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Advertisemnt with new slogans (final)
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Advertisemnt with new slogans (final)


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Name: Saad MazharID: SP12-BB-0056Course: Oral CommunicationSection: AReport On: Advertisement with NewSlogansSubmitted To: Ma’am Rubina Safdar 1
  • 2. AcknowledgementAt the onset I would like to thank ALLAH who gaveme strength to compile this report with my ownefforts and collected the data.I hope that the report I tried to make will affordinformation and true picture to the readers and theymight show the deep sense of appreciation for myeffort.I am thankful to my course instructor Ma’am RubinaSafdar who helped me throughout the entire courseand guided to complete this report successfully. 2
  • 3. Table of ContentsContents Page #Philips 4Tapal Danedar 5Olper 6KIWI 7Mortein 8Opel 9Shiseido 10Reebok 11Bonanza 12Nelson Paints 13 3
  • 4. Slogan : “light up the world”Explanation of the slogan:The company Philips is giving light to its customers through their products. Philipshas developed a complete range of light therapy products that boost your energy.Brand: PhilipsMarket status: Philips is No.1 in the global market, a position supported byleadership in innovation combined with a systematic approach to seeking out newmarket opportunities. Philips products are designed-in and applied world-wide .Itis able to address the global need for a diverse range of entertainmentapplications today offering innovative lighting solutions.Competitors: Osaka, Dai-ichi, MitsubishiConsumer level: 78 percent 4
  • 5. Slogan : “fresh from the farm ”Explanation of the slogan: Leaves of tea is being plucked from the farm.Brand: Tapal DanedarMarket status: Tapal Danedar is the flagship brand of the company and thename has become synonymous with Tapal’s reputation as a market leader andinnovator. Tea is supplied through a distribution network and is made available atretail outlets, wholesale shops, institutions and utility stores.Competitors: Lipton, VitalConsumer level: 92 percent 5
  • 6. Slogan : “Make your bones strong ”Explanation of the slogan: If we drink milk our bones will be stronger.Brand: Olper’sMarket status: A product of Engro foods which hold 89 percent of the stocks inKarachi. 72 percent consumer in all over PakistanCompetitors: Milkpak ,Haleeb ,TarangConsumer level: 72 percent 6
  • 7. Slogan:” no need of mirror “Explanation of the slogan: Through KIWI Polish we can make our shoes soshiny that we don’t need any mirror to see our face.Brand: KiwiMarket status: We know that shoes are a key part of personal grooming, andtherefore a reflection of who we are to the outside world. We also understandthat shoes can be expensive and that keeping them in good repair is a bettermeans of extending the life of your favorite pair of shoes.Competitors: Cherry, LincolnConsumer level: 54 percent 7
  • 8. Slogan :” we have to go home now”Explanation of the slogan: Mortein insecticides are very infective for all typesof insects they have no option other than to go home.Brand: MorteinMarket status:Bugs think so too. Flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes in particular are part of away of life. The vast numbers of flies were noted to set foot on soil.Today, insects invade every home. In the open air they can make life a misery,especially in summer. Biting and bloodsucking insects pose a direct health risk.Others contaminate food and spread germs and disease. Rodents too are aproblem, usually in the cooler months when they tend to move into houses insearch of shelter and food. Mortein has been dealing with these problems andnow competes in all three segments of the market.Competitors: Baygon, KingConsumer level: 75percent 8
  • 9. Slogan:” a new way of thinking about cars “Explanation of the slogan: If we look at the shadow of the car it seemsthat it’s a house, but it isn’t.Brand: OpelMarket status: Opel is one of the most technologically advanced automobilemanufacturers in Europe. Our company is shaped by our passion for cars; we sellvehicles in over 40 markets in Europe. The company operates plants anddevelopment centers in seven European countries.The company has founded a new segment in the European automotive marketand underlines its role as a trendsetter for progressive mobility solutions.Competitors: Audi, Mercedes BenzConsumer level: In 2011, Opel sold over 1.2 million passenger cars and lightcommercial vehicles in Europe, achieving a market share of 6.1 percent 9
  • 10. Slogan: “Beauty comes forward”Explanation of the slogan: Using of cosmetics bring about a hugechange in your personality.Brand: ShiseidoMarket status : Shiseido is a Japan based Brand .Shiseido cosmetic brand haslaunched many products like Yardley, shadows, eyeliner, mascara, powderbrush, compact foundations,oncealers and many more. It provides full make upproducts and that to even reasonable rates. The product of Shiseido brand hasthe highest sales in Europe and America.Competitors: Clinique, L’Oreal, MacConsumer level: Shiseido builds ties with customers through sales counteractivities that introduce beauty methods tailored to the skin and tastes of eachindividual. Shiseido has continuously worked to realize beauty through activitiesthat touch the skin and the hearts of customers. 10
  • 11. Slogan: “lighter than air”Explanation of the slogan: Find a non-traditional way to advertise a newbrand of Reebok shoes as being able to make you move more comfortably.Brand: ReebokMarket status: Italian brand capture all over the world one of the mostrenowned shoe and kits maker.Competitors : Nike , PumaConsumer level: 34 percent 11
  • 12. Slogan: “your everyday style”Explanation of the slogan: Everyday we have new style to present our future.Brand: BonanzaMarket status: One of the leading clothing line in Pakistan .best quality clotheshighly demanded specially for winter clothesCompetitors: CambridgeConsumer level: 88 percent 12
  • 13. Slogan: “colors of life”Explanation of the slogan: Colors are our lifeBrand: Nelson PaintsMarket status: Nelson Paints has the courage and energy to be the best in thefield of Paint Industry. An essential element for innovation is its application in acommercially successful way.Competitors: ICI Dulux, Master PaintsConsumer level: Nelson Paints has been providing its satisfactory services onConsumer /Corporate level with outstanding remarks from its esteemedcustomers. 13