SWINDON Silicon System - All Your ASIC Answers


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SWINDON Silicon System - All Your ASIC Answers

  1. 1. ALL THE ANSWERS FOR ALL YOUR ASIC QUESTIONS 1 A Company Presentation 2013
  2. 2. The Questions 2 Customised performance? Turnkey solution? Proven process? Experienced team? In house test? IP? How much does it cost and how long does it take? Can you manage our project? Who do you supply? What foundries do you use? What QA accreditation do you have? Why SWINDON? One last question…
  3. 3. The benefit of a custom designed ASIC from SWINDON is that it will improve your product performance and increase your profitability. Customised Performance? 1 We wish to integrate our future products… Can You? Improve our product performance? Give us a real competitive advantage? Improve our profitability? DEFINITELY…
  4. 4. Customised Performance? 1
  5. 5. Customised Performance? 1 Partnership between SWINDON and YOU Always trade offs in design; Performance v size v cost Choose the most appropriate methodology to ensure your market advantage Unit pricing can be cumulative or annual quantity, whatever method you require to give you the advantage over your competitor Guaranteed unit prices for X number of years
  6. 6. SWINDON has developed in house the full capability to ensure your project is successful and on time… from design through to production delivery Full Turnkey Solution? 1 We would prefer one supplier to work with on the complete solution… Can You? Design from our specification? Test the ASIC in house? Supply the ASIC to anywhere in the world? DEFINITELY…
  7. 7. Proven Process ? Order fulfilment + logistics 100% ATE Test 100% Wafer test Order production silicon Pre-production Devices Engineering sample + evaluation Tape out LVS + verification Layout Design ASIC specification produced Agree system specification SWINDON Develop production Test software + Hardware Device Qualification Programme SWINDON | SUB-CONTRACTOR Yield Analysis + Improvement Initiatives Foundry PDK Masks, Wafers + Engineering Sample Packaging Masks + Wafers Packaging Tape + Reel Customer Input Design Review Customer Device Evaluation Customer Production Design Review Customer Device Evaluation SUB-CONTRACTCUSTOMER
  8. 8. Full Turnkey Solution ? Your requirement specification is the bedrock upon which we design the ASIC The ASIC specification is developed and supplied to you as a deliverable Regular design reviews are conducted with you to ensure accuracy and timings Layout commences during the design phase to save project time LVS is conducted to ensure accuracy of the layout A final design review is conducted with you prior to tapeout Samples are produced and both parties evaluate the device Once you are satisfied with performance, pre production parts are produced Production silicon is procured based upon your production forecast You state where and when you want the devices shipped 100% ATE ensures market leading quality for your device To ensure high yield, 100% wafer probe is conducted Order fulfilment + logistics 100% ATE Test 100% Wafer test Order production silicon Pre-production Devices Engineering sample + evaluation Tape out LVS + verification Layout Design ASIC specification produced Agree system specification SWINDON
  9. 9. To meet all your technical and commercial requirements we have a team of experts to ensure your product is a market leader. Experienced Team? 1 Is your design team capable of designing our ASIC… Can You? Implement all our requirements? Meet our timescales? Meet the required performance and device cost? DEFINITELY… IC Design Engineers 28 PhDs 6 Layout Engineers 7 Test / Analysis Engineers 11
  10. 10. 100% wafer probe and ATE test is conducted in house. Capacity headroom ensures on time delivery every time and the yield analysis initiatives provide you with industry leading ppm rates. You can be assured that our team will deliver you the quality product you require and ensure that field failures will be a thing of the past. Do You Have Your Own Test Facility ? 1 Can you test the device in house… Can You? Meet our volume requirements? Ensure on time delivery? Ensure the quality of our product? DEFINITELY…
  11. 11. Flexibility in developed IP ownership will ensure your future position. We will provide you with obsolescence assurances and deliver the ASIC to you for your full product life time How Can You Protect Our IP? 1 How can we protect our IP and market position… Can You? Provide IP ownership? Provide exclusivity? Provide obsolescence assurances? DEFINITELY…
  12. 12. We will assist you, if required, in the development of your specification and provide you with a Technical Report and a Quotation. You can budget your project knowing that the costs and timings are already fully agreed and set. How Much and How Long? How much and how long…. Can You? Provide assistance with our spec? Provide an accurate project plan? Provide guaranteed pricing? DEFINITELY… €$ £
  13. 13. We are part of Schrader International, a $500m company. Employ 88 people and have in house finance and legal cover to meet all your corporate requirements. Can Your Company Manage Our Project? Is your company capable… Can You? Provide Project Management? Provide 24 hour test coverage? Provide finance and legal functions? DEFINITELY… A Project and Account Manager will be allocated to you for instant access through all stages of the partnership.
  14. 14. Some of our customers + market sectors Who Do You Currently Supply? Do you have strong existing business… Can You? Prove experience in our market? Show existing profitable business? Demonstrate high and low volume capability? DEFINITELY… Automotive Industrial Medical Consumer Defence
  15. 15. We have long established relationships with our foundry and packaging suppliers which ensures that you receive the highest quality and are never subject to allocation. What Foundries Do You Use? Is your supply chain established … Can You? Demonstrate longevity in the relationship? Are you an important customer? Influence decisions? DEFINITELY…
  16. 16. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM What Level of QA Do You Have? Can your QA department…? Provide TS 16949 levels of support? Regularly audit your suppliers? Support me as a customer? DEFINITELY… o TS16949:2002 o BS EN ISO 9001:2000 o ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 SUPPLIER CONTROL o Supplier Development o Supplier Scheduled Visits o Supplier Vendor Rating CUSTOMER SATISFACTION o Customer Returns o Customer Concerns o Customer Perception
  17. 17. There are many choices, why should we choose SWINDON ? Why SWINDON ? 1 How the SWINDON solution stacks up
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