Social Media For Marketing And Corporate Communication


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Few takeaways from this presentation are:

1. Social media is not free
2. Content still remains the king
3. Need buy-in from the top for social media to work
4. It is about conversations; it is about relationships; it is not about conversions

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Social Media For Marketing And Corporate Communication

  1. 1. Social Media for Corporate Communication and Marketing
  2. 2. Does it make sense to follow the pack? Back links and added exposure – After all traffic and branding doesn’t hurt Commutainment – Socializers are not in ‘consumer mode’ Social Media Su_ks None of the social media sites have monetized themselves the way search engines have Making the move from ‘social mode’ to ‘buying mode’ takes a lot of efforts and doesn’t justify the ROI Advertising dollars on social media???
  3. 3. No one is reading your blog and no one is ever going to read your blog Realities of Social Media
  4. 4. You’ve got to give some of your best stuff away Realities of Social Media
  5. 5. Social Media hates selling Realities of Social Media
  6. 6. It’s not what you say; it is what they say that is important Realities of Social Media
  7. 7. Social Media is not a marketing plan Realities of Social Media
  8. 8. You don’t have a choice Realities of Social Media
  9. 9. Dimdim Positioning Branding Social Media - Success Stories Open APIs Zimbra, Sugar, Moodle, Claroline, Docebo Community Manager – Social Media Mining
  10. 10. American Express Social Media Forum Small Business Owners Social Media - Success Stories Ideahub, Connectodex Connect to the community, and letting the community connect with each other
  11. 11. Maclaren Social Media - Success Stories
  12. 12. A prospect that I’ve been having conversations with: One of the biggest brands in India Social Media Initiative – top down Social Media - Failure Stories Quality and accuracy Vs. Popularity Rewards Vs. Risks – Don’t sacrifice a lot of money later for a little money now Communication policy that doesn’t allow you to communicate
  13. 13. Your product has only a handful of customers Scenarios where Social Media may not work
  14. 14. Your decision makers spend all of their time behind a secure firewall Scenarios where Social Media may not work
  15. 15. You don’t have an internal advocate for the social media Scenarios where Social Media may not work
  16. 16. You don’t have the resources to be successful Scenarios where Social Media may not work
  17. 17. Banking/Financial Services Electronics Boutique Market Research Consultancies Social Media Mining is becoming mainstream
  18. 18. Why bother? Monetizing Social Media
  19. 19. What’s more important – hammer or screw driver? SEM is what is working as of today – shift needs to happen Social Media can be an integral part of SEM Social Media Vs. SEM Corporate speak is where the problem is and not in the medium
  20. 20. ‘ Content is no longer king’ Vs. Medium Social Media in a ‘silo’ Social Media – Common Mistakes ‘ Make an online profile or two’ and ‘post about your product or service’ and you are good to go I am looking at ‘dollar for dollar returns’ Social Media is about ‘conversions’ Social Media is ‘free’
  21. 21. Why wouldn’t you want to be there when millions are spending their free time. If you don’t, you competition most likely will I am a. social and b. marketing – 90% social and 10% marketing Social Media – Bottomline After all, it has become a commodity now. Differentiate! Social media is about ‘conversations’ and not ‘conversions’ For most people, buying is an ‘emotional decision’
  22. 22. Let us stay connected Sabapathy Narayanan [email_address] +91.960.000.2325