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The SWIFT Institute is dedicated to fostering research and disseminating knowledge and information about the financial services industry. The Institute funds and publishes independent research and brings together academics and practitioners to inform, debate and learn from each other.

The primary focus of the SWIFT Institute is transaction banking, covering the following areas:

•Clearing & Settlement
•Cash Management
•Trade Finance
•Trust & Securities

More info: http://www.swiftinstitute.org

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SWIFT Institute brochure

  1. 1. – Funding independent researchThe SWIFT Institute – Supporting knowledge-led debate – ringing science and practice together B
  2. 2. The SWIFT Institute is dedicated to fostering research and disseminatingknowledge and information about the financial services industry.The Institute funds and publishes independent research and bringstogether academics and practitioners to inform, debate and learn fromeach other.
  3. 3. Introducing the SWIFT InstituteThe financial services industry The SWIFT Institute, set up by SWIFT,has built a complex technical funds independent research, supports The SWIFT Institute knowledge-led debate and provides ainfrastructure, a wealth of forum where academics and financial – our aimsdata and a huge store of practitioners can learn from each other. To extend understanding ofmature process, practice and The primary focus of the SWIFT Institute’s current practice and futureexperience. Yet the sheer pace work is transaction banking, covering needs in global financialof business change can make it the areas of payments, clearing and services, with a particulardifficult to recognise the lessons settlement, cash management, trade finance and trust and securities. focus on transaction ban-and harness the knowledge king.these resources can provide. “There is often a gap between To foster independentThe SWIFT Institute aims to research programmes underway research by giving grants,change this by supporting in academia and engagement access to research data andindependent, academic research with the financial industry . The publication opportunitiesinto important topics affecting vision for the SWIFT Institute is for approved projects.the industry and its customers to bridge that gap. We want toworld-wide. build a body of research based on To make research accessible robust academic principles, which to the SWIFT community is accessible and relevant to the and to the wider public. SWIFT community. And we want To act as a catalyst to bring to encourage academic enquiry the SWIFT community and in our community and between academics together to our community and academia.” explore ideas, share know- — awar Shah, Chairman of the SWIFT Board Y ledge and extend mutual and Managing Director, Citi, understanding.
  4. 4. Building a body of robust,independent researchIndependence is a foundingprinciple of the SWIFT Institute The SWIFT Institute - our governanceand is asserted when selectingtopics and themes for research,as well as approving research Building a body of research that is independent, robust, accessible and relevantproposals and giving grants. Industry  and  academic  experts    The Institute is governed by an Advisory Review  and  Council of individuals who are thought publish  leaders in their profession or discipline research    and able to demonstrate a track record  of independent thinking. The Council SWIFT  Ins)tute  Advisory  Council    is balanced, including members from Funding     Make  grants    both academia and the financial services Secretariat      industry. Advisory Council members’ Research     themes    Evaluate  biographies and affiliations are available   proposals    on www.swiftinstitute.org.  SWIFT provides funding and secretariat Calls  for  services to the SWIFT Institute. proposals   Proposals     The SWIFT Institute.pptx 1 How we work - research process Building a body of research that is independent, robust, accessible and relevant Grant   Proposal   Results   Call  for   Submissions   Proposal   €   Results     Working  paper       Industry  /   Approved  research   Academia   individuals  /  teams  WIFT  Ins)tute   The  S   Academics and finance professionals are eligible to apply for grants as individuals or teams. The SWIFT Institute.pptx 2
  5. 5. How we workThe SWIFT Institute issues Publicising your researchcalls for research proposals on The SWIFT Institute publishes a Working Paper series resulting from researchspecific themes or topics on an grants. There are also opportunities toon-going basis. present research directly to the SWIFTSubmissions are reviewed by the Advisory community. Researchers may be invitedCouncil, and grants are awarded to to present at Sibos (the annual industrysupport approved research proposals. conference hosted by SWIFT www.sibos.com), as well as dedicated Institute events.Who may apply for funding?Academics and finance professionalsmay apply as individuals or teams. Forexample: university research departments,academics and PhD students, industryprofessionals, central bank researchdepartments and others who candemonstrate a robust, independentresearch proposal and objectives, will beconsidered.Beyond funding?The SWIFT Institute can offer assistanceto approved research projects in additionto a grant. Depending on the nature ofeach individual research project, we canfacilitate access to experts and opinion Our primary focus - transaction bankingformers, data or other research resourcesas required. Payments Clearing / Settlement Transaction Banking Cash Management Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers Trade Finance Trust and Securities Why transaction banking? •  It is perceived by many to be the rising star of the financial services industry •  It has proven to be a robust business that performed well in the wake of the financial crisis •  However, it has received little research attention compared to, for example, financial markets - The SWIFT Institute aims to change that The SWIFT Institute.pptx 3
  6. 6. Who benefits?The SWIFT Institute aims to Join the debate About SWIFTextend understanding of current Bringing the SWIFT community and SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide academics together to explore ideas, Interbank Financial Telecommunications,practice and future needs in share knowledge and extend mutual is a member-owned cooperative throughglobal financial services, with a understanding is an important part of our which the financial world conductsparticular focus on transaction mission. We hope you will join the debate its business operations. More thanbanking. Success depends on and participate in the work of the SWIFT 9,700 banking organisations, securities Institute, so together we can learn more institutions and corporate customerssupporting robust, independent about the financial services industry today, in 209 countries trust SWIFT every dayresearch which is relevant and and build a better one for tomorrow. to exchange millions of standardisedaccessible to members of the Please visit www.swiftinstitute.org financial messages.SWIFT community. These to register your interest, or email: SWIFT also acts as the catalyst thatcommunity members include peter.ware@swift.com brings the financial community togetherrepresentatives of financial to work collaboratively to shape market We will keep you updated about the practice, define standards and considerinstitutions, infrastructure work of the SWIFT Institute. solutions to issues of mutual interest.organisations, central banks This work, and SWIFT’s role as a neutraland regulatory authorities; player in the global financial servicescorporations; and providers of community, means SWIFT is particularlytechnology services. Academia well-placed to support and fosterand the financial industry will independent research into topics relevant to the SWIFT communities and to providebenefit from working more a forum for debate and development.closely together. SWIFT supports the SWIFT Institute with funding and secretariat while valuing and defending the independence of its work.
  7. 7. 00000Copyright Disclaimer TrademarksSWIFT © 2012. All rights reserved. The information in this publication SWIFT is the trade name of may change from time to time. S.W.I.F.T. SCRL. The following areYou may copy this publication within You must always refer to the latest registered trademarks of SWIFT:your organisation. Any such copy available version on www.swift.com. SWIFT, the SWIFT logo, SWIFTNet,must include these legal notices. SWIFTReady, Sibos, Accord, 3SKey, Innotribe, the Standards Forum logo, TranslationsConfidentiality myStandards, and SWIFT Institute. The English version of SWIFTThis publication contains SWIFT or Other product, service, or company documentation is the only officialthird-party confidential information. names in this publication are trade and binding version.Do not disclose this publication names, trademarks, or registeredoutside your organisation without trademarks of their respectivethe prior written consent of SWIFT. owners.