Innotribe@Sibos Dubai - Full Programme


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Full conference programme of Innotribe@Sibos Dubai
September 2013

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Innotribe@Sibos Dubai - Full Programme

  1. 1. There is light at the end of the tunnel Sibos Programme 16 - 19 September 2013
  2. 2. 1 I nno Tr I b e a T S I b oS 2 0 1 3 Welcome Note From topics to building capabilities This year, we’re taking a slightly different approach, by moving away from presenting topics to building actual capabilities. The reality and speed of change in our industry needs new ways of thinking, so we’ll help you adapt, address and respond to situations which simply cannot be tackled using traditional linear thinking. It’s time to move beyond polarizing conversations to providing a forum for critical dialogue, leading to a richer set of choices and better decision-making. our 2013 Innotribe program introduces the concept of “journeys”. Just like the metro or underground, you can build your “journey” along different coloured lines or tracks, depending on your expertise, interests, learning objectives, and availability. The Innotribe metromap gives you an overview of the different tracks available; sessions labelled as “toolkits” are practical sessions to learn new methods of thinking, and in other sessions you can apply the knowledge and methods you’ve learned to our industry. It’s your journey, so you can hop on and off the Innotribe train at specific switching stations of your choice. Monday 16 September It’s been five years since we launched Innotribe@Sibos, and once again we have put together a comprehensive programme; a spectacular series of memorable, highly interactive immersive learning experiences. - The Innotribe Team Value track Innovation track Practice track Thursday 19 September Wednesday 18 September Tuesday 17 September Big Data track Culmination track
  3. 3. 2 In n oT r Ib e aT S IboS 20 13 Set just off the concord, the main thoroughfare between the exhibition and conference rooms, the Innotribe Space will be accessible through a long tunnel. This stand-alone tunnel will submerge you in a lively, cool, artsy atmosphere with a whole range of content linked to the sessions taking place in the Innotribe space. The tunnel will also serve as a backdrop to various installations showing advanced applications such as augmented reality, context-aware spaces and much more. each day will have a different theme using visuals, music and artistic styles to create unique atmospheres. We’ll have live performances (music) and art installations, and during the breaks, you’ll be able to listen to short sessions, power talks or demos. The Innotribe Space itself feels like a “studio”, especially designed to co-discover, co-create and co-deliver solutions for our future. our program would not be complete without the third edition of the Innotribe Startup Challenge 2013 and a tribal closing session “around the campfire”. With your help, we can make this year’s slogan “There is light at the end of the tunnel” a reality. Come, join us, and help us shape a new future at Sibos in Dubai. Tunnel activities: Throughout the week, Innotribe Tunnel Submerge yourself in a lively, hip, artsy atmosphere with a whole range of content linked to the sessions taking place in the Innotribe space. The tunnel will also serve as a backdrop to various art installations like “Delicate Boundaries”, and advanced applications such as augmented reality, media scapes and much more. Each day will have a different theme using visuals, music and artistic styles to create unique atmospheres. We’ll have live music performances, and you’ll be able to listen to short sessions from Citi, Allevo, and others. There will be brief “power talks” during the breaks, and you’ll be able to meet with our speakers, or attend demos.
  4. 4. 3 I nno T r I b e a T S Ib o S 2 0 1 3 D aY 1 Value Innovation Opening Plenary: The Future of Money, the evolution of business models 09:30 – 10:30, Innotribe Space Since Sibos Toronto in 2011, the “Future of Money” has become a standard fixture of the Innotribe programme. With standing room only at Sibos Osaka, this session is a perfect way to open our programme – the first stop on our journey together. Our industry is being challenged by aggressive new-comers who experiment with creative strategies and dramatically different business models. How can banks react? How can we make the ‘cake’ bigger for everybody? Taking inspiration from other industries, there are several choices: unbundle Value Practice Toolkit: the current model and focus on excelling in one specific area, transform our institutions into long-tail business model organizations, or partner with the newcomers in the business. In this session, we will identify how the current model is being disrupted and how this impacts costs and revenues. We will co-create the corporate banking business model of the future, using the Business Model Canvas methodology of Alex Osterwalder To guide us, we have selected six dimensions of influence: social and mobile, infrastructure (technology), transparency, transaction costs, organizational models and big data. Two host moderators will guide you through this exercise and will ensure a deep interaction between audience and speakers in an exciting TV Studio type format. Value Design Thinking - Customer driven integrated design 11:00 – 12:15, Innotribe Space Design thinking is not about design. It is about creating new products and services that respond to real customer needs. It’s about seeing the full picture of options. It’s about intention, context and constraints. It’s about observing human behavior with inspiration from other services, new business models, and emerging technologies. Meet some of the world’s renowned experts in design thinking, and learn how you can make others in your organization successful (based on their own metrics). Investment Management 2.0 12:30 – 13:30, Innotribe Space In the financial industry “shareholder value” and “profit maximization” are still very much the main criteria for investment. Nevertheless, new investment trends are emerging as a result of global changes and new ways of thinking,. Investors are starting to look for criteria beyond maximizing profit, shareholder value and pure financial return - many of which are based on ‘intangible assets’. Monday 16 September This is a “Toolkit” session: an immersive learning experience to help you internalize the basic principles of design thinking with hands-on practical activities. With Investment Management 2.0, we’ll combine the pace of technological change and knowledge acquisition with peer-to-peer and participatory models of fund governance, giving the industry new tools to both democratize and humanize investment management. This session is designed to be highly interactive, applying the design thinking methodology to investment management. Innovation Practice Toolkit: Better decision-making through creative techniques 15:30 – 17:00, Innotribe Space We are witnessing a shift from product focus to service focus, and more recently towards focus on devices and ecosystems. A lot of processes can and are being externalized, and being an active participant in this external environment requires mastering the ecosystem of peer connections and the changing nature of human senses and needs. Is there a generic process for sifting, organizing, and judging data from our interactions with peers in our ecosystems? Is there a way to discern patterns for selecting what really matters? Our rational judgement and decision-making is gradually being complemented and enriched by creative thinking, based on an enhanced capability of enjoying a broad spectrum of senses and emotions: sound, color, taste, smell, trust, presence, intimacy, even sensuality. This is a “Toolkit” session: an immersive learning experience to help you internalize the basic principles of creative thinking to help improve judgment and decision-making.
  5. 5. 4 In n oTrIbe aT SIboS 2013 DaY 2 Innovation Big Data Practice Toolkit: Planning for unpredictable futures 09:30 – 10:30, Innotribe Space In today’s fluid world, anticipating what can happen next week can be a challenge, so how can we possibly know how the landscape will change over the course of a year? The future cannot be predicted or controlled, so how can we know what to expect in 10 and 50 years’ time, how can we plan for uncertainties? Companies such as Shell and Rabobank have proven that it is possible to anticipate trends and uncertainties using scenario thinking, a methodology which has been used successfully across many industries for over 30 years. Big Data Big Data Creates network insights for growth 12:30 – 16:00, Innotribe Space People, businesses and devices are hyper-connected through highly pervasive networks, creating unimaginable amounts of information. What if we could tap into the intelligence and insights buried in these networks to devise better strategies for growth? This new environment will require extraordinary insight and adaptability. One of the world’s most renowned experts will give an indepth introduction to this methodology which helps making better decisions and sense of an unpredictable future. This is a “Toolkit” session: an immersive learning experience to help you internalize the basic principles of scenario thinking in support of better future planning. This session will lead into the Network Insights session later that day. What if we combine big data, news streams, scenario thinking and network insights? What if you could use quantitative and qualitative network intelligence streams and combine them with scenario thinking to create real insights and possible early warning systems? How can we use these for improve our risk management policies? Tuesday 17 September Innovation Practice With a range of workshops, games, simulations and play, scenario thinking engages the mind and imagination to create a dynamic perspective for making decisions. It is a deep, rich discipline for articulating possible future scenarios and defining an action plan should such scenarios become reality. Toolkit: Thinking in images 16:30 - 17:30, Innotribe Space This is your opportunity to capture the power of expressing yourself through visual thinking. It is a technique to better organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate more clearly. By using visual thinking, you can make the information you communicate more concrete, more tangible, more These two sessions will focus on applying network algorithms and analytics to understand financial traffic and networks of banks (continuation of the Big Data discussions) and bring together seven thought leaders in highly interactive conversations and hands-on exercises facilitated by the Innotribe team. actionable and more likely to be understood, allowing for better and faster decision- making by your target audience It’s a fantastic way to expand your range and capacity by going beyond the linear world of the written word, lists and spreadsheets and enter the non-linear world of complex relationships, networks, maps and diagrams. This is a “Toolkit” session: an immersive learning experience to help you internalize the basic principles of visual thinking in support of articulating your ideas. A highly interactive session with hands-on exercises, by the one of the masters in the field: Dave Gray.
  6. 6. 5 I nno T r I b e a T S Ib o S 2 0 1 3 D aY 3 Innovation New Innovation models 09:30 – 10:30, Innotribe Space Open innovation is a term coined some ten years ago by Professor Henry Chesbrough. Many organizations have already experimented with the principles of Open Innovation, but what else is out there? What comes after the sandbox and the castle and how can we re-think innovation? In the last few years, many new models for innovation have been developed in emerging economies: Jugaad Innovation, Shanzai Innovation and Reverse Innovation. And what about Systematic Innovation, where innovation is deeply integrated in all divisions of the core of an organization? What about radical adjacencies and narrow innovations? How to get inspired by the Samsung way, where innovation is driven by science and data? In this awareness creation session, we will look to have deeper insights and a richer conversation about innovation. We’ll move away from the traditional polarizing discussions such as incremental vs. disruptive, close vs. open, core vs. non-core and help you identify which model to best apply in your company. All examples will have specific relevance to financial services. Innovation Startup Challenge 2013 Grand Finale 13:30 – 17:15, Innotribe Space The Innotribe Startup Challenge 2013 introduces the world’s most promising FinTech and Financial Service startups to the global community of financial institutions, venture capitalists, angels and influencers actively investing in innovation. Wednesday 18 September It is the Grand Finale of Innotribe’s 2013 regional challenges in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. The nine winning startups and six innovators, selected from hundreds of interested candidates, will compete in front of a live audience and professional panel of judges for a cash prize of 50,000 USD. Awe, suspense and excitement guaranteed. Innovation Innotribe Reception: Ultimate innovation networking 17:15 - 19:00, Innotribe Space Want to find out more about Innotribe? Or how about what inspires some of our top speakers? Some of the most rewarding experiences come from informal conversations and networking; the Innotribe Reception is a unique opportunity to mingle with the Innotribe startups, investors, innovators, speakers, movers and shakers of the financial services industry.
  7. 7. 6 In n oTrIbe aT SIboS 2013 DaY 4 Innovation Powertalks: Best innovations in Fintech 09:30 – 10:30, Innotribe Space Do you sometimes wonder if innovation is all talk and no action? Do you doubt that true innovation is already happening in the financial industry? Or are you already convinced and want to hear more? Join us for the Thursday morning ‘wake-up’ power talks. Inspired by TED Power Talks, we have invited some awesome innovators from the financial industry to present real, live innovations which are in the market and starting to scale. In other words, actual innovations, where the “rubber meets the road”. Value Accounting for Intangible Assets 11:00 – 12:00, Innotribe Space Is it possible to make investment decisions based on intangible assets? In this session, you will learn that the financials used as a measuring stick are being generated out of a new kind of factory, a new kind of infrastructure. Most of investment and asset managers understand this intuitively. We will give you practical hands-on exercises to empower you with a vocabulary and a framework that Value Thursday 19 September Beyond GDP by “hacking happiness”, and shifting how the world’s view of value can move beyond the lens of GDP. What is real wealth? 12:30 – 14:00, Innotribe Space Happiness Indicators like Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness, the OECD’s Better Life Index, and the UK’s Happy Planet Index are already helping the world define well-being and wealth beyond money. The H(app)athon Project wants to go one step further Culmination helps you change what you do and how you evaluate companies. We will experience that the ultimate measure of the effectiveness of the intangibles is stakeholder feedback, as we believe that the driver of change will be the stakeholders themselves, with nudging and education from thought leaders they trust. This way, change to the system will come from the bottom up. We will empower you with ideas and tools that help create organizations that channel the contributions of their employees and stakeholders for greater innovation, to solve the problems that need to be solved (integrity of the planet, health and general well-being). Innotribe has partnered with The H(app)athon Project to co-deliver this customized, super-interactive, not-tobe-missed game experience, where several imaginary countries based on new economies will work together to increase their collective progress. Closing Plenary “Around the campfire” 14:30 – 15:30, Innotribe Space It is a long-standing tradition that when a day ends, tribes share their learning experiences around a campfire. At Innotribe, we’re no different. In a tribal arena-setting around our high-tech campfire, we invite all participants to share the lessons, tools and techniques learned during the week. And as is customary for these occasions, there will be a surprise during the Innotribe closing ceremony.
  8. 8. Target Audience: Innov atio n2 ta Da g Bi .0 Innovation Managers IT/Opps. Strategists Marketing & Brand Regulators Product Mgr. Business Analysts Standards Corporates Payments Security Investment Managers Transaction Bankers Startups Value/Wealth See you in Dubai ! Follow Innotribe on Twitter: #Innotribe and join the dialogue in the Innotribe community on For more information about SWIFT visit SWIFT © 2013