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SWIFT BNL Forum 2012

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Consulting Services

  1. 1. Consulting Services Benelux Forum Belgium Kurt Ryelandt Katleen Claes Head of EMEA Consulting Services Lead ConsultantServicesWith you at every step of the way ConsultingNew initiatives TrainingBusiness opportunitiesReputation risks Operational efficiencyTotal cost of ownership STP Operational risks Operational Internal inefficiencies SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 2
  2. 2. Customer testimony Video SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 3Consulting portfolioCommon problems, unique solutions BusinessDo you need knowledgeable and dedicated assistance during your SWIFT projects? How to use SWIFT Do you need help Do you have data to get to strategic with optimal usage of Redundant & manual insights? Standards? interventions? Technical What is the right How to get to 5x9’s How can you further sourcing model for operational reduce your Cost of SWIFT infrastructure? excellence? Ownership? Implementation How to get to an easy Who can guarantee Can you provide me integration of your risk-free installations peace of mind post applications & SWIFT and field services? ‘go live’? SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 4
  3. 3. Consulting portfolioCommon problems, unique solutions End to End Project Management Business & Operations Business Standards Operations Intelligence Consulting Consulting Technical Solution Operational Cost of Design Excellence Ownership Implementation Integration Installation Premium and Services Services Care SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 5 Portfolio update Business Intelligence Services Your problems? • You don’t get the value out of your SWIFT BI tools due to time, knowledge or interpretation problems • You want to use SWIFT’s business intelligence to instil a performance management culture • You want to know where you are vs. competition? • You need an operational benchmark to identify the 80/20 problems How can we help? • Business Intelligence partnership • Corporate connectivity reporting and benchmarking • Surveying the corporate market • Reporting for Service Bureaux • Peer benchmarking in Cash Management, Correspondent Banking, Trade … References? • Unicredit, HSBC, 2 major service Bureaux, more than 5 other EU transaction banks SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 6
  4. 4. Major European BankBusiness Intelligence Services The challenges The solution The benefitsDevelop clearing services Top-down and phased  Decision making will be Identify the market to promote approach based on real facts and existing clearing services (e.g. figures EUR/USD)  Requirements analysis  Unified x-departmental Identify the currencies that the  Definition of standardized reporting format the bank should be able to clear recurring reporting  Fast track access to getting for their customers  Support the delivery of the insights X-selling of payments clearing standardized reports  Leverage product value to customers using custody and  Delivery of bespoke trade finance services competitive analysis insights Get the right insights using several sources (including value analyser) SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 7 Portfolio update Standards Services Your problems? • You want to reduce the cost and manual effort with implementing a Standards Release • You want to efficiently create, manage and publish standards usage guidelines and specifications • You want to replace old, legacy and proprietary formats with International (ISO) standards • You want to increase STP by better adoption of the 15022 or 20022 standards • You need to comply with market practices How can we help? • Standards Consulting partnership – analysis, implementation, market practice • Tools for business analysts and software developers with MyStandards and Standards Developers Kit • Standards strategic roadmap References? • Bundesbank (T2S), DTCC, IPFA, EPC SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 8
  5. 5. Portfolio update Business Operations Consulting Your problems? • You are looking at ways to benchmark and increase STP rates. • You want to improve your service to your correspondents? • Your internal audit department wants to identify operational risk and ways to decrease it. • You need an independent assessment of the efficiency of your operational flows or access to specialist knowledge on SWIFT flows How can we help? • Operational review of business flows in Payments & Treasury, Asset Servicing... • STP Rate and Operational Risk analysis • Messaging services and channels optimisation References? • Sberbank, bpost, Newedge, NAB, Credit Suisse… SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 9 BackNewedge, UKOperational review at an investment Manager “They’re a professional team. Make no mistake about it: these guys know what they’re talking about” Dennis Sweeney, Group Head of Treasury Operations, Newedge The challenges The solution The benefits Legacy system components  Analysis of business flows  Clear business case for and tactical solutions communication channels and selection of new Payments Political struggle between IT supporting applications Engine, E&I application and operations  Advise on concrete Rapidly growing business and opportunities to increase insufficient scalability operational efficiency and/or Regulatory pressure reduce cost or risk through changed business processes and/or alternative applications SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 10
  6. 6. Investment Bank in LuxembourgAssistance to internal audit team “….”The challenges The solution The benefits Internal audit department  Analysis of business flows  Tangible and detailed audit requires in-depth SWIFT communication channels and recommendations knowledge supporting applications in the  Best Practice guidelines Need for a neutral, third area of Funds Transfer  State of the Art SWIFT party  Analysis of business flows resilient infrastructure Alignment between customer communication channels and  End to end flow security internal procedure and audit supporting applications in the formatting (AAP) instead of area of Reconciliations SWIFT classical report  Review of all SWIFT related Looking for advice on Best message flows and Practices associated tasks and activities SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 11 Portfolio update Solution Design Your problems? • You want to make sure you get the most out of the benefits of Release 7? • You need help to implement FileAct on Alliance Access? • You want a consolidated SWIFT infrastructure that fits the requirements of all entities • You don’t know how to design a resilient Webplatform infrastructure How can we help? • Optimisation of your operations with Release 7 benefits • Advice on the migration of FileAct to Alliance Access. • Design of post-merger or consolidated infrastructure • Advice on a resilient Webplatform architecture References? • Aktia, bpost, Lloyds, Natixis, STET… SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 12
  7. 7. Isabel Bank MigrationSupporting your projects The challenges The solution The benefitsUnderstand the changes between  Specification of functionality  Detailed analysis which isIsabel v5 and V6. Ensure that to be covered in a possible key for a successfulSWIFT infrastructure is ready to integration layer or in a implementationaccomodate Isabel transactions. bespoke solution  Decrease operational risks Which functionality of the X400  Design of the required  SPOC who speaks Isabel stack will need to be replaced. SWIFTNet infrastructure and SWIFT language Assess the impact on back-  Document the required office and operations changes in the back-office Assess the impact on SWIFT application. infrastructure (lines, capacity,  SPOC to coordinate licenses…) between client, the client’s Design for FileAct integration SWIFT operations team, Isabel and SWIFT SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 13Multi-regional bank in the NordicsOptimize what you own… The challenges The solution The benefitsIncrease your resiliency, decrease  Review virtualisation  Efficient usage of SWIFT your TCO possibilities software Decrease hardware costs  Design new HSM  Decrease both operational Review and centralise message infrastructure and question risks and TCO flow number of certificates  Standardized infrastructure Get protected against both (concurrent use possible in (message flow, Prod & DR Hardware and Software failures R7) configuration) Clean un-needed certificates  Centralise both FIN and Get Webplatform resilient and FileAct on Messaging App convenient for end user  Personalized recovery scenario review  Single URL & Webplatform SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 14
  8. 8. Major UK & IE commercial BankFileAct implementation The challenges The solution The benefitsFileAct implementation in a very Top-down and phased  Very easy implementation short time frame: approach  Straight forward routing Limited technical understanding  Requirements analysis  Resiliency in line for FIN No possibility for back-office to  Definition of message flow: and FileAct traffic handle xml v2.x Direct FileAct 4 months time for design – test  Implementation and routing – implementation and go live review  Ordering assistance (for new services)  End-to-End tests  Go-live assistance SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 15 Portfolio update Operational Excellence Your problems? • You want to learn from SWIFT how to get to 5x9’s on the entire transaction value chain • Your auditors want an independent advice on the security and the risk on the SWIFT solution • You want to ensure you get the same level of resilience on your infrastructure as on SWIFT • You need an infrastructure that is free of potentially blocking issues How can we help? • Technical audit and security assessment • DR architecture assessment and procedures • Operational procedures and incident management • End-to-end flow chain analysis References? • JP Morgan, CLS, Bundesbank, ING, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, > 100 technical reviews… SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 16
  9. 9. Global financial institution in BeneluxSEPA E2E Stability Assessment The challenges The solution The benefits Mandatory SEPA migration by  Assessment of the current  Independent review whether February 2014 payment value chain against the end-to-end chain is SEPA format in XML has SWIFT’s critical success future proof signifcant size implications factors:  Identification of possible might require conversion logic.  Scalability bottlenecks and critical Current issues with execution  Testing issues of payment orders (latency,  Monitoring  List of short-term and lost transactions, monitoring)  Operations practical recommendations  Operability  Quality of Service  Resilience SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 17bpost – the Belgian PostbankFrom fire-fighting to well-oiled operations “….” The challenges The solution The benefits SWIFT administrator no  Initial fire fighting: re-  Quick and cost effective longer works in the institution installation of backup and test solution to resolve critical and left with all passwords systems issues No functioning backup and  Technical audit to analyse test systems. Nobody dares areas for improvement to touch the live system…  Implementation of Critical period: Liberalisation recommendations of European postal services  Training (standard & hands- in 2011 on)  Operational review of payments processing SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 18
  10. 10. Product update TCO reduction and infrastructure sourcing Your problems? • You want to reduce costs for branches who are using services from third party suppliers • You have to know what the right sourcing model is for your SWIFT infrastructure? • You need an independent analysis and benchmarking of your cost of ownership • You consider taking Lite or Lite2 as a prime or disaster recovery solution How can we help? • TCO analysis and benchmarking • Provide independent (quantitative and qualitative) analysis of possible infrastructure sourcing models • Calculate business case to migrate from/to Service bureau, Lite and Lite2 References? • Aktia Savings Bank, KBC, ING … SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 19 KBC Bank NV Total Cost of Ownership benchmarking “….” The challenges The solution The benefits Strong focus on cost reduction  Objective quantitative and  Quantitative analysis and and operational excellence qualitative validation of cost benchmarking of cost & FTE, Are the investments and analysis architecture, operations and maintenance costs still in  Benchmarking with Industry future requirements balance with the usage and to reveal pain points and  Validation of To-Be business requirements? optimization areas architecture and its priorities Strategy to deal with legacy  Quick wins to reduce cost  Reduced cost thanks to applications and middleware  Prioritization of pain-points simplified architecture layers not finalised with as-is architecture  SLA catalogue and Pricing As part of the strategy and  Objective analysis of possible options group synergy opportunities, unit price for CEE entities consider migrating entities to central HUB SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 20
  11. 11. Portfolio update Integration Services Your problems? • You need somebody with in-depth knowledge of ISO formats and related system components • You are using legacy technology such as CASmf, MQSA and need to migrate to new adapters • You want to implement new SWIFT flows and require a combination of SWIFT and technical integration expertise • You require functionality missing in your SWIFT interface or application and want a cost-efficient solution How can we help? • Integration assessment and functional analysis • Integration delivery, testing and go-live • Integration project management • Integration Care contracts References? • Lloyds, Unicredit, CC&G, ODIN, Worldbank SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 21ODIN, NorwayIntegration Services “….” The challenges The solution The benefits Implementation of cutting edge Implementation of Alliance  Efficient connections funds distribution hub Integrator including: between business controller Automation of settlement and various system process  Feasibility analysis components through single Many subsystems need to ‘talk’  Requirements definition platform to a central business controller  Development of business  Improved STP application flows incl. transformation  Reduced operational risk Translation between SWIFT and routing  Standardisation on ISO and proprietary formats  Ongoing support to in-house 20022 Reporting to authorities developers SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 22
  12. 12. Portfolio update Installation Services Your problems? • You still need to the migration to Release 7 and are looking for a certified engineer to help • You require on-site assistance during configuration or go-live with a new SWIFT infrastructure • You want to activate a new component in your SWIFT stack such as DB Recovery, Webplatform, scripts… • You have recently migrated from one platform to another and want a quick and sure migration of data How can we help? • Direct access to SWIFT certified engineers • On-site assistance during weekdays or weekend • Specialist knowledge on Alliance Access on Linux, Unix and Windows References? • Credit Agricole, Bank Of Ghana, JP Morgan Chase and 100’s others. SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 23Central bank with Alliance infrastructureArchitecture assessment and preparation for R7.0 “Thank you very much for your contribution and the pleasant way that the cooperation took place. The report has functioned as the perfect start for our project and we are already finishing our design. We are looking forward to work together a next time.” The challenges The solution The benefits Overcapacity following  Architecture review  Clear focus points for 7.0 migration of local RTGS to  Recommendations for fine migration and high level TARGET2 tuning based on benchmarking roadmap Ongoing projects for Citrix and best practices  Fast and fail-safe service by implementation and MQ  Recommendations on the knowledgeable and certified revamp project to implement Integration engineers Combine project with migration Broker to Alliance 7.0  Implementation in test, live and Strong partnership with SWIFT DR environment of new architecture SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 24
  13. 13. Product update System Care Your problems? • You require additional support service levels or enhanced monitoring • You need accelerated access to knowledgeable staff to monitor and troubleshoot your environment • You do not have sufficient skills or resources in house to maintain the SWIFT infrastructure • You want to combine the benefits of the Premium and Premium+ packages with field services and/or training services How can we help? • Flexible Premium Support package • Premium care solution for prime or DR infrastructure • Customized package to deal with specific SLA and monitoring requirements References? • > 50 medium and large financial institutions and Market Infrastructures SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 25Local bank in Northern EuropeBest of breed infrastructure remotely managed by SWIFT The challenges The solution The benefits No clear ownership for day to  RACI, requirements and  High availability solution day monitoring and operations architecture review monitored and trouble-shooted of SWIFT infrastructure  Recommendation to go for fully by dedicated staff Lack of dedicated SWIFT in-sourced, fully outsourced or  Change management personnel identified as major remotely managed solution. performed in line with SLA’s risk  Proposal for remote care and customer requirements Volumes have significantly solution in two phases grown with hap-hazard o Preparation: set-up best of interventions to scale breed infrastructure , infrastructure o take ownership of daily High costs charged by service operations bureaux provider SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 26
  14. 14. Product update End to End Project Management Your problems? • You need assistance with all documents and coordination required for a site move ?. • You want to ensure that all aspects of your SWIFT infrastructure project are well managed • You require a dedicated project manager to oversee the integration project on Alliance Integrator • As a Market Infrastructure, you want to make sure that there is a well-oiled deployment of your new SWIFTNet service in your community. How can we help? • Dedicated project management for your site move, integration project.. • Community readiness assessment and deployment services. References? • Bank of England, SNS bank, Citibank, Banque de Liban, … SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 27Central Bank of Ghana, GhanaCountry wide implementation of Alliance R7 The challenges The solution The benefits Need for experts to perform a  Preparation and project plan  Safe and timely upgrade of the safe systems upgrade done by SWIFT Experts community Time constraint to meet  Work sessions to increase  On-site solution of most urgent deadlines set by SWIFT and SWIFT knowledge of issues Central Bank banking community  Attractive price for the Various levels of knowledge  SWIFT and Bank of Ghana community and operational excellence experts will perform on-site Inconsistent application of best consultancy and upgrades operations practices  Recurring contract to Raise the country-wide quality implement continuous of SWIFT improvements SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 29
  15. 15. License to believe Average 450+ 350+ 75+ satisfaction Projects Clients Countries rating of above 9/10 40 15 years Access to members average 1,500 + Partnersand growing experience SWIFT specialistsSWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 30SWIFT Consulting Services From the community For the communitySWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 31
  16. 16. More information?Visit our new website!SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 32Q&A ?SWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 33
  17. 17. Thank youSWIFT Benelux Forum - May 2012 – Consulting Services 34