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Table of Content Analysis
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Table of Content Analysis

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  • 1. Table of Content Analysis By Saba Kebede
  • 2. Layout This is the table of content of a Rolling Stone magazine. The layout is simple and easy to read in which I would like to portray in my magazine. It clearly defines the features and the departments and what the magazine entails. The photos of Mary J Blige & Sting, and Steve Jobs and Barack Obama on the left hand side and the text clearly written on the right hand side. The use of the text box at the top of Steve Jobs is effective as he is on the front cover of the magazine. This clearly shows the significance of his story and what this particular issue is about. As the layout is clear and defined, I would like to portray this effect in my music magazine.
  • 3. Imagery Mise-En-Scene The contents page of this magazine is effective as the first photo of Steve Jobs is of him giving a lecture and Mary J Blige and Sting singing together at a concert. Then there’s Barack Obama in an office, therefore the mise-en- scene represents where they were and an idea of what the articles will be about. Therefore this is effective and gives the reader more on an idea of what they are going to read. The images are big and clear and easy to see, and takes up half of the page. In the images there are also text so tell them where they are.
  • 4. Colour Scheme The colour scheme of Rolling Stone is black, white and red, usually and this is consistent throughout the magazine. When I do my table of content for my music magazine I also intend to use a consistent colour scheme so that my music magazine can be identified easily because there would be one colour scheme. The colour red almost represents rock and seeing as the genre of music for my music magazine is R&B, therefore the colour red would not be featured. Nonetheless, the colour blue would be more suitable. The reason why I am using the colour blue is because music magazine “Vibe” also uses blue and it looks effective and relevant to the theme of the magazine.