Bupa International Perfects Virtual Learning & Training

Bupa International Perfects Virtual Learning & Training



Overview ...

Bupa, a leading international healthcare group that offers personal and company health insurance, care homes for older people and hospitals, and a range of health care and disease management services, uses Saba to power 'Bupa Learn’. This global Learning Management System cultivates collaboration across continents, helping share knowledge and develop the skills of Bupa people through self-paced web training and real-time virtual classroom courses.

Business Challenge
Bupa wanted a technology solution to support 50,000 users across multiple time zones, geographic locations, and languages. They had extensive learning requirements and ambitious goals to reach larger populations. Before implementing Saba, some courses were taught onsite for 5 days, affecting employees’ work/life balance.

Business Benefits
-Provide 24/7 access to online learning and virtual classroom for 52,000 employees when they need it
-Replace on-site learning with learning on Saba for two day introduction session coupled with three days of instructor-led training
-Result in 40% cost savings and reduced time away
-Achieve significantly higher user-adoption rates



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Bupa International Perfects Virtual Learning & Training Bupa International Perfects Virtual Learning & Training Document Transcript

  • Case Study BUPA VALUES OUR CO MMI TMEN T TO OU R PEOPL E, CU STO MERS AND CO MM UNI TIES Knowledge network Thousands of colleagues across Bupa have been heading back to the classroom to explore a virtual world of wisdom B upa Learn is our global learning management system (LMS) that is cultivating collaboration across continents. It is helping to share knowledge, develop the skills of Bupa people through selfpaced web training and also offers real-time virtual classroom courses. Our teams across Bupa Health and Wellbeing UK are the latest to adopt Bupa Learn and will soon be joined by Health Dialog in the US. They will share the same platform with 14,000 colleagues across 10 countries now embarking on tailor-made programmes designed to support the personal development of users – and benefit our business. From 10-minute refresher sessions to curricular courses spanning a number of months, www.bupalearn.com is the one-stop destination for a variety of online educational activities. Addressing training challenges Bupa Learn was launched in 2006 by Group Organisational Development to help address the training needs of our diverse international operation. “As a business with colleagues across the world, we face a number of challenges when it comes to learning, including different delivery systems, multiple time zones, a variety of languages 14 BUPA INTERNATIONAL Marc Harvey, from Bupa International’s Learning and Development team, writes: Bupa International’s Learning and Development (L&D) team has made Bupa Learn the single point of access for its 2010 offering. Our newly re-designed Bupa Learn user interface will go live next month. The front end has been designed with a clean, bright feel and is easy to navigate. It even incorporates video clips featuring members of the L&D team introducing the various learning programmes. By making it easy for colleagues to explore and access the learning and development opportunities available, the L&D team’s aim is to transform the way learning is perceived, from something that is ‘done to’ them, to that of a ‘learning’ culture where a performance partnership is developed between the learner, their manager and the L&D team. With Bupa Learn offering structured, formal learning and Bupa Live driving social, or informal, learning, we are fast on our way to becoming a true learning organisation.
  • Case Study  Bupa Values - Knowledge Network The Bupa Learn team: Felicity Moore, Alison Williams and Nina Farrand and geographically dispersed audiences,” says Alison Williams, Bupa’s Group e-Learning Business Consultant. “In Bupa Learn we have an application that can be used worldwide, which is more efficient and cost-effective. As a webbased system, it can be accessed anywhere across the globe and has features to manage languages, currencies and time zones.” One of Bupa Learn’s first projects was to deliver CHEERs (Care Home Employee, Enquiry and Resident System) training to our UK care home managers and administrators. “Historically, the training had involved a five-day residential course, meaning key colleagues were spending time away from their care homes,” explains Alison. “It was proving impractical, inefficient and costly.” The introduction of a two-day online element, alongside three days of instructorled learning, resulted in 40 percent cost savings and a reduction in the amount of time 16 BUPA AUSTRALIA Josephine Gusman, Content Delivery Manager with Bupa Australia, writes: Bupa Learn has allowed Bupa Australia to shorten the duration of our induction programmes while enabling new joiners to attain information at a much higher rate. Apart from the Learning and Development function, colleagues in other areas of the business have welcomed the idea of a tool that can distribute training nationally without having to organise travel, accommodation and classrooms. Through online learning, they have been able to reach a large proportion of the business and monitor results without having to leave their desk. Some business areas are making great use of the quiz functionality. A monthly quiz, testing knowledge of our business or of our competitors, has been a great success.
  • those involved were away from their facilities. Four years later, Bupa Learn has a ‘champion’ in each business unit developing modules relevant to their teams. When Bupa Health and Wellbeing UK migrated its e-learning activities last year, the result was a record 27,000 registrations in November. BupaHealthandWellbeingUKe-HRConsultant Clare Shell says: “We have been able to introduce e-learning to our Health Assessment Centres and Occupational Health departments for the first time and establish, manage and schedule more than 35 sessions of instructor-led training for our managers. “We have trained more than 300 managers in our performance management framework using an e-learning course that contains video and have been able to develop a dedicated learning pathway for call centre inductions. “Sharing learning content throughout the international business has seen us work more closely with colleagues across the Group.” Sharing knowledge Alison and her colleagues Nina Farrand and Felicity Moore offer training and support to Bupa’s business units around the world, but each business takes ownership of its own domain, developing a library of modules relevant to its operations that reflects the culture and language of its users. “We take a collaborative approach to running the system and set up a Bupa Learn community in 2006 to facilitate this,” says Alison. “The community consists of training representatives from the local business units and meets, often in a virtual classroom, to discuss best practice and opportunities for content sharing. “We have more than 3,000 modules, from advice on effective use of computer applications to product and systems training and guidance in compliance and regulation. Informal learning exists in the form of guides and documents.” The flexible nature of self-paced courses allows users to learn whenever they can and wherever they are, while real-time virtual classroom sessions deliver training to colleagues without the time and expense of travel. “Virtual classes are structured and let us bring the physical classroom experience to users wherever they are located,” adds Alison. “It’s a vibrant environment where students can BENEFITS O F BUPA LE ARN • Shares lear ning resour ces across ou internationa r l business • Reduces du plication of training • Supports the business in meeting compliance its and regulato ry requirem • Reduces tr ents aining adm inistration, and accom travel modation co sts • Lets colleag ues take co ntrol of thei learning an r own d developm ent Health Dialog Vice President of Human Resources Barry Dyer To find out more abou t Bupa Lear Live and typ n, visit Bupa e ‘Bupa Lear n Commun into the sear ity ch engine Bupa Learn is the perfect platform for the personal development of our people. Alison Williams, Bupa’s Group e-Learning Business Consultant. HEALTH DIALOG Barry Dyer, Bupa’s former Organisational Development Director and now Vice President of Human Resources with Health Dialog, writes: If Health Dialog was to start to build a capability like Bupa Learn, it would take a significant investment of both cost and time, which would be prohibitive. We are gaining the benefit of the experience of all the businesses using Bupa Learn before us. We also have access to the content that has been developed or purchased for other Bupa businesses. This is a tangible example of the benefits of Bupa businesses internationally working together for the benefit of all. Our SOP result shows our people have a desire to easier access to development. Bupa Learn provides us with the ability to structure content in a way that makes sense to our roles. interact by using social tools to clap and laugh.” As well as delivering e-learning, Bupa Learn tracks and reports on the progress and training history of users, who can also update their profile with external qualifications, and identifies where and when updated training is required due to changes in areas of compliance and regulation. Health Dialog, based in Boston, is rolling out Bupa Learn to its health coaching colleagues this month, meaning that teams from Massachusetts to Manchester, Madrid to Melbourne, have the power of e-learning at their fingertips. “Bupa Learn is the perfect platform for the personal development of our people,” says Alison. “It also benefits our business by providing cost-effective learning that increases expertise in areas of importance. It improves Bupa’s standing as an employer of choice, helping us attract and retain self-motivated people and empowering them to share their knowledge with colleagues across our international business.” 17
  • Case Study  Bupa Values - Knowledge Network About Bupa About Saba Bupa’s purpose is to help people lead longer, healthier, happier lives. Saba (NASDAQ:SABA) provides a unified set of People Cloud Applications including enterprise learning, people management, and collaboration technologies delivered through the Saba People Cloud. Today’s people-driven enterprises are using Saba’s solutions to mobilise and engage people around new strategies and initiatives, align and connect people to accelerate the flow of business, and cultivate, capture, and share individual and collective knowhow to effectively compete and succeed. A leading international healthcare group, we offer personal and company health insurance, run care homes for older people and hospitals, and provide workplace health services, health assessments and chronic disease management services, including health coaching, and home healthcare. With no shareholders, we invest our profits to provide more and better healthcare. We are committed to making quality, patient-centred, affordable healthcare more accessible in the areas of wellness, chronic disease management and ageing. Employing nearly 52,000 people, Bupa has operations around the world, principally in the UK, Australia, Spain, New Zealand and the USA, as well as Hong Kong, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India, China and across Latin America. For more information, visit www.bupa.com. Saba’s premier customer base includes major global organisations and industry leaders in financial services, life sciences and healthcare, high tech, automotive and manufacturing, retail, energy and utilities, packaged goods, and public sector organisations. Saba’s solutions are available through the Saba People Cloud and are underpinned by global services capabilities and partnerships encompassing strategic consulting, comprehensive implementation services, and ongoing worldwide support. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, Saba has offices on five continents. For more information, please visit www.saba.com. Saba  Power Up Your People Saba is the premier provider of people systems that enable today’s people-driven enterprises. By combining learning, people management and collaboration technologies, Saba delivers solutions that help mobilise and engage people to drive new strategies and initiatives, align and connect people to accelerate the flow of business, and cultivate individual and collective knowhow to achieve exceptional results. © 2010 Saba Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Saba, the Saba logo, Saba Centra, and the marks relating to Saba products and services referenced herein are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Saba Software, Inc. or its affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Saba Software (UK) Ltd Circa, The Ring, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1AA Tel: +44 (0)1344 382950 Fax: +44 (0)1344 382951 www.saba.com CSUK_1101