Sea Turtle Puppet

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Here's a fun activity for the kids to do where they can make a sea turtle puppet and learn about sea turtles as well.

Here's a fun activity for the kids to do where they can make a sea turtle puppet and learn about sea turtles as well.

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  • 1. Sea Turtle Puppet
  • 2. Sea Turtle Puppet
    • Materials
      • 2 paper plates
      • Construction paper
      • Stapler
      • Markers/crayons
      • Scissors
      • Sea Turtle Puppet
      • Template
    • Here’s a fun
    • sea turtle fact sheet
    • Leatherback turtles are the largest species of sea turtles. The largest one ever recorded weighed 2,019 lbs (916kg
  • 3. Sea Turtle Puppet
    • Using the template, trace and cut out 2 hind flippers, 2 front flippers and the head out of construction paper.
    After they’re born, male sea turtles spend their whole lives at sea, never coming back to land.
  • 4. Sea Turtle Puppet
    • Using one of the paper plates, draw the shell of the turtle on the bottom side of the plate. Color and decorate as desired.
  • 5. Sea Turtle Puppet
    • All sea turtles are protected in the U.S. It is illegal to harm or interfere with a sea turtle or its eggs.
  • 6. Sea Turtle Puppet
    • Color and decorate the head and flippers.
  • 7. Sea Turtle Puppet
    • Staple the head, front flippers and back flippers to the underside of the colored shell (plate) in the appropriate locations.
    Sea turtles may eat vegetation, crabs, shrimp, squid, mollusks and jellyfish.
  • 8. Sea Turtle Puppet
    • Staple the other plate to the colored shell with the top of the plates facing each other. Allow room for your hand to enter between the two plates if desired. (Staple at the numbers to make your sea turtle a puppet. Your hand fits between the two back flippers.)
  • 9. Sea Turtle Puppet
    • Sea turtles may eat plastic bags floating in the ocean thinking they are jellyfish. It’s always important to pick up trash when at the beach.
  • 10. Sea Turtle Puppet
    • For more information on sea turtles and SeaWorld Adventure Camps ,
    • Please visit