Lyric and chord guitar muse


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Lyric and chord guitar muse

  1. 1. Lyric and Chord Guitar Muse - Undisclosed Desire18:39 | Muse | 0 comments »Lyric, Chord Guitar, KordGitar Muse - Undisclosed Desire :Intro: Am7 EmCI know youve sufferedEmBut I dont want you to hideCIts cold and lovelessEmI wont let you be deniedCSoothingEmIll make you feel pure CAnd trust meEmYou can be sureAm C Em GI want to reconcile the violence in your heartAm C Em GI want to recognize your beautys not just a maskAm C Em GI want to exorcise the demons from your pastAm C Em G CI want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heartYou trick your loversEmThat youre wicked and divineCYou may be a sinnerEmBut your innocence is mineCPlease meEmShow me how its doneCTease meEmYou are the oneAm Em x2C
  2. 2. Please meEmShow me how its doneCTrust meEmYou are the oneC Em x2Tampilkan posting dengan label Muse.Tampilkansemua postingLyric and Chord Guitar Muse - Plug In Baby18:43 | Muse | 0 comments »Lirik, Kuncigitar, Chords Gitar, KordGitarE---------------------------2h3p------------------------------------B----------------3-----3-5-------5-3---------------5-----5-7^8^7-6-7G---3-4-6--3-4-6---4-6--------------6--4-6-7--4-6-7--6-7------------D-------------------------------------------------------------------A-------------------------------------------------------------------E-------------------------------------------------------------------E-------------------------------------------------------------------B---7--------7--9^10^9-7-6-7----------------------------------------G----7-7---7-----------------7---7----------------------------------D-------6-7--------------------7------------------------------------A-------------------------------------------------------------------E-------------------------------------------------------------------G D F# I have exposed your lies baby GThe underneath is no big surprise D F#Now its time for changing GAnd cleansing everything DTo forget your loveBm (palm mute)G Bm My plug in baby GCrucify my enemiesBmWhen Im tired of giving
  3. 3. G Bm My plug in baby GMy underbroken virgin realitiesBmTired of living(repeat riff)Dont confusedBaby youre gonna looseYour own gameChange meAnd replace the envyingTo forget your loveMy plug in babyCrucify my enemiesWhen Im tired of givingMy plug in babyMy underbroken virgin realitiesTired of livingTampilkan posting dengan label Muse.Tampilkansemua postingLyric and Chord Guitar Muse - Song Of Absolution20:13 | Muse | 0 comments »Lirik, Kuncigitar, Chords Gitar, KordGitar Muse - Song Of Absolution :[Verse 1]DmLips are turning blueBbA kiss that can’t renewE/G#I only dream of youA7My beautifulDmTiptoe to your roomBbA starlight in the gloomE/G#I only dream of youA7 | A A B (single notes)And you never knew[Chorus:]C C/E* C/F* Gm Gm7 *played by BassSing for ab- so- lu- tion
  4. 4. Gm7/F* Gm/E* C *played by BassI will be singingC/Bb* C/A* Gm Gm2 *played by BassAnd falling from your grace[Interlude = Intro][Verse 2]DmThere’s nowhere left to hideBbIn no one to confideE/G#The truth burns deep insideA7And will never dieLips are turning blueA kiss that can’t renewI only dream of youMy beautiful[Chorus][Solo:] D5 Bb5 E/G# A5addF A5[Chorus]Dm Bbmaj7 Bb6Our wrongs remain un- recti- fiedE7(addG)/G# E7/G# Asus4 AAnd our so- uls won’t be ex- humed[Coda:] DmDm/CTampilkan posting dengan label Muse.Tampilkansemua postingMuse - Hysteria22:55 | Muse | 3 comments »(intro)Verse 1Am EmIts bugging me, grating meG F#Twisting me aroundAmYeah Im endlesslyEmCaving inG F#And turning inside out
  5. 5. Chorus CCos I want it now____ GI want it know____Dm AmGive me your heart and your soul CAnd Im breaking out____ GIm breaking out____Dm AmGive me your complete control(little solo)Verse 2Am EmIts holding me, morphing meG F#And forcing me to striveAm EmTo be endlessly cold withinG F#And dreaming Im aliveChorus CCos I want it now____ GI want it know____Dm AmGive me your heart and your soul CAnd Im breaking out____ GIm breaking out____Dm AmGive me your complete control(long solo)Chorus CAnd want you now____ GI want you now____Dm AmIll feel my heart implode CAnd Im breaking out____ GEscaping now____Dm AmFeeling my faith erode
  6. 6. (Outro)Posting LamaB