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Zambia monitoring trip_report_2011

  1. 1. Zambia: Project monitoring trip report 2011Written by Johanna Ursin-Escobar & Satu NieminenSYL’s project monitoring trip to Zambia / KYP was conducted between 31st of August and 13th ofSeptember 2011. Representatives of SYL were development cooperation coordinator Johanna Ursin-Escobar and member of KENKKU Satu Nieminen. During the visit discussions and meetings were held withKYP’s management, lecturers, students, board, bookkeeper and accounting company. During the trip therewere also visits to two similar institutions as KYP (Lusaka Business and Technical College and Chilencetrades) and German embassy. Present ETVO-volunteer Kirsi Koivuporras participated in planning of theprogram and in some the meetings. The principal objectives of the trip were to discuss about the future ofKYP, financial issues, communication and to start planning of the upcoming project evaluation as this year isthe last project year. This report will present major findings of the trip. In the end of the report can be fondthe detailed program of the monitoring trip. This document is written for SYL (board, KENKKU and allmembers), KYP (management, lecturers, board and bookkeeper) and ETVO-volunteer.Financial issuesOne of the objectives of the monitoring trip was to check the financial issues as part of the regularmonitoring trip. This was dealt with management, bookkeeper and auditors. There was some unclarityfound between the last financial and narrative report. During discussions with lecturers some furtherquestions were raised about the use of money reserved for acquiring materials and equipment. Some ofthis confusion might have been caused by the insufficient information dissemination. For example lecturersdo not have access and do not have possibility to follow continuously the use and availability of funds. Weagreed on lecturers drawing their own budgets for the quarter of the year.There has continued to be challenges with delayed payments at KYP. During the first months of the year thereason is late arrival of the first money transfer from SYL. Also KYP`s own internal procedures cause somechallenges. Lately the bookkeeper has been working only part time and has not been available all the timeneeded. For money withdrawal the signature of the chairman is always needed. This causes delays when hecannot be reached in time.Representatives of SYL had a meeting with the auditor. In general the accounting met the set standards.However the auditor was disappointed that most of the recommendations from the previous year had notbeen implemented. For example more suitable soft ware program for Zambian context would be beneficialand it should be made sure that the pension and tax payments are paid in time and according to the law.Implementation of some of the recommendations are beyond KYP`s financial capacity. However many ofthe recommendations could be implemented without major financial effort. And even making thesechanges KYP would improve accountability. 1
  2. 2. CommunicationDuring the trip SYL’s and KYP’s representatives discussed about the information dissemination inside of KYPand between KYP and SYL.The improvement of internal communication was discussed together with the whole management groupand it was agreed to make all necessary documents more readily available for the lecturers. During the firsthalf of the year the training manager of KYP had been absent. This had contributed to the lack ofinformation dissemination between management and lecturers. SYL´s representatives participated in thefirst staff meeting held by newly hired training manager. Monthly meetings are supposed to run regularly.There was an agreement that the communication between SYL and KYP should be strengthen during lastproject months. For example the minutes of the board of KYP will be sent to SYL and SYL will send theminutes of the meetings of KENKKU to KYP. Also monthly letters will be sent between the partners.EvaluationIt has been agreed that the ETVO-volunteer will make final evaluation of the reached objectives and resultsof the project. The auditor will be asked to look into the financial side as part of extended audit. Thenarrative evaluation will be conducted according to Max Pemberdy’s three questions (did we do what wepromised, were we able to make change, did we do right things). These questions and the content of theevaluations were planned in the evaluation workshop facilitated by SYL’s representatives. TheManagement, some lecturers and etvo-volunteer were present in the workshop. First draft of the finalquestions of the evaluation will be ready before KENKKU’s meeting in October. The aim is that the etvo-volunteer is able to start to work on in November. Evaluation is expected to be ready in January 2012.FutureOne of the targeted results of the project is to strengthen KYP’s financial basis and secure its running afterSYL will face out. It was planned that KYP’s will start its own workshops for income generating activities andresearch other possible ways of increasing income. This objective is not completed for tailoring workshophas been started but is now on standstill and the restaurant has been rented out. Other workshop has notbeen started yet even the future of KYP is still open.Until now KYP has developed several ideas about future financing but the ideas must be studied more indetail. Some possible alternatives would be support from government, commercializing one of the KYP’scampus areas and/or offering short courses for income generation purposes. If there is interest to keeptenants it is crucial to enhance the rental collection and make sure this is making profit.During the trip these issues were discussed with the management and the board. We stress the urgency offormulating clear objectives for action plan and timeframe for improving self sustainability because thedecision about future direction must be done during this year. 2
  3. 3. Timetable for the SYL Monitoring Trip1st of September to 13th of SeptemberDay Time TopicThursday 1.9. 10.05 Arrival: taxi to Sable Road, leaving the luggage and having a shower 13.30 Bus or taxi to KYP (Kirsis boyfriend Farayi can assist) 14.30 Welcoming meeting at KYP, greeting the staff members, discussion about the coming programme 16.00 Bus back to Kabulonga with KirsiFriday 2.9. 9.00 Following the practicals in the Hotel & Catering class, discussion with Mr. Kapambwe and the students 12.00 Lunch afternoon Chatting with the January 2011 Intake students after they have finalized their exams, discussion with Mr. Kampengele (new Auto Mechanics teacher) 16.00 Home with KirsiSaturday 3.9. 14.00 Participating to the opening of the art exhibition at KYP (results of the childrens art workshop)Sunday 4.9. Free timeMonday 5.9. 9.00 Meeting with the whole staff, discussion about the project, results, future of the KYP and the coming evaluation 13.00 Lunch 14.00 Presentation of the development cooperation strategy of SYL and the guidelines conducting development cooperation projects 15.30 Chatting with the July 2011 Automotive Mechanics students (that come at 15 hours) 16.00/16.30 Home with KirsiTuesday 6.9. 9.00 Visiting the Kanyama Campus, discussion with Ms. Banda and the tailoring students, and following the class 12.00 Lunch 14.00 Planning of evaluation workshop 13.00 Meeting the board, similar discussion than with the staff 17.00 Home with KirsiWednesday 7.9. 9.00 Visit to Lusaka Trades 12.00 Lunch 13.00 Afternoon with Oscar, checking the financial issues, meeting with the Auto Electrical teacher when he arrived around 16 hours 16.30/17.00 Home with KirsiThursday 8.9. 9.00 Meeting with the accounting company 11.00 Visit to Chilence Trades 13.00 Lunch 14.00 Discussion about the budget issues and reporting practices, general financial situation of KYP 16.00 Home with KirsiFriday 9.9. 9.00 Visit to German Embassy, Funding for Micro Projects 11.00 KYPs Staff meeting 12.00 Lunch 13.00 Discussion about the results of the Needs Assessment and the future plans of KYP, personnel and management issues 16.00/16.30 Home with KirsiSaturday 10.9. Free time Trip to LivingstoneSunday 11.9. Free time Trip to LivingstoneMonday 12.9. 10.00 Workshop for planning the evaluation, management 12.00 Lunch 13.00 KEPA Compass for Partners 15.00 Goodbyes 21.00 Taxi to the airport 3