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The International Federation of Business and Professional Women is an influential international network of business and professional women from over 90 countries in 5 continents with Consultative Status at ECOSOC/United Nations. Founded in 1930, BPW International develops the professional, leadership and business potential of women on all levels through our mentoring, networking, skill building and economic empowerment programs and projects around the world. Visit our website at: www.bpw-international.org and bpw-europe.org

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BPW Europe 2011

  1. 1. Business & Professional WomenEmpowered Women Leading Business www.bpw-europe.org
  2. 2. Our founder: Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips www.bpw-europe.org
  3. 3. 1st Conference 1930 in Geneva: 163 participants! Our founders were pioneers!Coming from Austria, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany Hungary, Italy, UK, USA. www.bpw-europe.org
  4. 4. Goals of BPW areTo advocate and lobby for working women To ensure equality and equal opportunity To develop the professional, business and leadership potential of women To empower women in the ecomony, networking and skill buildingTo support young women www.bpw-europe.org
  5. 5. What is a Business and Professional Woman like? Takes responsibility in business, politics or societyThinks and acts on the local, national and international level Practices networking, mentoring and lobbying Cultivates friendships Practices lifelong learning Is a leader and rolemodel www.bpw-europe.org
  6. 6. All that is Advocacy for BPW! professional women Local Professional +Friendships personal development International National Learning environment Supportive for «practical Network leadership» www.bpw-europe.org
  7. 7. BPW Structure BPW International 5 Regions North Latein Europe Africa Asia/PacificAmerica America Italy Switzerland Germany … Federations Clubs Clubs www.bpw-europe.org
  8. 8. BPW InternationalAn active network for women’s issues! www.bpw-europe.org
  9. 9. BPW International has representatives or consultative status:  UNO – ECOSOC  CSW Commission on the status of women  ILO International Labour Organization  EWL European Women‘s Lobby  WHO World Health Organization FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN www.bpw-europe.org
  10. 10. www.bpw-europe.orgCSW Conference on the Status of Women 2010, New York
  11. 11. Equal Pay Day is international Equal Pay Day was initiated in 2009 by BPW International as an international awareness campaign All across the globe – from Australia to Taiwan, Korea via 13 European countries to Brazil and Canada. All these BPW federations are organizing an equal pay day in their countries. www.bpw-europe.org
  12. 12. Equal Pay Day 12 www.bpw-europe.org
  13. 13. Women’s Empowerment Principles – Equality means Business An initiative by UN Women and  BPW International UN Global Compact supported developed a toolkit to by BPW International to bring Equality to the support the activities for workplace, marketplace and the WEPs community. Quote of George Kell, Executive Director of UN Global Compact: «BPW brings the voice of women to the economy.» www.bpw-europe.org
  14. 14. Women’s Empowerment Principles1. Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality.2. Treat all women and men fairly at work – respect and support human rights and nondiscrimination.3. Ensure the health, safety and well-being of all women and men workers.4. Promote education, training and professional development for women.5. Implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women.6. Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy.7. Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve gender equality. www.bpw-europe.org
  15. 15. International Congress 2008 in Mexico www.bpw-europe.org
  16. 16. European Congress 2009 in Munich www.bpw-europe.org
  17. 17. International Congress 2011 in Helsinki www.bpw-europe.org
  18. 18. Next Events BPW International Leaders Summit in New York 24th/25th Februar 2012 2012 European Congress in Sorrento, Italy (28 – 30 September) 2014 International Congress in Jeju, Korea 2016 European Congress in Zuerich, Switzerland 2017 International Congress in Egypt www.bpw-europe.org
  19. 19. BPW on the national and the local levelYou can benefit from all activities and events for your personal and professional development. www.bpw-europe.org
  20. 20. www.bpw-europe.org
  21. 21. Activities on club levelMonthly events: Presentations, speeches and networkingAnnually: General assembly Candlelight ceremonyOther activities: Visits to other clubs Participation in national and international conferences and congresses Taskforces (e. g. Equal Pay Day) www.bpw-europe.org
  22. 22. Mentoring: a program where you can benefit from each other Each BPW can become a mentor and help other women with her experience and knowledge Each BPW can become a mentee The mentee needs a specific goal, and she can have a mentor for one year Benefits: – Transfering your experiences and knowledge for support – Learning from each other – Seeing your mentee develop 22 www.bpw-europe.org
  23. 23. BPW: The ideal learning environment Peer-to-peer learning (from each other) Through rolemodels Learning by doing Just-in-time learning Lifelong learning – Monthly presentations and events – Workshops at national/international events – Try out and learn new skills Learning by teaching or mentoring www.bpw-europe.org
  24. 24. Train your leadership skills in BPW!By taking an office as president or member of the board orleader of a taskforce: Learn to give speeches and presentations Learn to chair meetings and to delegate tasks Develop strategies for your club and implement them Practice team building Learn to deal with the media to promote your club Represent your club and deal with VIPs Learn conflict management and diplomacy in practice Learn to act as a leader and become a rolemodel www.bpw-europe.org
  25. 25. You can develop your skills ondifferent levels International National Local www.bpw-europe.org
  26. 26. Do not only lay back, …… the more active you are,the more you get. www.bpw-europe.org
  27. 27. Would you like to have contacts all over the world or develop your skills? www.bpw-europe.org www.bpw-international.org www.bpw-europe.org