Upgrade to JD Edwards World A9.2 (technical) in 10 days!


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Worldsoft technical upgrade

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Upgrade to JD Edwards World A9.2 (technical) in 10 days!

  1. 1. Upgrade to World A9.2(technical) in 10 Days! Dave Denney Solutions Manager SYSTIME
  2. 2. Agenda About SYSTIME World A9.2 Challenges to World Upgrades Our 10 Day Approach Resource Information Q&A
  3. 3. Largest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne® and JD Edwards World® Practice Globally SYSTIME 1,100 Employees -- Over 650 dedicated JD Edwards professionals 120+ Global implementationsOver 400 customers across Americas, Europe, Middle East & Asia PacificExperience 18 Years in the JD Edwards businessPartnering Sales & Service Premier Partner for JDE ApplicationsProjects 267 JD Edwards customers globally  33 Upgrades (Both in E1 & World) 20+ Global Roll Outs in last 3 years  17 World to E1 Migration customers  43 Upgrade assessments globallyResources : 650+ JDE Resources 70+ Finance/Job Cost consultants  70+ Project managers 100+ Distribution Consultants  230+ Technical consultants 55+ Manufacturing/ETO Consultants  65+ CNC Consultants 15+ HR/Payroll Consultants
  4. 4. Strategic We Are Here Highly Differentiated & Highly Repeatable “Market Making” Co-Development Strategic joint Investment to develop unique industry & horizontal solutionsDifferentiated &Repeatable“Joint Targeted Go-to- Go-To-Market: Portfolio ofMarket around specific partner developed unique servicePartner Offerings” offerings enabled by OracleDeal Driven Sales Engagement: Partnering based on individual“Low customer requirementsRepeatability” Tactical Value Differentiation of the Alliance Breadth of Market Focus
  5. 5. 2010: 2010: IBM: Mid OFM 4 Apps Market Partner Partner of the for Cognos Year Business Analytics Solutions 2006: 2007: 2008: 2007: 2008: 2008: 2009: Oracle JD Oracle JD Oracle Titan Oracle JD Oracle JD Cognos Oracle Partner ofEdwards Partner Edwards Partner Award for JDE Edwards Partner Edwards Partner Consulting Partner the Yearof the Year North of the Year North Excellence North of the Year India of the Year India South Asia (BI) Commercial America America America (Applications), India
  6. 6. Common reasons why companies chooses to upgrade to A9.2... Support for World A7.3 & A8.1 ending in Dec 2013 with no Extended Support available Leverage the Hundreds of new Enhancements Available in A9.2 (A7.3 to A9.2) Ability to Import / Export data from World Optimize / Enhance current Business processes Technology Benefits / Oracle Footprint Integration of BI Publisher and other Oracle Tools UPK Prebuilt Content HTML Clients / User Interface Reduce Customizations / Enhance TCO Future Enhancements or Migration Paths with A9.2 as the basis
  7. 7. A9.2 Application Highlights ... Labor Reclass Purchase Card Management Payroll History Adjustment Interim Enhanced EDI Processing Approvals Management Security / SOD Lean Manufacturing Orderless Processing Quality Management
  8. 8. Cross Industries Modules – A9.2 Functionality World A9.2 Financials (A/P, A/R, & G/L) X Capital Asset Management Standard Project Costing X Contract & Service Billing X Financial & Compliance Dashboard (Available through OBIA) Purchase Card Management X Real Estate Management Standard
  9. 9. Human Capital Management Modules – A9.2 Functionality World A9.2 US Payroll X Canadian Payroll X Time and Labor Standard Human Resources X Employee Self Service Standard
  10. 10. Manufacturing Modules – A9.2 Functionality World A9.2 Discrete Mfg X Process Mfg X Repetitive Mfg/Line Scheduling X Kanban X Orderless Processing X Configurator Standard Advanced Lot Control X VCP AIA Integration * (Demantra only-flat file integration)
  11. 11. Distribution Modules – A9.2 Functionality World A9.2 Sales Order Management X Inventory X Purchasing X Advanced Pricing X
  12. 12. World Localizations Supported by Oracle• Austria • European Union• Belgium • Australia• France • China• Germany • Japan• Ireland • Argentina • Brazil• Italy • Mexico• Netherlands • Canada• Russia• Spain• Switzerland• UK
  13. 13. World Integrations ... Current  CRM – Oracle CRM On Demand – Offered Via Web Services  SCM – Oracle Demantra Demand Management Planned  Oracle BI Applications
  14. 14. World Support ...
  15. 15. E1 Migration Paths From Release Conversion Process World A7.3 Direct to E1 9.0 c. 9-15 World A7.3 Direct to E1 9.0 c.16 Some Table Exceptions World A8.1 Direct to Xe Upgrade Data to 9.0 World A9.1 No Conversion Planned World A9.2 Conversion Planned World A9.3
  16. 16. Upgrade Challenges (World Consortium) Customizations / Modifications Ability to Research Customizations Knowledge of the Number and Types of Customizations Resources Currently doing more with Less / Running a Lean Staff – no staff to support Upgrade Availability of Testing and Technical / Retrofitting Business Case Do not know how to determine ROI Do not know what the Net Changes are Lack of Sufficient Justification / Need help getting Management Approval What is driving the project – Business or IT Non- Revenue Producing Activity; Not Broken
  17. 17. Upgrade Challenges (World Consortium) Training Lack of Time and Money to get trained on New Functionality Lack of skills to do training Lack of time to do Training Ability to Update Training Documentation Lack of Automated Tools to Support Training / Too Expensive User Adoption – Lots of changes between A7.3 and A9.2 – users do not want to relearn system Loss of Custom Screens Level of impact from Upgrade on the Users / Business Fear of Workforce Reduction due to Upgrade Voluntary Loss of Resources due to changes
  18. 18. Upgrade Challenges (World Consortium) Technical Lack of staff that has done an upgrade Lack of Required Skills to support Lack of Go-Live Window of Opportunity – cannot loose system for Weekend I-Series Questions – Disk Space, OS, LPAR Skills for evaluating, retrofitting and compiling custom code 3rd Party Products – What effect will Upgrade have on 3rd Party Products May need to modify Interfaces Ability to Test Upgrade with 3rd Party Products Adequate Test Scripts of 3rd Party Products Understanding of which 3rd Party Products Upgrade will eliminate
  19. 19. Upgrade Challenges (World Consortium) Web Applications Why Upgrade Green Screen Applications Want Point & Click – but no funding for new ERP Lack of Manpower to Support and Maintain Performance Problems not seen with Green Screen Project Management No One from Technical areas has PM expertise Lack of Methodology and Phasing Knowledge Knowledge of Planning of Timeline, Tasks and Milestone Lack of Documentation to support Upgrade Ability to communicate Project Dates and Tasks to Users and Management ability to do Gap Analysis Consultants will set unrealistic goals which will lower morale Unique Go-Live Requirements which will not be addressed
  20. 20. WorldSoft Technical upgrade in 10 days SYSTIME’s Approach
  21. 21. Technical upgrade Technical upgrade with without enhancements Re-modeling of enhancements [Technical upgrade new JD Edwards [“AS-IS” upgrade, with new features] (JDE) version with with no new opening balances features] [Re-modeling is done with new features]? Re-modeling of new JDE version with limited history for planning & financial system [Re-modeling of new features. Identify critical history and include them in new system] UAP will help you decide your next course of action
  22. 22. INITIATE PLAN CLOSE Finalize Project Mgmt Prepare / Revise Project Scoping Workshop Mobilization Revisit SoW Procedures Project Plan Estimates (Final) Prepare PIN EXECUTE Demobilization Document Upgrade Configure Construct CRP Go-Live Kickoff Lessons Learnt Retrofit and/or Conduct Mock Revisit Analyse / Map New Project Pre-Upgrade Develop New Conduct CRP Upgrade Estimates Requirements Sign-off Activities Objects (Optional)Initiate Customer Retrofit and/or Conduct Gap Develop New Document Results Relationship Analysis Conduct Readiness Install Software Interfaces and Mgmt. Assessment / Upgrade Test Fine Tune System Environment Document New Implement Security Requirements Conduct Integrated Go-No Decision CRP Unicode Configure New Test Objects and Conversion Requirements Interfaces Cut Over (E1) Conduct UAT Activities / Design Validation Prepare Final Upgrade Validate Workshops / Sign-off User Guides Upgrade Conduct (Surface Testing) Performance / Go-Live Prepare CRP and Stress Testing Define Security Stress Test Scripts Net-change Conduct End-User Post Go-Live Conduct Audit Conduct Super-User Workshops Training Support (Configure) Training Time Project Request for Project Revisit Activity Sheet Status Report Change Review Estimates Sign-off MONITOR AND CONTROL
  23. 23. Candidates for Technical Upgrade in 10 Days A technical upgrade in 10 Days is most suitable for those customers who: Want to get on the latest release as quickly and efficiently as possible Do not immediately require new functionality or features to be implemented at this time. Has an AS/400 / LPAR which meets A9.2 MTR / OS Requirements Approximate Database Size of ~ 150GB Looking to take advantage of J-Walk / HTML Client Have vanilla / limited customizations in JDE Few / Limited Technical Internal Resource Availability Limited Budget Do not require extensive additional Training Looking to outsource the Upgrade Process itself
  24. 24. What a 10 Day Technical Upgrade includesUpgrading to a 9.2 Alternate EnvironmentSurface Testing of EnvironmentUpgrade delivered through a Remote ModelInstallation and Configuration of HTTP ServerImplementation of J-Walk / HTML ClientsWorld A7.3 Data ConversionUpgrading to A9.2 Production EnvironmentInstallation ReportsJoblogs / Issue
  25. 25. What the scope of 10 Day Technical Upgrade does not include:Retrofitting of Customizations Upgrading of Hardware, OS or ArchitectureCRP / ICRP / UAT Testing“To Be” Process ModelingRe-Engineering of Business ProcessesChanging of Security ModelSetup and Configuration of World Processes – Current or NewTraining on 9.2Update of Interfaces or 3rd Party ProductsApplications or Report Development and/or ModificationsExtensive Troubleshooting / Performance TuningPost Go-Live Support
  26. 26. Preparation before the 10 day UpgradeEstablish team (internal and external resources)Project Planning and Responsibility AlignmentHardware assessmentMTR ReviewProcurement of Additional Hardware (if required)Compatibility Review of 3rd Party Products with 9.2Run Integrity Reports / Resolve IssuesAssessment of System InterfacesDocumentation / Test Script ReviewArchive / Purge DataReview Backup and DR PlanRemote Access Setup and Test (Network, VPN)Generate Login / Security AccessDownload required SoftwareData Backup
  27. 27. High Level Understanding of Approach Responsibi Days 1 – 7 ?????? Days 8 - 10 Future lity SYSTIME / A9.2 Alt Client Envionrment Activities Prep / Client Validation Activites Activities SYSTIME / Client Production Activities Cutover Client Activities Future Activities 27 28
  28. 28. High Level Technical Upgrade Process Flow World Technical Upgrade in 10 Days Upgraded Create A7.3 A9.2 Alternate AlternateEnvironment Environment User Test Upgrade Post Upgrade Production Process Tasks – Upgrade Alternate (Data Only) A9.2 Environment
  29. 29. 10 Day activities breakup - The first 7 days 7 DAYSCreate Alternate 1.5 days Upgrade Alternate 4.5 Days JWALK, HTTP 1 Day Environment Environment Server Install JWALKCreate Alternate Server and Upgrade AlternateA7.3 Environment JWALK 5 hrs 1 day Environment A7.3 to 2 dayfrom Production License A9.2on AS/400 Manager Post Install Instructions Install andUser Testing of for A9.2 - AlternateAlternate 1 days configure 2 hrs Environment HTTP serverEnvironment to 0.5 daysensure Test HTMLenvironment Apply A9.2 Critical Client 1 hrcorrectly created Updates 1 daysUser Signoff User Signoff 0 hrs Surface Test for Standard Functionality 0.5 days 0 hr
  30. 30. Identify - Resolve - Upgrade • Alternate environment creation (Disk Space, Memory if on same box. OS/400 version, Backup / Restore timelines on new box) • User availability for testing after Alternate Environment Creation and afterChallenges Upgrade • Hardware • Same AS/400 • Purging unnecessary files • Adding more disks • Different AS/400Mitigation • Required OS level for A9.2 • Upgrade Backup devices if necessary • User Availability • Plan user workload to ensure availability
  31. 31. 10 Day activities breakup - The last 3 days Upgrade Production Environment 3 days Upgrade Production Environment - A7.3.xx to A9.2 1 day Post Install Instructions for A9.2 - Production Environment 0.5 days Apply fixes as per Alternate Environment testing 0.5 days Surface Test for Standard Functionality 0.5 days Go-Live for Production Environment 0.5 days User Signoff (A9.2 Upgrade - Completion) 0 hrs
  32. 32. Identify - Resolve - Upgrade • Production Upgrade happens over a weekend • Moving of production data from live instance to upgrade instance • User availability to test and verify upgrade over a weekend • Inability to Go Live with upgraded production environmentChallenges • Scheduling of Resources for Testing and Cutover • Contingency Planning • In case of failures, keep a full-back production environment plan in placeMitigation
  33. 33. Sample Project Plan Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Sr # Task Description Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 1 Verify AS/400 with MTR 2 Install JD Edwards A9.2 Single Byte 3 Verify JD Edwards A9.2 Single Byte installation JOBLOG 4 Log in to newly installed A9.2 in each of 3 environments 5 Surface Test in all 3 environments 6 Apply Update 1 - (All environments) 7 Post install instructions for Update 1 (All environments) 8 Apply Languages and Language Updates for A9.2 (Portuguese and Spanish) - (All environments) 9 Upgrade Production Environment A7.3 to A9.2 – Data 10 Perform Post Install Instructions 11 Apply A9.2 Fixes 12 Surface Test 13 Go-Live A9.2 Production
  34. 34. Sample Responsibility Matrix Sl. No Activity SYSTIME Client 1 Project Management √ √ 2 Planning √ 3 Hardware Procurement & Installation √ 4 Database Installation, if any √ 5 Provision of access through secured VPN connection √ 6 Network Administration √ 7 Installation of JDE World 9.2 √ 8 Installation of GUI(Web interface) √ 9 Backup Administration √ 10 Security Design √
  35. 35. Sample Cost Analysis Consulting Consulting Skills Location Man Days Price RateProject Manager – Part Time Onsite 5 $150 $6,000WorldSoft Administrator Offshore 10 $35 $2,800 Total estimated Price $8,800• Onsite PM or Coordinator required• Customer Single Point of Contact required• Customer iSeries Administrator availability required
  36. 36. Additional Scope Item ConsiderationsPre-Project PlanningRetrofitting of CustomizationsNet Change ReviewAdditional Module / Functionality ConfigurationHardware / Architecture / MTR Assessment and PlanningTrainingFull Functionality TestingDevelopment of Test ScriptsApplication of Localizations
  37. 37. Case Study 1 – Electronics Manufacturing Company Requirement • Roll-out of new region on A9.2 • Language Installation for new region • GUI was not required because of time constraints • Fixed Go-Live Date which could not be changed Solution • Remote Install/Upgrade in 10 days
  38. 38. Case Study 2 – CMS System before upgrade • WorldSoft A7.3 • Highly customized Scope • Upgrade to A9.2 • Retrofitting was out of scope • GUI was required • New Module Implementation and Business Process Changes will be part of a Secondary Phase Solution • Remote Upgrade in 10 days
  39. 39. Resource Information: For more information about JD Edwards World http://www.oracle.com/applications/jdedwards-world.html For more information about JD Edwards World – A9.2 Release http://www.oracle.com/applications/jd-edwards-release.html JD Edwards World A9.2 Statement of Direction https://metalink3.oracle.com/od/faces/secure/km/DocumentDisplay.jspx?id=749917.1 JD Edwards World Upgrade Resources Evaluate, Plan, and Execute https://metalink3.oracle.com/od/faces/secure/km/DocumentDisplay.jspx?id=745436.1 1 JD Edwards World A9.2 – Transfer of Information – Online Net Change https://metalink3.oracle.com/od/faces/secure/km/DocumentDisplay.jspx?id=605155.1 JD Edwards World Resource Center https://metalink3.oracle.com/od/faces/secure/km/DocumentDisplay.jspx?id=749917.1 General email: worldinfo_us@oracle.com