Problems i have with the big bang theory


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Problems i have with the big bang theory

  1. 1. Problems I have with The Big Bang Theory by srmooreFirst a little background on me. I am not a creationist. Im probably more in the safe grayarea of agnostic. Being agnostic is kind of like always wearing shades of gray, so youdont have to worry about color coordination. I am also an engineer. So you would thinkthat I would just accept the Big Bang Theory because scientists say thats what theyfigured out.So what is the Big Bang (or "BB", as I will call it, because I am lazy)? Well, it is one wayof thinking how the universe started. We feel the universe has a starting point because weare linear beings and feel that there must be a start and a finish to everything. I dontknow why, we just do. Anyway, back to the BB Theory (or "BBT," as I will call it,because I am really lazy).The BBT says that all matter in the universe was in one tight compact little ball whosemass was great enough to cause it to explode, spewing out matter and star dust. Thisspace crap then started to clump together, kind of like milk does when you put in fruitflavors when trying to get, for instance, a strawberry steamed milk (SSM). Unlike theSSM, the clumps that formed after the BB eventually became things like stars, andplanets, and meteors, and the like. Eventually the stars made new elements because theywork on fusion, and new elements then got from dead stars to planets, and so on and soforth until you get higher life forms like Charlize Theron.This is all fine and good. I can accept all the coincidence that it takes to make Ms. Theronalive on this planet, just as I can hope that one day I will be married to her. I like CharlizeTheron. I wouldnt mind dying in some way with her either (well, in some good way,anyway). But here we start to see some of the problems with the BBT. The universe isexpanding. This makes sense, as it was all blown apart from a central point. I believe thatthey have not yet shown evidence of it slowing, which means that it will not all somedayfall back on itself, crushing Ms. Theron and I together closer than I could have everdreamed. (damn!) Which means that there will be no Big Bang 2: The Sequel (orBB2:TS). So that makes me wonder. For all the matter in the universe to come togetherlike that, that means it just had to be adrift aimlessly for gravity to make it all cometogether into one spot. Actually I think it also means that it had to not be moving at all.On top of this, it cant have been over an infinite area in space, because then it would betheoretically possible that they were situated in such a manner that the gravitation effectson all the particles of matter were equal to zero.What does this all mean? Well, it means that this matter had to be motionless in a finitearea. Ok, lets just say that is possible. So where did it come from? Well you cant create
  2. 2. matter, according to smart physic types. Does that mean that this crap was just floating inspace, waiting to be crunched together? That doesnt sit well with me. It had to comefrom somewhere, doesnt it? I have a theory that covers that though.We will call it SRMoores Universal Creation Rumor (SUCR for short). Lets just say thatthere is another universe where they have all this stuff figured out. In this amazing worldone of the first things they figured out was black holes. Now, what would you do if youfound out how to make something that took up no space and just kept absorbing matter?Thats simple -- build a self-emptying trashcan! At the bottom is a small black hole, soyou can keep throwing stuff into it. Well, what happens when you put so much matter init that the gravitational field collapses? Youll get a small big bang in the bottom of yourtrashcan. Your very own universe to play and tinker with.So, this article highlighted some of my problems with the BBT. "So why dont you justthink God did all this to screw with your mind?" you may ask. Well, Ill try and answerthat next time in "Problems I have with God -- err -- Creationism."