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Weatherford Drives Rapid Growth


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Weatherford works with SYSTIME to standardize processes and reduce cost by implementing a single instance of Oracle’s JD Edwards across 70 countries

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Weatherford Drives Rapid Growth

  1. 1. ORACLE JD EDWARDS PARTNER TM Business Agility.On Demand. Driving Rapid Growth “ YSTIME’s global footprint has S allowed us to reach into regions where About 80 percent of Weatherford’s business is run on JD Edwards solu- Partnering with SYSTIME, Weatherford uses we don’t have current expertise or tions, and about 20 percent on SAP— JD Edwards solutions to support expansion we don’t have the bandwidth to reach and yet the cost of operating the two around the globe. into those regions.” systems is essentially the same. —Mike Dove, Vice President of Information Technology, Weatherford Back in 2001, Weatherford, the company for growth and a standard, core ERP system. management office. And to “Our work with Weatherford years ago,” says Dove. And the business, to be better able provides cost-effective offshore one of the world’s largest oilfield expansion, and we had to The company partnered with complement its in-house has grown into a strategic rela- the IT group and JD Edwards to meet their needs,” he says. support for the ERP applica- services companies, was begin- determine how we were going SYSTIME to implement a skills, it leveraged SYSTIME’s tionship that includes dedicated solution have kept pace with The ERP system has also tion and has taken on the ning to pursue an aggressive to be able to support those single-instance that encom- Global Delivery Model and SYSTIME teams throughout this change, which has included proven to be highly cost- operation of Weatherford’s U.S. growth strategy that would goals,” says Michael Dove, passes the vast majority of specialization in JD Edwards. the world that are focused both internal growth and more effective, in part because of accounts payable operation on include numerous acquisitions Vice President of Information Weatherford’s business activi- “Weatherford saw early on exclusively on Weatherford,” than 250 strategic acquisi- the JD Edwards software’s a business-process-outsourcing around the globe. And in nearly Technology at Weatherford. ties. The JD Edwards system— that a combination of onsite says Vishal Grover, President tions. It has provided the tools ease of management, and in basis. Indeed, SYSTIME today a decade, the company has Like many companies, and SYSTIME’s expertise, in and offshore resources could and CEO of SYSTIME. “We for growth and a consolidated part because of the mix of IT is an end-to-end partner with executed that strategy with Weatherford was supporting JD Edwards and proven Global be valuable in meeting budget have been pleased to be platform that makes it easier to and operational skills available Weatherford, providing services great success, with annual rev- its work with a fragmented IT Delivery Model, and SYS-on- constraints—long before the part of Weatherford’s growth bring new companies on board to support the system, both in areas such as development, enues rising from about US$1.5 landscape, with different facilities TIME™ methodology—gave recession,” says Milind Joshi, vision. Their need for a global, quickly, reducing the time and in-house and at SYSTIME. help desk operations, and billion to nearly US$10 billion. and locations often having differ- Weatherford a companywide Vice President of Client Services common system has fit per- effort involved in acquisitions— As a percentage of revenue, project management, as well They plan to grow to US$20 ent systems. “That caused prob- solution that could be rolled at SYSTIME. “Mike Dove and fectly with SYSTIME’s proven a key success factor in the Weatherford’s IT budget is as support for the company’s to US$25 billion in four to five lems,” says Dove. “For example, out globally. The result was a his team had a pioneering view, SYS-on-TIME™ methodology company’s growth strategy. approximately 50 percent of the e-mail systems. In addition, years. Today, the Houston- we had some 65-plus finan- platform that would support recognizing that an onsite and and our Global Delivery Model.” Today, the company’s JD industry average. What’s more, SYSTIME is helping Weatherford based company (NYSE: WTF) cial systems, our distribution rapid growth—and enable offshore model could not only SYSTIME teams have handled Edwards implementation is one Weatherford operates a few implement Oracle Business has operations in more than 800 systems were disparate, inven- Weatherford to operate with an cut costs, but also accelerate Weatherford’s JD Edwards of the largest in the world, with SAP systems in select locations, Intelligence Suite, Enterprise locations in 100 countries, and tory didn’t talk to the general IT budget that, as a percent- delivery and help support the implementations in nearly more than 8,000 users working and the company has found Edition Plus to receive the full provides advanced products ledger system, part numbering age of revenue, is less than 50 company’s growth over the every part of the world, includ- from single-instance application. that its per-user costs for the benefits of dashboard and and services that span the drill- was inconsistent from system to percent of the industry average. long run.” ing China, Mexico, Romania, “As the company has grown, JD Edwards solution are only executive reporting. ing, evaluation, completion, pro- system and country to country. “Overall,” says Oracle’s Lyle Weatherford and SYSTIME Singapore, Egypt, and Algeria to we’ve been able to rapidly about 30 percent of its per-user “The relationship with duction, and intervention cycles Getting a view of the supply Ekdahl, Group VP and General worked together throughout name a few, and they continue implement sites onto the JD costs for SAP. According to SYSTIME has expanded beyond of oil and natural gas wells. chain across the organization Manager of JD Edwards, “the the initial JD Edwards imple- to provide ongoing postimple- Edwards platform, and to deliver Dove, about 80 percent of the the JD Edwards implementation, When Weatherford’s growth was next to impossible.” combination of Weatherford’s IT, mentation. As the system was mentation support for their a seamless view into the supply company’s business is run on and we’ve reached out to them plans were first being laid out, Such disconnects made it SYSTIME, and JD Edwards has rolled out to approximately 70 global locations. chain,” says Dove. “If you’re JD Edwards solutions and about in numerous areas to help us however, that was all in the difficult to operate efficiently, been highly effective. Bringing countries and 800 locations— “SYSTIME’s global footprint entering a sales order in one 20 percent on SAP. “We’ve got scale up and scale down our future—and the company’s IT or drive and share process together the right vision, the including acquired compa- has allowed us to reach into location, you’re using the exact five times more users on JD IT operations as the busi- group had one clear concern. improvements. It also made it right skills, and the right soft- nies—around the world, that regions where we don’t have same program as Weatherford Edwards, yet the actual cost of ness environment requires,” “We understood the goals of harder to weave newly acquired ware has helped create solid relationship continued and grew current expertise or we don’t employees entering sales orders operating those two systems is says Dove. Meanwhile, as companies into the value and a clear return on over time. “Early on, SYSTIME have the bandwidth to reach in other locations. Purchase essentially the same,” he says. Weatherford continues to grow Weatherford organiza- investment for Weatherford.” was essentially brought in only into those regions,” says Dove. orders, inventory, everything— Today, Weatherford’s and pursue increased efficiency tion in a timely to assist and offer expertise in you’re running the exact same work with JD Edwards soft- and productivity, its use of manner. In short, the Building a G lobal Foundation JD Edwards on a small scale,” R apid G rowth, Cost-Effective program regardless of what ware continues, and so does JD Edwards solutions is IT status quo was a For Weatherford, the move to says Dove. “As we worked, Operations region of the world you are in. the company’s relationship expected to grow as well. serious potential road- JD Edwards solutions repre- though, they gained extensive A decade after its JD Edwards “Having everybody on a with SYSTIME. In addition to “And,” says Dove, “SYSTIME block to the compa- sented a significant effort involv- expertise in our systems and implementation began, single global instance has defi- implementation and project will continue to be a key player ny’s growth strategy. ing a new technology for the quickly learned our business Weatherford’s growth strat- nitely helped us from a manage- management, SYSTIME now in helping us.” In response, company—and it would have to processes, culture, and environ- egy has clearly been effec- ment perspective,” continues Weatherford decided be done on a tight budget. To ment. As a result, we started tive. “Regardless of how you Dove. The standardized SYSTIME is the largest JD Edwards practice globally, and an to shift to a more help ensure consistency turning over entire implementa- measure our growth—revenues, approach also brought greater Oracle Platinum Partner. consistent approach, and efficiency in its standardiza- tions to SYSTIME—efforts that headcount, inventory, loca- flexibility to IT, which is impor- For more information on the company and its services, contact using Oracle’s JD tion initiatives, the company they led with very little if any tions—Weatherford is about tant in the dynamic oil and gas or visit Edwards solutions as created a centralized project Weatherford input.” five times larger than it was nine industry. “It helps us respond to14  p r o f i t : t he e x e cu t ive ’s g u i d e t o o r a c le appli catio n s p ro fit jd edward s special e d it io n  15