Clean Rivers, Clean Lake 8 - Rainwater Harvesting/business - Michael Betker


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Clean Rivers, Clean Lake 8 - Rainwater Harvesting/business - Michael Betker

  1. 1. Sweetwater 8th Annual Clean Rivers, Clean Lake ConferenceRainwater Harvesting: Proven Case Studies from the Business Arena April 30, 2012 Michael Betker Vertical Marketing Manager - Pentair
  2. 2. AgendaRainwater Harvesting Overview – Pentair’s Perspective • Water Stewardship – A Corporate Philosophy • Market OverviewPentair Case Studies • Pentair & Watertronics Co-Marketing Agreement • • Twins Stadium • Malaysia Idea House – Water Switch • IIT Technical CollegeWatertronics Case Studies • UW Milwaukee • UNUM Insurance Case Study • Dale City Fire DepartmentPartnership Towards Greater Sustainability • Successes & Challenges • Q&A
  3. 3. Pentair Rainwater Harvesting Objectives• Understand the issues and need for Water Conservation• Understand water harvesting and its applications in existing and new build applications across the spectrum Residential – Commercial - Industrial• Drive Awareness & Adoption – Specifying Plumbing Contractor – Designing Architects – Consumer• Pentair Is Foundationally Committed to Global Water Conservation Efforts Ex. Project Safewater, Pentair Foundation, Aquaculture, “Win Right” Pentair Is Committed To Providing Safe, Clean Water Globally
  4. 4. Rainwater Harvesting Key Drivers• 36 states are anticipating local, regional or statewide water shortages by 2013, even under non-drought conditions.• Some Facts: – Water covers over 71% of the earth’s surface – Therefore many people think water is in limitless supply – However 97% of the water is salt water – 2% of this water is in the form of glaciers – Less than 0.5% is available for City of Tucson, AZ requires 50% human consumption of irrigation be fulfilled by rainwater harvesting on all new commercial buildings. Water Shortages Drive Legislation & Behavior Change
  5. 5. Increased Demand• As the U.S. Population continues to grow our available water supply does not.• The wars of the 21st century will be fought over water. - Ismail Serageldin, World Bank Vice President for Environmental Affairs We Are Entering An Era Of Water Scarcity
  6. 6. Pentair & WatertronicsResidential Light Commercial/Commercial Industrial Rainbarrels Turnkey Commercial Systems  Larger Scale Irrigation & Washdown Rainbarrel Pumps  Larger Scale Irrigation and Washdown  High Profile Installations Residential Space  Small, Medium & Large Installations  Customized Solutions Fragmented Market  Customizable Solutions  Watertronics = Single Source Solution  Pentair: Major Component Supplier A Shared Interest In Water Conservation Leads To Market Growth 6
  7. 7. Complimentary Relationship Our Mission is to create a long-term sustainable growth business model with our Business Partners and Suppliers by expanding our product range, Services and Distribution Network. Our goal is to achieve Market Adoption & Growth by driving Awareness, Education, & Support For Sustainable Water Reuse with both End Consumers & Key Industry Decision Makers. Strategy Expected ResultsGrow Rainwater Storage & Reuse Awareness • Co-Marketing Agreement Drives awareness & Growth -Two Leaders In Water Conservation & Reuse With critical decision makers • • Provide Marketing Support (SEM, SEO, PR, Etc) Educates & Supports 21st Century Building Practices • Lead Capture Via PNR Wholesale Distribution • Increase Sell Through with PNR Components Help establish ‘Best Practices’ in • Gain Market Intelligence Sustainable Water Conservation Two Leaders In Water Conservation Join Forces To Drive Awareness
  8. 8. Objectives: •Search Engine Optimized •PR Supported •Lead Capture Enabled •Increase Velocity & Sell Through Back To WatertronicsTwo Leaders In Water Conservation Join Forces To Drive Awareness
  9. 9. Minnesota Twins Target Field Case StudyInnovative • First of its kind water reuse and recycling system … unique combination of Water and Technical Products componentsEnvironmental Benefits • 7 – 8 million gallon reduction in municipal water used & storm water system load per yearIndustry Recognition • Target Field received LEED Silver Certification with highest point total of any major sports venue to dateBrand Recognition • Reference site for water reuse … Significantly expanded Pentair’s name recognition in reuse and sustainability High Profile System Drives Awareness Downstream
  10. 10. Malaysia Rainwater Harvesting SystemInnovative • The Idea House is an economically and environmentally responsive model home that demonstrates the latest in sustainable architecture and energy-efficient technology. • Features Pentair’s New Water Switch Technology GE’s Homespring Water Treatment SystemEnvironmental Benefits The system collects, stores and distributes rainwater for use inside and outside the home. It also recycles greywater from baths, showers and washing machines. The system can store up to 5,000 gallonsIndustry Recognition The Idea House/ is internationally recognized as an economical and environmentally responsive model home that demonstrates the latest in sustainable architecture and energy-efficient technology. Visit: High Profile System Drives Awareness Downstream
  11. 11. IIT Technical College
  12. 12. Water Harvesting – Major ComponentsComplete Turnkey Solutions For Water Harvesting & Reuse
  13. 13. UW Milwaukee Residence HallObjectivesTo reduce municipal water usage forirrigation at a University of WisconsinMilwaukee Residence Hall by as closeto 100% as possible.Requirements• Water usage is 100% irrigation.• Collection location: Rooftop• Water Storage : 20,000 gallons• Full tank provides 2 weeks of irrigationResults• System collects 11,000 gal on a 1” rain event.• 1” of rain = 4 irrigation cycles (1 week of irrigation)• The tank is filled completely on a 1.7” rain event.• The SkyHarvester system reduces potable water consumption for irrigation by at least 94%
  14. 14. Dale City Fire DepartmentObjectivesTo completely eliminate municipal water usagefor irrigation and attain LEED certification at theDale City, Virginia Volunteer Fire Department’sNew Station 10 facility.Requirements• Water usage is 100% irrigation.• Max Irrigation Cycle; 3600 Gallons• Water Storage : 11,000 gallons• # of irrigation cycles possible: 61Results• Cut Municipal Irrigation Water Use by 100%• Unique Tank Controls Automatically turn The system on and off based on rainfall• Earned maximum LEED points
  15. 15. UNUM Insurance Case StudyObjectivesTo reduce municipal water usage at UNUM’s newCorporate Headquarters site in Chattanooga, TN.Requirements• Water usage is 100% irrigation.• 7,950-9,750 Gallons per week needed• Water Storage : 20,000 gallons• Parking Lot Runoff - Oil / Water Separation & In Tank Filtration For Grit SeparationResults• System collects 20,000 Gallons In a ½” event• 20,000 Gallons = 2.5 weeks of irrigation• Reduced UNUM’s irrigation water consumption by nearly 100% Chattanooga’s Water Costs Are The Highest In the State
  16. 16. Successes & Challenges Yet not Without Challenges • Cost of water (still cheap) • Unrealistic codes and water quality standards for non potable water • Non-potable / potable water system interconnections (plumbing back up water directly to the non potable side) • Rainfall does not happen in large amounts everywhere • Legislation that says the water that falls on your property does not belong to you • Industry Fragmentation –”Industry mavericks”….has the potential to give rainwater harvesting a bad name when done incorrectly Category Is Still Seen As The Wild West!
  17. 17. Water Awareness• The news is not all bad: – Conservation efforts to date have stabilized water consumption despite population increases. – New conservation technologies are becoming mainstream. • Low flow toilets and fixtures • Water harvesting and reuse systems • “Smart” and Efficient Irrigation systems – residential, commercial and agricultural – Water is starting to get the attention it deserves and regulations are changing and being established.Despite Challenges, Growth Is Driven By Prevailing Market Trends
  18. 18. Final Thought… All the water that will ever be is, right now - National Geographic, October 1993
  19. 19. Questions?Michael Betker Ken Sieth Mike WarrenVertical Marketing Manager Director Of Engineering Product ManagerFlow Technologies Sky Harvester Sky HarvesterPentair Watertronics Watertronics293 Wright Street 579 Progress Dr. 579 Progress Dr.Delavan, WI 53115, USA Hartland, WI 53029, USA Hartland, WI 53029, USAOffice 262.728.7490 Office 262.367.5000 Office 262.367.5000Mobile 262.374.9071 Mobile 262.853.9771 Mobile Please Contact Us If You Have Any Questions – Thank You!