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Abstract for presentation

  1. 1. Page |1 ABSTRACT CLINICAL EVALUATION OF CHRONIC PELVIC PAIN OBJECTIVE The Objective of this study is to Evaluate Chronic Pelvic Pain in females of reproductive age. STUDY DESIGN Our design is Descriptive Study: Cross Sectional type. The Study is conducted at Abassi Shaheed Hospital, North Nazimabad (Government sector) and Liaquat National Hospital, Stadium road (Private sector). SAMPLING TECHNIQUE It was Convenient Sampling (Non-Probability). Those who qualified the Inclusion Criteria and willing to cooperate were selected. SUBJECTS & METHOD A sample of 150 Subjects is selected (75 from each hospital). The survey was conducted by self administered questionnaire comprising of questions regarding Pain, Gynecological, Medical and surgical history. After selection of subjects from the Hospital, their verbal consent is taken. They are asked questions and the questionnaire is filled after translating it to them in Urdu. Data was analyzed using SPSS software13.0 and graphs and charts were formulated using Microsoft Excel 2007. INCLUSION CRITERIA Females of Reproductive age with Chronic Pelvic Pain are Included. EXCLUSION CRITERIA Prepubertal, Postmenopausal and pregnant females are excluded. Females having acute pelvic pain are also excluded. Research Report | Clinical Evaluation of chronic Pelvic Pain
  2. 2. Page |2 RESULT The mean age of subjects is 34.8 ± 7.8 years and the mean age of menarche is 12.9 ± 1 years. 18% of the female were practicing contraception. Out of 150 patients 27% presented with the sole complaint of chronic pelvic pain while 56% presented with vaginal discharge, 7% with infertility, 3% with Menstrual Irregularities, and 7% with Dysmenorrhea along with Pelvic pain. CONCLUSION In this sample of patients the most common presenting complaint among patients with chronic pelvic pain is vaginal discharge. Physicians should take detailed gynaecological history while evaluating and treating chronic pelvic pain in female patients. KEYWORDS Chronic Pelvic Pain, Reproductive Health, Vaginal discharge, Female REFERENCES [1] Andrea J.Rapkin (1998); ―Chronic Pelvic Pain, in Neville f. Hacker, J. George Moore: Essentials of obstetrics and gynecology; 3rd ed., Saunders, p499 [2] Cited in ―Chronic pelvic pain: www.mayoclinic.com .Feb 13, 2007 [3]Murray Longmore, Ian Wilikson, Esttee Torok (2002); ―At the bedside in Oxford handbook of clinical medicine; 5th ed., Oxford University Press, p64 [4] Ortiz DD; ―Chronic pelvic pain in women; Am Fam Physician. June 2008; 77(11):1544. [5] Tori Hudson; ―Chronic pelvic pain Part I: prevalence, etiology, diagnosis. in Townsend Letter: The Examiner of Alternative Medicine; Gale Group, Farmington Hills, Michigan November 1, 2006 [6]Ying Cheong, William Stones,Investigations for chronic pelvic pain in Reviews in Gynaecological Practice; December 2005: 5(4), pp 227-236. [7]Cited in ―Chronic Pelvic Pain Fast Facts in www.nationalpainfoundation.org/MyTreatment/articles/Pelvic_FastFacts.asp [8]Cited in ―Pelvic Pain: Wikipedia.com; in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pelvic_pain [9] OGCCU King Edward Memorial Hospital Team (June 2001), ―Acute pain in OGCCU King Edward Memorial Hospital Manual; chapter6.1 Research Report | Clinical Evaluation of chronic Pelvic Pain