April 2009 • Issue 9 • Volume 2                                           Newsletter for Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 ERPW...
page 2 • * info NewsletterCut Costs With Paperless Office(continued from cover)the organization quickly recouped the cost ...
Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 ERP • page 3Ghost Assets — Are They Costing You Money?A     re ghost assets haunting you and ...
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MAS 90 Newsletter - SWK Technologies


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MAS 90 New York newsletter from SWK Technologies that discusses the benefits of Sage MAS 90.

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MAS 90 Newsletter - SWK Technologies

  1. 1. April 2009 • Issue 9 • Volume 2 Newsletter for Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 ERPWhat’s Inside Cut Costs With Paperless OfficePage 2Cut Costs With Paperless IOffice continued n our current economic environment, it is essential to find ways to cut costs andPage 3 become more efficient. With the releaseGhost Assets — Are They of Sage MAS 90 ERP Version 4.3 in 2008,Costing You Money? customers received a significant new tool thatDid You Know? continued can save literally thousands of dollars annu- ally — Paperless Office. In this article, wePage 4 offer you examples of the enormous cost sav-SWK Help Desk ings a company can realize by implementing Paperless Office, and follow it with a review of Paperless Office features and functions. The Cost Of The Paper TrailDid You Know Did you know that according to published studies, the average U.S. office worker usesSage offers Anytime Learn- about 12,000 sheets of printing and copyinging courses that you can paper per year, or one sheet every 12 min- • 7.5% of all documents are lost, 3% ofview anytime and any- utes? But even with this staggering statistic, the remainder are misfiled. An averagewhere for the length of the the cost of the physical paper may actually be of 13 hours a year per worker is spentsubscription period. These the smallest cost associated with maintain- searching for paper that has been misfiled,instructor-led sessions are ing your accounting records on paper. There mislabeled, or lost.easy to use, always ac- is the cost of office space and equipment to Here’s an example of what this was costing store the files. There’s the cost of postage for one company annually:cessible, and ready when mailing quotes, orders, and invoices. And last • Two new filing cabinets at $600 each =you are. All you need is a but not least, there’s the time your staff spends $1,200.computer, speakers, and a filing and retrieving paper copies. Here are • Paper, 6 cases a year, at $50 a case =high-speed Internet con- some statistics: $300.nection. Anytime Learn- • 40 to 60 percent of an office worker’s time • Postage at $.42, 1,000 quotes, orders anding sessions are ideal for is spent handling paper, which translates invoices per month = $5,040.refreshing your knowledge, to 20-45 percent of an organization’s • Storage at $1.45 per square foot, per labor costs and 12-15 percent of an month, 2 additional square feet neededacquainting new hires with organization’s expenses. each year = $200.basic processing skills, and • In the average office, filing or retrieving • Three employees spent about 35% of theircross training staff. a single document costs $20 in labor. time filing or looking for paper copies = Continued on page 3 It costs $120 in labor to find a single $45,000. misfiled document — and a staggering This added up to more than $50,000 per $250 to recreate a single lost document. year for the company. As you can imagine, Continued on page 2
  2. 2. page 2 • * info NewsletterCut Costs With Paperless Office(continued from cover)the organization quickly recouped the cost of You have a lot of flexibility in how forms Employee Self Serviceimplementing Paperless Office by eliminat- are delivered and to whom. For each customer, If your company utilizes the Sage MAS 90ing this annual expenditure. Try plugging in you can specify whether to print a hard copy Payroll module, the Paperless Office Employeesome reasonable estimates for your company and send by mail, send via e-mail, or send by Self Service functionality allows employees toto see how much you could save. fax. You can send forms to up to four e-mail securely access their historical payroll infor- addresses or fax numbers. For example, you mation and conveniently view and print theirPaperless Office Components might want a statement to be sent by fax to own payroll pay stubs. At the core of Paperless Office is the abil- accounts payable, and sent by e-mail to theity to save and securely store journals, regis- primary contact and the salesperson on the Tailored Securityters, reports, and forms as a PDF (portable account. Similar choices are available for the Several security options ensure onlydocument format) file. This capability is then delivery of forms to vendors and employees. the right people have access to documentsused by the Journals and Registers, Electronic you have saved using Paperless Office. TheForms Delivery, and Paperless Period-End Quick Access To Documents Paperless Office Viewer respects the securityProcessing components. For customer-related forms, new screens rights assigned to the Sage MAS 90 user. So if in Customer Maintenance provide you with a user does not have the right to print a par-Journals And Registers access to each type of form saved for a cus- ticular report from the menu, they will not be The Paperless Office Journals and Registers tomer. The list shows you if the document was able to view it or print it from the Viewer.feature allows you to archive your audit reports sent electronically to the customer. You then Period End Processing and Journals andelectronically. You can specify the location in can view the document on screen or resend it Registers include a setup option to restrictadvance so that the document is saved auto- electronically with the click of a button. This access by user ID. A user only will be able tomatically when you perform the print and can be a great time-saver when making collec- see the reports they created. A separate Securitypost function. The View Paperless Journals tion calls or answering customer inquires. Event can be set in Role Maintenance for aand Registers option makes it easy to find a specific user, such as the Controller, to viewdocument if you need it. A grid displays all Paperless Period-End Processing all reports. Another option allows you to pass-of the documents with columns for company The Paperless Period-End Processing com- word protect your documents. You can set acode, module, journal name, and print date ponent allows you to select the period-end default password, require the user to select aand time. A simple click on any column sorts reports you need and automatically save them unique password each time they save a jour-the files by that column. You can then view as PDF files instead of hard copies. It is avail- nal or report, or use no passwords at all. Youthem on screen, attach them to an e-mail, or able in all modules that have a period-end also can control who has the right to deleteprint a hard copy. processing option. The reports can easily be the PDF reports. recalled and viewed on screen. If you then You will want to create regular backupsElectronic Forms Delivery need to make further entries before closing of the drives that hold your electronic report Electronic Forms Delivery provides the the period, an option allows you to choose files and store them in a secure location. Therecapability to deliver selected forms by way of whether to over-write the original report also is an option to move a group of the PDFfax and e-mail. The electronic forms included or save as a separate report. With Paperless reports to a separate location to archive them.with Sage MAS 90 Version 4.3 are: Period End, you also gain the ability to print Give us a call with your questions or for assis-• Payroll Direct Deposit Stubs all standard reports generated by the system, tance implementing Paperless Office.• Purchase Orders including reports created in Business Insights• Vendor Returns Reporter, to a PDF file. PDF reports created• Sales Orders from the Reports menu will automatically• Sales Order Invoices display in the PDF viewer with a different file• Return Merchandise Authorizations naming convention so you can easily distin-• Accounts Receivable Invoices guish them from period-end reports.• Job Cost Invoices
  3. 3. Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 ERP • page 3Ghost Assets — Are They Costing You Money?A re ghost assets haunting you and costing you money? If you’re managing fixedassets on a spreadsheet, you may be missing to use for a particular asset? The Fixed Asset module can tell you the useful life for that asset type, and allow you to purchase at the the more powerful Sage FAS fixed asset solu- tions. Give us a call with your questions.important cost savings. The Sage MAS 90 best time of year for depreciation purposes.Fixed Assets module is included with your Disaster Recovery: When disaster strikes, ZOOM INSage MAS 90 ERP software and using it can an accurate schedule of fixed assets cansave you money. Recently, important new help you receive full and prompt insurancefeatures were added. In this article, we will payments.cover the cost savings that can be achieved Opportunity Costs: Every hour saved onusing the Fixed Assets module and highlight tax research or depreciation computations isthe new features. money saved. Because the Fixed Asset module automates the process and stays up-to-dateGhost Assets with ever-changing tax laws, the attention of According to Asset Management Resources accounting staff can be directed toward other(AMR), nearly every company has a problem critical assignments.with ghost assets. Ghost assets are fixed assetsthat have been lost, stolen, or otherwise ren- Integration With Sage MAS 90 The Assets Snapshot screen provides a great at-a-glance overview of the status of your fixeddered unusable, yet remain on the books. Beginning with Sage MAS 90 4.3, you can assets.AMR estimates that on average 10% to 30% automatically create asset records when youof assets on company books are ghost assets. record the accounting transaction at the timeBy using the Fixed Assets module, you can of purchase. You can either auto-create Assetsmaintain an accurate list of current assets and during Accounts Payable invoice data entry,avoid costs associated with ghost assets. Here or during Purchase Order Entry and Receiptare some areas where you can expect to cut of Invoice. Registers will automatically update (( Did You Know? ))costs. the asset to the Fixed Assets module, based on Tax Savings: The Fixed Assets module is the asset template selected. Continued from page 1updated as tax laws and depreciation ruleschange, ensuring your company remains in New Assets Snapshot Courses cover a wide range ofcompliance with the latest rules. This allows The Assets Snapshot added with the 4.3 modules, and bundled pricing isyou to avoid penalties and take advantage of release provides a colorful, easy-to-read sum- available for multiple course pur-tax savings. mary of asset information to give you an chases. The subscription period Property Taxes: Avoid overpayment of instant picture of your fixed assets. Graphical is 12 months for most courses.state and local personal property taxes for lost, charts and statistics present information in astolen, or-out-of-service fixed assets. well organized, concise format. On the left Several new offerings are avail- Insurance: Accurately tracking assets can side of the snapshot, three boxes recap key able to help you either evalu-save in insurance premiums. You will avoid asset information. On the right-hand side ate or get started with recentlypaying insurance premiums on your ghost of the snapshot, you can choose to view any added capabilities. These includeassets and ensure that your newly acquired of four charts; Placed in Service by Quarter, Using Extended Enterprise CRM,fixed assets are covered if that expensive new Investment by Remaining Life, Five Year Paperless Office, and the Busi-equipment is lost or damaged. Acquisition Comparison, or Depreciation ness Object Interface. To register Budget: When is the best time to acquire Comparison by Book.new plants, property, or equipment? What is All these capabilities will continue to work for Anytime Learning click here.the most advantageous depreciation method the same way if you need to upgrade to one of
  4. 4. page 4 • * info Newsletter IN the SpOtlIght: A Few (Hundred) Words From The Help Desk on all our resources to resolve your issue. And released with the new Federal Tax changes if we don’t, we want you to let us know. from the stimulus package. They are available For those of you who do remember me for download on Sage’s website. from my days as a consultant in Buffalo Please give us the Help Desk a call at 973- (fondly, I hope); Virginia IS warmer than 758-6100 to schedule an appointment to Buffalo and has a LOT less snow, but I do install your tax table updates or for assistance miss seeing you all regularly. with a server move. If you have any questions, For any of our clients that are planning on you can contact Debbie Berndt at 973-758- moving Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 to a new 6128. Kris Glanville server or a different location on your currentF or those of you who don’t know me, let server, please let us know so that we can pro- me introduce myself. My name is KrisGlanville and I am one of the Help Desk vide you with the most up to date compat- Contactrepresentatives that answers your techni- ibility matrix to ensure that your new server Information and Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 version are SWK Technologies, Inc.cal support calls. I have been working with compatible. We will also review your soft- Debbie BerndtSage MAS 90 and MAS 200 since 1989 and ware, custom programming and third party Client Services Administratorhave seen the program evolve from a DOS- (973) 758-6128 enhancements and provide you with detailedbased version to the latest 4.30 release with debbie.berndt@swktech.com instructions on moving the software. We willits Paperless Office functionality that is fea- also schedule a consultant or Help Desk Rep National:tured in this newsletter. There have been a (877) 979-5462 to be available during the move. If you movelot of changes to the software — Sage MAS Livingston, NJ Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 on your own, (973) 758-610090 and MAS 200 now has over 40 modules we can’t guarantee our availability, but will do Plainview, NYand hundreds of extended solutions available our best to assist you. (631) 271-6401but one thing has not changed at SWK: our Syracuse, NY Lastly, an important reminder:commitment to providing our clients with (315) 451-3577 For our clients using the Payroll module, Buffalo, NYthe best support that we can. We will do our the new Payroll Tax Table updates have been (716) 656-7707utmost to answer your questions and will call Request© Copyright 2000–2009 Tango Marketing, LLC. www.tango-marketing.com All Rights Reserved. This newsletter and its content have been registered with the United StatesCopyright Office. This content is licensed by Tango Marketing LLC and can be distributed by licensee until 08/31/2009 at which time the licensee must cease distribution and use Moreof this content unless permission in writing is obtained from Tango Marketing LLC. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is strictly prohibited. The capabilities, Informationsystem requirements and/or compatibility with third-party products described herein are subject to change without notice. Sage, the Sage logos, and the Sage product andservice names mentioned herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sage Software, Inc., or its affiliated entities. All other trademarks are property of their respectiveowners.