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Welcome to year 10






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Welcome to year 10 Welcome to year 10 Presentation Transcript

  • ON THE AGENDA• Stepping up• Commitment• Organisation• Policies• Independence• Future planning, future thinking• More…
  • Stepping up
  • KS4. A new ball game.Don’t be like these unpreparedpeople! These are real exam answers!
  • Your targets• You will be given Target Grades for your courses.• 4 times a year; Successbuilder Reports• Effort, homework, attendance• ‘IF’ grade. (The grade you will get if you keepworking as you are.)• Intervention: we will monitor you and intervene ifyour IF grade is below your Target Grade.
  • CommitmentIf you always do what you’vealways done, you’ll always getwhat you’ve always got.Henry Ford
  • Commitment to myself…• On page 97 of your planner, in the box, write a note toyourself. Commit to the things you want to achieve thisyear…• Hints: organisation, timemanagement, attendance, effort, punctuality, workrate, personal challenge, task management, standards ofwork, independent learning, team skills, individual skills…• Here’s mine…• I will make sure I meet my targets. I will make sure Imanage my time so I can complete every task andchallenge I have. By the end of the year, I will ensure I havesupported the staff to improve the school further. I willimprove my understanding of data tracking.
  • Organisation: open the box.• Planner– Page 1…your name, House, Tutor group 10??,username.– Pages 2-5, Code, standard and effort grades.– Pages 6/7 make up…jewellery…uniform stuff…– Pages 10/11 Electronic Devices…what to do if– Page 12 I’ve signed, you sign…parents to sign.
  • • Planner– Read 13-17– Diary…use it! Make it very important.– Make notes, to do lists, systematic checks– Page 99, later in the year– Pages 100-141 useful stuff KS4– Page 143-150 rewards– RAG pages– Timetable– Personal whiteboard
  • Turn to page 20, open envelope 1• Your first KS4 homework. Put your timetableinto your planner for Monday 3rd June.
  • Other organisational stuff• Did I mention using your planner?• Kit…general school stuff, PE, book, etc.• Core PE; notice the general kit list. Enjoy it.• How many pens? Pencils? Other kit?• Attendance…– holidays during term time a no-no!
  • Commitment part 2• Personal challenge…thinking about it is notthe same as actually doing it.– D of E for example– and Sports Leadership???– Leadership roles in school– Taking part, getting involved…in and out of school– GCSE PE/ARTS…representation of school• And then…
  • Independent learning• Name the 7 oceans of the world?• (Turn to page 106 in your planner)• How many metals are there on the periodictable?• (Turn to page 125 in your planner)• Which artist invented cubism?• (You’ll need to research this…internet, book?Your own research broadens your learning.)
  • Independent learning means…• You doing something to improve your skills andknowledge.• You planning to do it and doing it, without beingasked.• You setting aside time for it. Making time for it.• When asked to do it, do it as well as you can.• It’s easier to be on your X Box, Facebook, in thepark etc. But do they count in the job market?• Question…How good should the work you handin be?
  • Independent learning…• 7 days a week.• 52 weeks in a year• 5 school days per week• 38 school weeks per year• 13 weeks holiday per year• PLENTY OF TIME FORSOCIAL TIME ANDLEARNING• Plan your days and weeks• Make a independentlearning timetable• Give yourself breaks andsocial time…e.g…• Monday –Thursday 6-8pm• Friday night off• Saturday 10-12• Sunday 2-5• Even if there’s nohomework! Research!• And then exam revisionplans…
  • Turn to page 20.• Your second KS4 homework. Make anindependent learning timetable and stick it onyour bedroom wall before Monday 3rd June.• Your third KS4 homework. Do some researchon every subject you’ll be studying.
  • Future thinking; open envelope 2• Lanyards. Must be worn.• Access all areas! New resourcecentre, KS4/staff café, pavement café, inschool.• What is your role in the school?– Leading by example? What does this mean?– Leading by doing? What does this mean?– Paving the way? What does this mean?
  • Future thinking; open envelope 3• Hoodies• Tick next to yourname for your size.
  • Think…• The BIG 5…– Choose to be positive– Take responsibility– Understand your impact– Bounce back– Set huge goals• And number 6 and 7?...