor and ambient mediaIn an Absolut world, lottery numbers would be revealed before hand, buses would double upas limousines, and one could enjoy a view from a beautiful balcony, even from a glass-coveredskyscraper.The pyramid-shaped Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas covered in an Absolut poster
    • Product Launch: Absolut No LabelAs part of a gay rights initiative, Absolut released a limited edition bottle, Absolut No Label, inorder to show their support for the belief. “In an Absolut World, there are no labels”
    • “Jeans don’t lie, andI’m just happy!”
    • CHANGING THE WORLD, A PAIR OFJEANS AT A TIME: Founded by LeviStrauss and Jacob Davis in 1873,Levi’s created the world’s first pairof jeans, and has been synonymouswith the product ever sinceFOUNDED BY PIONEERS, FORPIONEERS: As the original jeansbrand, it has been the brand ofchoice for workers and cowboys ofthe American West, GIs returningfrom war and activists shaping theworld.MADE FOR FUNCTION, NOT JUSTFORM: Levi’s jeans stemmed fromthe need of durable workpants forthe early gold prospectors ofAmerica, and the heavy denim fordurability, brass rivets and buttonsfor strength are readily identifiabledetails that made it such an iconThe Levi’s StorySeeking to make a difference…
    • Creating an iconic brand..Pioneering to the core!TRADEMARKS UNIQUELY 501THE YOUTH BADGELevi’s popular 501 were sold in aunique sizing arrangement; theindicated size refers to the size ofjeans before shrinking. It remainsthe largest selling product to thisday.The comfort and ease ofwearing jeans made Levi’spopular among youthsubcultures in the 50’sand 60’s, includinggreasers, mods, rockers,hippies and skinheadsThe patented rivet anddouble arc stitching on theback made it instantlyrecognizable from otherbrands in the market, whichwere trying to cash in on thejeans trend among theworking class created byLevi’s
    • THE “GO FORTH” CAMPAIGNThe Levi’s brand sought to give the world a provocative wake-up call in2011 with the unified message that Now Is the Time for the youth totake the future into their hands and Go Forth.For the first time in its 138-year history, Levi’s communicated andengaged with young pioneers around the globe with one unifiedmessage. This global creative platform and integrated campaign usedvarious media, exuding optimism and inspiring those willing to work fora newer and mightier world.
    • Your life is your lifeDon’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.Be on the watch.There are ways out.There is a light somewhere.It may not be much light butIt beats the darkness.Be on the watch.The gods will offer you chances.Know them.Take them.You can’t beat death butYou can beat death in life, sometimes.And the more often you learn to do it,The more light there will be.Your life is your life.Know it while you have it.You are marvellousThe gods wait to delightIn you.AmericaCentre of equal daughters, equal sons,All, all alike endear’d, grown, ungrown, young or old,Strong, ample, fair, enduring, capable, rich,Perennial with the Earth, with Freedom, Law and Love,A grand, sane, towering, seated Mother,Chair’d in the adamant of Time.CHARLES BUKOWSKI’S THE LAUGHING HEARTWALT WHITMAN’S AMERICAhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT16DcHcjRAhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdW1CjbCNxwTVCs- Using inspirational poetry for copy
    • Street ArtLevi’s collaborated withthe Portuguese streetartist Alexandre Farto,aka Vhils, to create aseries of street muralsthat captures the faces ofsome of Berlin’s modernday pioneers in adramatic and poetic way.These pioneers serve asan inspiration for the cityand embody the ‘GoForth’ spirit.
    • Print Ads
    • Online Initiatives: Water.org & Go Forth FortuneThe Go Forth Fortune was a contest tofind Grayson Ozias’ hidden fortune. Levi’schallenged young people everywhere todiscover $100,000 burriedsomewhere in America. They used socialmedia platforms and created an interactivetreasure hunt on Levi.com.The ‘Go Forth’ digital engagement programfeatures an online social challenge that highlightsWater.org, a non-profit organization committedto providing safe drinking water and sanitation topeople in developing countries. Levi’s fans andFacebook users around the world are invited tojoin the Levi’s® brand in supporting the efforts ofWater.org by making an online pledge that willhelp bring clean water to up to 8,000 people forlife.
    • Outdoor media
    • “Is it love?”
    • The MINI StoryINSPIRED BY NEEDS: Thefirst Austin MINI wasrolled out in 1958 by theBritish Motor Company,developed as a result ofthe petrol shortageduring and after the Suezcrisis of the 1950’s. Itbecame a marque by1969SETTINGSTANDARDS: Greatergonomics, excellenthandling and goodfuel efficiency madethe MINI aninstantaneous hit, andset benchmarks forother compact carmanufacturers tofollowAN ICON FOR ICONS:During the 1960s itbecame popular withcelebrities and was seenin films and on TV acrossthe world, ensuring thatit became design icon. Apopular appearance wasin the movie The ItalianJob, as it was driven byMichael CaineEVOLVING, YETSAME: Over theyears, the MINI hascontinued toevolve, going fromAustin Mini to BMWMINI, and yet it payshomage to thebrilliance of theoriginal 1959 modelThe MINI is a British icon of its own standing today
    • Fun in a nutshell!THE CELEB’S CHOICETRUE TO ROOTS RALLY LEGACY CUSTOMER NEEDSFIRSTIn spite of evolvingthroughout the years,the MINI has notdeviated from itsroots in terms ofdesign, and continuesto inspire other smallcar manufacturersLimited edition versions,with highly customizableoptions, makes the MINI apreferred choice for mostpeopleThe MINI was flauntedby many celebs inmovies and TV shows,such as Michael Caine inThe Italian Job andRowan Atkinson in Mr.Bean, making it aquintessentially BritishsymbolSince thedevelopment of theMINI Cooper in 1961,this bug-eyed car hastaken part in rallieswhere it won bothacclaim and awards,and contributed to itsstoryThe making of an icon..
    • MINI RE-LAUNCH CAMPAIGN, 2002 (US & other countries)The MINI has always been hard to classify. In its original 1960s incarnation itcaptured Britain. Today, MINI remains a car unto itself, appealing more to amindset than a demographic profile.To launch this icon, one needed to favour the unconventional appeal of the car overthe conventions of the automotive category.BMWs ambition for MINI was not for it to be a volume player, but rather to createa new segment for premium small cars.
    • TVCsThe MINI has spawned a prodigious amount of creative. Following the initial campaign, which brought theMINIs attitude to life, later campaigns focused on performance attributes such as winter drivingLet’s Motor – 2002 to 2003http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chL0q_RAoFghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5HEsxi-nNkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2NN-lYd01shttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnCLcDWUm0QTVCs showcasing the fun elements of the BMW Mini
    • Print adsLETS BURN THE MAPS. Lets get lost. Lets turn right when we should turn left. Letsread fewer car ads and more travel ads. Lets not be back in ten minutes. Lets hold outuntil the next rest stop. Lets eat when hungry. Lets drink when thirsty. Lets breakroutines, but not make a routine of it. LETS MOTOR.™LETS PUT AWAY THE MIDDLE FINGER. Lets lay off the horn. Lets volunteer jumpercables. Lets pay a strangers toll. Lets be considerate of cyclists. Lets keep in mindautomobiles were created to advance civilization. And for crying out loud, letsremember to turn off those blinkers. LETS MOTOR.™LETS SIP, NOT GUZZLE. Lets leave the off road vehicles off road. Lets stop pretendingwe live in the jungle. Lets stop intimidating each other. Lets not use the size of ourvehicle to compensate for other shortcomings. Lets reclaim our garage space. Lets benimble. Lets be quick. Lets be honest. LETS MOTOR.™
    • Outdoor and ambient media
    • Winter performance billboards
    • From airports to ski destination, cheeky outdoors continue
    • 13 MINIs placed at historical locations evoking its heritage connections (UK)
    • INTERESTING MEDIA INNOVATIONThis ad went into the men’s washroom of MINIretailers all across Canada. Each urinal was turnedinto a mini saloon course using 3D pylons and thecopy challenged the patrons to test their handlingskills, both in the washroom and a MINI test drive.
    • “Runs end. Runningdoesn’t”
    • INSPIRED BY DREAMS:Nike was the product ofthe dreams of two men-sports coach BillBowerman’s of makinglighter, durable racingshoes for his runners, andathlete Phil Knight’s ofmaking a living withoutgiving up his love forsports.START OF A JOURNEY:Starting off as BlueRibbon Sports, Nike’sjourney began afterKnight sold shoes madeby Japanese brand Tigerin the U.S. By the 70’s,the company hadrenamed itself as Nike,incorporated the swooshas its logo, and sold itsfirst self-designedproduct, the “Waffle”shoeSPREADING WINGS: Bythe 1980’s, Nike hadgained 50% share in thesports shoes market,largely due to word-of-mouth. But it was the1988 campaign “Just DoIt” that established thelegend that became NikeThe Nike Story
    • Creating an iconic brand.A single-minded focus on sportsJUST DO ITThe “Just Do It” tagline,coined in 1988, captured theessence of the brand-passionate and unrelenting inespousing a winning spiritCELEBRITY ENDORSERSFrom Michael Jordan to SerenaWilliams, Nike has signed on variouscelebrity athletes for itsendorsements, who embody the spiritof sportsmanship in its truest formINCLUSIVITYFrom motivating womenathletes to non-athletes,Nike through itscommunication hasnever beendiscriminatory, andencourages the winningspirit in everyone
    • WRITE THE FUTURE CAMPAIGNNike unveiled an integrated campaign in 2010 celebrating iconic football moments called“Write The Future.” The objective of the campaign was to dramatically show the impact ofpivotal moments in a game that lives beyond 90 minutes.Nike gave their Facebook fans the chance to see their three-minute World Cup ad spot (starring their favourite World Cupfootballers) before it aired. Fans were given the opportunity tosign up on Nike’s Facebook page ahead of time to be able toview the spot at its early release time. By the morning of theearly release date, over 107,000 fans had signed up for thesneak peek. The day of the release, the film was viewed online12,000,000 times and Nike Football Facebook fans tripled from1.1 to 3.1Nike went a step further with the “Write the Future”campaign, inviting fans to do just that – create the future. Fanswere invited to participate in “The Chance” contest, to edit thespot and make their own Facebook World Cup campaign. Nikewould choose the best of the user-generated campaigns andsend the creators to the Nike Academy soccer camp
    • STRIKE COUNTER: A FOOTBALLERS ONLY CAMPAIGNTo accompany the launch ofthe new Nike T90 Laser IV,Nike introduced a Facebookapp that enables footballersaround the world to recordand socialize their recordedgoals. The T90 StrikeCounter allows players toinput data about their goalssuch as a spot on the pitchthey scored from, where inthe goal it went in and whatpart of the boot they struckthe ball with. A 3D image canimmediately be shared withfriends or team mates. Theapp also features pro playercommentary aroundmemorable goals and whatmakes the perfect strike.
    • “I have measured outmy life with coffeespoons”
    • A Passion for Coffee: In1976, coffee lovers andfriends Jerry Baldwin,Zev Siegl and GordonBowker opened theirfirst store at 2000Avenue, Seattle, andstarted their coffeeroasting businessAn idea is born: In1982,Howard Schultz, theHead of Management atStarbucks, opened hisown coffee shop, IlGironale, inspired by thecafé culture in Italy. In1988, Starbucks was soldto Il Giornale andrebranded it asStarbucksOver a cup of coffee:Over the next 5 years,the company exceededexpectations by opening150 stores, capitalizingon a concept that hadn’texisted before- thecoffee shop as agathering houseThe Starbucks Story
    • Creating an iconic brand…It’s all about the people!UNIQUECONCEPTIntroducing thecoffeehouse as asocial hub, Starbucksredefined the coffeeexperienceKEEPING CUSTOMERSHAPPYREWARDINGEMPLOYEESCustomer happiness is apriority. Even a manager orassistant manager receives atleast 80 hours of trainingbefore they are allowed tomake drinks withoutsupervisionStarbucks has some ofthe best payment plansand benefits packagesavailable to both coffeefarmers , and theiremployeesFEEDBACK BASEDINNOVATIONWorking hard to keep bothemployees and customershappy, even Starbuck’sinnovative offerings arebased on feedback sought
    • THE LOVE PROJECT: A USER GENERATED CAMPAIGNPrint ads Web BannersOn December 7th, 2009 at 1:30 pm GMT Starbucks invited musicians from all over the world to singtogether at the same time to raise awareness for AIDS in Africa. In that one breathtaking moment,musicians from 156 countries played “All You Need is Love” together. People could also join in by lendingtheir voices to http://StarbucksLoveProject.com. For each video submitted, Starbucks made a contributionto the Global Fund to help fight against AIDS in Africa. Users could also help increase the Starbuckscontribution to the Global Fund by submitting a drawing to the Love Gallery.Video showcasing people from 156 countriessinging for The Love Project
    • Learnings from iconic brandsWhat role did the brands play?
    • MARKETDISRUPTERS:Iconic brandsaddress a pertinentneed gap or acontradiction insociety, andchallenge thestatus quoThe idea for originated from the need forhigh-quality, comfortable shoes forathletesLevi’s addressed the needs of miners in thelate 1800’s who were in dire need of adurable material that could stand up totheir rigorous jobs
    • REMARKABLYDISTINCTIVE: Iconicbrands have eitherlogos or symbolswhich are unique,making them easilyrecognizableanywhere in theworldThe Nike Swoosh The Absolut bottle shape
    • PHILOSOPHERS:Iconic brands sellmore than just aproduct orbelief..they standfor certain values,beliefs or a way oflifeAbsolut evokes the spirit of an ideal world or perfection in its communication
    • LIGHTHOUSEBEACONS: Iconicbrands do not simplystand for certainvalues or principles,they actively take upinitiatives to act as aguiding force fortheir customers.Nike’s communication continually challenges the customer to evoke theirsporting spirit
    • COMMUNITYBUILDERS: Iconicbrands not onlyfulfill customers’needs to be a partof a brand that isdifferent, but also acommunity that isdifferentPeople are at the core of Starbuck’s strategy, making coffee not justa product to be sold, but an experience to be savoured
    • STORYTELLERS:Iconic brandsleverage upon theirunique history andlegacy to createpowerful storiesBoth the BMW MINI and Levi’s Jeans communicate about their uniqueessence - of fun in the former, and of the pioneering spirit in the latter