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Lob presentation 16 april'2012

  1. 1. Click to edit Master title style Service Delivery Year- 2012-13
  2. 2. Intent• NXHR – Line of business• Assignments under the scope of NHR• Service value proposition• Competitive landscape• Where we stand• What we do differently• Scalability opportunity• Strategy for mining the opportunity• Lessons from 2010-13 & way ahead• Focus for 2012-13 2
  3. 3. NXHR- Line of Business End to end recruitment process managed,Recruitment Process with complete accountability of meeting target Management numbers in the agreed timeframe Human Resources Employee Engagement and management of Outsourcing HR processes for the organization Managing contingent requirements whereContingency Hiring complete client management is required Services managed through the suite of tools XiTE Services available on XHR HRMS Consulting assignments based on the clients Advisory Services requirement Projects that are based on recruitment Projects management or employee management for a stipulated period of time 3
  4. 4. Assignments under the scopeof NXHR Services 4
  5. 5. Human Resources ManagementXecute HR may choose to do offer any of the services stated above and classify theproject under the HRO definition.Key factors kept in mind• Expansion of Services• Scale of Services Consul Tempin Employ Employ Factor Factor Payroll CompliServic Manag Succe Xecut Failur ement Way Forward e HR RPO ance ting - NXHR to take s- s-es ee ee e g calculated risksHRO a a a a X a a Sayaji - Lack of1 Hotels ownership on the projects - Cost vs - Build/Hire Revenue capability under - Scoping not done NXHR properly - DefineHRO a a X X X X X Alcatel - Client accountability in2 Lucent Managem interdependent ent projectsHRO a a a a a a a Sweet - -Costing - Scoping to be3 Water Interdep - Model inflated by 20% Hospital end ity ability for costing andHRO X X a a a X X Victorin deployment4 ox purpose 5
  6. 6. Recruitment Process Management RPO may have different models but would primarily have activities which are subsets of • Requisition Management Candidate Management Sourcing Management Recrui Volum Factor Factor Sourci TempiServic tment Accou Succe Xecut Failur Candi Niche Skills date Skill eHR Low ng ng Way Forwardes ss s- e e - -Cost - - Define Ericss Saving accountability in RPO a a a X a a X o - Sourcing interdependent 1 n Pipelin projects e - Scoping to be -Client RPO a a X X X a X Motrici Manage inflated by 20% 2 ty for costing and ment W- deployment RPO S - purpose a X X a a a X er Comme - Buy in from the 3 v rcials e Delivery team and Finance Ingers RPO ol team on all 6 X a X a a a X
  7. 7. XiTE ServicesDistinctio Performa Onboardi Factors - Factors -Services Success Payroll Xecute FailureHRMS RMS Exit nce HR ngnModel a X X X X X SWH -1 CommercialsModel X a X X X X2Model X X a X X X Victorinox3Model X X X a X X Ericsson - Performance4 - Cost Saving• The XiTE – related services come into NXHR only if it is a combination of services and portal usage• The client may chose to take complete HRMS Suite or any one or more parts of the suite along with Services. 7
  8. 8. Contingency and Projects y Stage Potentia Services Databas Maturit Utilizati Activiti Xecute Other Niche l RPO Skills HR on es e Contingency Assignment a Emers -Client - RPO Manage on ment - Sole a GE - Vendor Reviews - a Victorin Constant ox follow ups a Niche Skills Potential DatabaseProjects and Contingency RPO UtilizationAssignments will be Projects aclassified as assignmentswhich come to NXHR for a asmall period of time buthave a potential of eitherconverting in long term aassignments or need 8accountability as a key
  9. 9. NXHR ValueProposition 9
  10. 10. Service Value Proposition• Employer Branding •Cost Saving •Variablising Source• Deploying Technology to decrease manual intervention in transactional Dependency activities ( example: E-Onboarding) •Scalability in terms of• Enhanced Process Management through resources the team deployed onsite – Complete accountability of the end to end Ericsson Global India” process management Cost Saving of approximately 50%• Process Benchmarking while creating on Sourcing Source Mix Consultants 25% the process to be followed by the Xecute HR 30% delivery team Referrals 30% Campus 3% Direct 3%• Resource Optimization wrt the Internal 9% internal resources and the resources Campus Recruitment and Shared deployed by the outsourcing unit Services moved from EIL to EGIL – Flexibility of removing and adding resources basis the requirement• Enhancing Candidate and Employee Experience through complete handholding• Direct and Indirect Cost Reduction
  11. 11. Onboarding- Service Value Proposition• Employer Branding • Seamlessly bridging the gap• Accelerated Power On-Boarding between candidate experience• Enhanced Employee Experience : and the employee experience Satisfaction Parameters are as • Made to Order follows • Power of Analytics : Business  Elimination of Manual Processes Intelligence Tool Offering  Make the new hire paperwork • Variablising Cost process completely paperless • Quick Start & Closure  Minimization of duplication of effort• Indirect Cost Saving-Employee functional from day 1 Cost Saving through the  Improved Return on investment following medium • Reduction in Manpower• Enhanced reporting & easy Cost compliance • Increase in New Employee• Better forecast of new hires productivity• Easier management of volumes • Process Enhancement• E-File Creation cum Management: Electronic storage of allCandidate Satisfied employee to Engaged Employee a S 11
  12. 12. Competition 12
  13. 13. Competitive Landscape 1 Of the largest  Leading on-  Is into end to  Into Business service provider demand talent end process in this space management management of automation Recognized solutions entire career  Serves only leading tech firm  More than 5,000 cycle of your North American by FORBES, organizations employees Human Deloitte & users  Worldwide Resource Market Touche, Gartner  Talent presence  Partners with Client Sat 97 % management covering major organizations Dedicated network of over European states that are - support team 200 million , however consulting/techn candidates selected Asian ology firm, Training  Taleo runs on a countries business process programs 13 world-class  Named a finalist automation
  14. 14. Competitive Landscape PAN India +  Provides end to  Technology based  Talent Supply Chain Global end Tech-Enabled recruitment Management to presence since Recruitment management solution Total Talent Ma Foi Services including  Unique risk-reward Acquisition became a part Job Portal sharing models Consulting of Ranstad Management  Some of its Clients:  Direct competition in since 2008 Services, the space Recruitment  BFSI- AVIVA, Kotak, They have a BSLI  Contingency search range of Branding Services, Sourcing Services,  IT/ITES- Microsoft,  Temp staffing staffing solutions Assessment & Philips, Male my Trip  Contract Staffing including Exec Interviewing, Add  Telecom- NSN, Idea,  Resume Write Search Response & Career Tata Communications Services More than 20 specialization  Interface old 2 decade  Diversified services in  Presence of more years of organization Management the space of SCM, than a decade in experience in  Serves overseas assessment center, India specializing in primarily clients BGV, Payroll, Shared Staffing Solutions , staffing and  Utilizes Social Services with edge in IT & recruitment Media as a search  Service Delivery Engineering Sector services tool through technology  Has a separate Specialized  Also provide a platform for- Exit, Help Consulting & 14 divisions and Desk, On boarding,& Outsourcing Group
  15. 15. Competitive Landscape Emerald Features i-CMS Taleo Silk Road XecuteHR SoftwareInteractive Web Portal a a a X NoStatus completion Bar a a a a No Database reports Partially- available, whichOn Boarding reports X a Process X Completion include custom reportsDashboards for Hiring X a X X NoManagers There is a possibilitySeamless Data Integration X a a a of data migrationwith existing software using flat fileE-Filing with Digital X a a a NoSignaturesMerger with ATS-ApplicantTracking System- Offer X X X a No 15acceptance
  16. 16. Xecute HR- where we stand Hire Blue MaF People Absolut Xecute Pro Star oi Strong e HR HRLong presence in the a a a a a XmarketPan India and Global a a a a a XPresenceTechnology Support X X X a X aVaried Service Line PropositionX Value X a X Xecute HR a a Reduce overall Service Delivery Cost a Ability to quickly meet established service a levels In-depth knowledge of organization a Overall experience in providing HRO a services Quality of existing/planned technology a Geographic coverage X Manage ROI for the client a 16
  17. 17. StrategySelling Xecute HR Value PropositionUsage of technology Platform as Value Added ServicesBuild Capability within the NXHR teamSuccession PlanningProcess Documentation and StreamliningPlan to reach Six Sigma levels in 12 months (KAIZENprojects per quarter)Control Points- Process and Quality check pointsTwin level – Client Management 17
  18. 18. Scalability Opportunity Free HR Improve Reasons to Outsource Expectation from theStandardi Reduce Other time for ze HRIS/ overall Outsourcing Partner better self- Othersprocesse HRtechnical service 8% Geographic coverage s servicesolutions 4% 7% delivery Quality of 7% costs existing/planned… 37% Overall experience in providing HRO services In-depth knowledge of organization Free time Ability to meet financialImprove for terms of contract service strategic quality HR Ability to quickly meet 14% 23% established service…* Study by Tower Perrin HR Services 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% One of the key reasons to outsource HR operations is to streamline processes and make them more transparent to employees. Technology is usually a key enabler in achieving this transparency. It also helps preserve the sanctity of information between employee and employer. A Gartner Focus Report (Outsourcing: Time to Deliver Results) echoes that thought: "Only those companies ready to address the necessary transformation of their HR processes will find that outsourcing will bring access to world-class processes, competitive advantage, and increased shareholder value." India market is not yet evolved in terms understanding the benefits of outsourcing 18 however during the meeting and pitches it has come evident that the main reasons
  19. 19. Onboarding- How do we see the Landscape shifting  Onboarding today is the strategic vehicle for fast-tracking new talent into – and through – the organizational labyrinth to a progressed state of engagement and, as a result, productivity.  Efficient planning and execution of each stage of the onboarding process is essential to employee productivity. In other words, if you do it right, onboarding means that a new employee can hit the ground running and start out on a very positive note. Formal onboarding process linkages with Y-O-Y improvement in employee satisfaction 63% Performance Improvements in year 1 63% employee & business Y-O-Y improvement in revenue 60%* Aberdeen Group’s fact based research & 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 19market Intelligence Report
  20. 20. Opportunity  As per Aberdeen Group, 86 percent of organizations surveyed agreed that newly hired employees decide whether or not to stay with their employer within the first six months of their employment..  Data showed that companies that automate elements of their onboarding process are 59 percent more likely to achieve best-in-class status than BEST IN CLASS that dont. Indirectly it drives a wealth of retention. companies ORGANIZATIONS ONLY Automated Process Automation  The study found that 68 Onboarding System- percent of best-in-class Partially or organizations surveyed fully describe their onboarding Intending to systems as partially automate automated or fully automated.  Of the remaining 32 percent, more than half plan to adopt 20 technological tools to* Aberdeen Group’s fact based research &market Intelligence Report
  21. 21. Onboarding- Why We stand out  Considering the market, INDIA Higher is almost complete pen & paper Pen & Paper engagement onboarding; Where in XHR brings Onboarding & Better in efficiency by way of Experience automation  XHR is not a Technology firm * but a service firm which is backed by strong IT  Our ability to customize our solutions basis the :  SKILL  SCALE  Introduction of range of services  Base  Standard  Premium  What would act as a differentiator is a host of Yet to initialize* test additional features bases product 21
  22. 22. Strategy for mining the opportunity  Position the Services and VAS While there many organizations, with similarPOSITIO and deliver Service Offering with business, XHR is to be projected as a service firm only. We need to project ourselves as an organization that is NING complete Accountability : to be trusted by partners with Highest Data Confidentiality and AccountabilityTRAININ -Education on the Concepts of Outsourcing G  Building a capable team of -Process and systems -Systematic Time bound evaluation of process certified Professionals -Documentation of all expected levels of performance as well as non performanceCLIENT  Building a strong client base -Focus on Go-To-Market Strategy through channels such as -Bigger online presence- Exploiting web portals, creation of XHR case studies and making them website, references, internal BD available support -Referrals could still be a major source -Cold calling, word of mouthSOFTWAR  Software up gradation: Constant -Investment in Copyrighting/patenting our products E addition of new functionalities -Creation in line with competition (with established integrated with Business players) while continuing to enhance learning Intelligence tool -Creating multiple versions of productsMARKETI NG  Develop a Marketing Strategy -- Invest in the different forms of E- Marketing SEM, Blogs, Forums, Tweets and Linkedin discussions 22
  23. 23. Lessons from 2010-2012 & Way ahead 23
  24. 24. Financial Year 2010-2011 and 2011- 2012 2010-2011 2011-2012 35000000 25% 20000000 50% 22% 30000000 20% 18000000 39% 35% 40% 15% 33% 30% 25000000 16000000 12% 11% 12% 21% 18% 19% 14% 20% 10% 14000000 20000000 7% 12% 10% 5% 12000000 9% 15000000 3% 0% 0% 3% 0% 10000000 -1% -1% -10% 10000000 -4% -5% -5% 8000000 -6% -20% 5000000 -8% 6000000 -10% -10% -30% -32% 0 -15% 4000000 -40% 2000000 -52% -50% 0 -60% Revenue(2010-2011) Margin% Revenue(2011-2012) Margin% Months Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar YTDRevenue(2010- 20820 22911 31820 34193 31727 312689 23747 25786 26039 25515 26657 27838 32832 2011) 95 16 77 02 53 3 68 11 40 69 04 19 647 Margin% -4% -1% 22% 3% -6% -8% -10% -5% 12% 11% 7% 12% 3%Revenue(2011- 18480 16430 20354 14514 12967 139337 14425 19785 20278 10271 87757 13064 18328 2012) 10 71 68 37 85 0 50 24 79 10 6 68 248 Margin% 21% 18% 33% 9% Observations Key 0% 12% 19% 39% 35% -32% -52% -1% 14% • Margin in the financial year 2011-2012 is 10% YTD while the revenue is lower that the year 2010- 2011 24 • The key is to keep the cost in control at all times
  25. 25. Recruitment Process Management- Key Learnings A part of the strategy for Started the practice Client Management to the year to for all business be a part of the come Forecasting numbers lines Strategy forDelivery Team’s training and business year 2012- Program 2013 HRO Projects to be Strategy for dealt with in a Shared Retention of talent year 2012- Services manner Critical to Business 2013 Delivery team to beRefresher trainings for backed by a Strategy the delivery team Team KAM to work closely Continuous Data with the Client on Publishing and review Recruitment Plans and with the Client helps Different Model for Strategy defined Roles Scoping of the project for BD and Projects dealing with to be done in a Solutioning low volume and optimum manner 25 volatility
  26. 26. Learning- Onboarding Eg. Basis Bangalore Client’s interest in Putting pressure resources exit XHR acclimatization on client to share plan, new Kolkata tool translated into projections at resource and filing a new program resource were For a project add- least a month Manpower taken onboard on, Sharing only prior project methodology Forecasting always projections :No help knowing hiring to be done and not complete framework as this numbers unless the costing involves significant is fact based. amount of risk As a part of Solution capability Strategy initiation orientation; building, we need and Proactively to create strong implementation assessing pain Projectmuch dependency Too Back up Having a vision in areas Our orientation to be on Project Lead- Better place in terms of on building client management to knowing how you solutions; example address such key wish to run the Ericsson E- issues project Filing, opportunity lost 26
  27. 27. Focus for the Next YearFocus for 2012-13 Comment Closure date•Capture minimum 5 % of market in RPO Busniess Plan to be shared 19th Apr• Business Continuity–Succession Planning–Trend Analysis To be discussed & planned–Data Confidentiality• Copyrighting the knowledge created through different projects To be discussed & planned•Database Security To be discussed & planned•Access to Organizations –Performance, Key Challenges, Future Plans•Talent Management Plan to be shared 19th Apr–Retention of Key Talent–Identify key potential–People Engagement–Skilling Programs•Client Management 19th Apr–Two layered Management•Governance–Audit Program–Accountabity•Technology to Support the Processes Managed On going To be discussed & planned with Koustuv & Sunil•Robust process of Commercial Calculation and Sign Off- IR* Pathak 27
  28. 28. Focus for the Next Year• Flow of Information and Project Planning Selling the Service to Scoping Delivery on set SLAsSales Delivery Solutioning Team the client Commercials Continuous Process Scope the project for Study the As IS Improvement further work Process Reporting Create the TO Be Revenue Generation Process SLAs and Success Metrics 28
  29. 29. Way Forward- Recruitments 2011-2012 2012-2013 2012-2013 XHR Business, 6 XHR Share- XHR 000 3% Share- 5% 5% Total Recruitmen ts in a year Total Total Recruitm Recruitme ents nt, 600000 95% XHR Pie- 3% of the total business opportunity XHR Pie- 5% of the total business opportunityXHR Pie- 1% of the total business opportunity Revenue from Existing Business- Rs 1.55 Cr Ericsson- RPO and Onboarding, IR, Business in Revenue from Contingency Pipeline- Rs 1.47 Cr Ericsson (Kol)-RPO, Onoarding- BD Support needed in creating Aritel and IBM, ING Vysya RPO more clients in Contingency Hiring and other divisions in 29
  30. 30. XecuteHR Solutions Private Limited Gurgaon : B – 64 & 65, Opp. Vipul Square, Sushant Lok Phase I, Gurgaon, Haryana, INDIA ; +91 124 4266 6361Kolkata :Apeejay House, 8th Floor, 15, Park Street, Kolkata, INDIA :+91 98310 46583 Website: www.xecuteHR.com ; Email Id: contact@xecuteHR.com 30
  31. 31. Click to edit Master title style Annexure
  32. 32. Ericsson onboarding -Revenue & Margin 500000 80% 450000 60% 400000 40% 350000 300000 20% 250000 0% 200000 -20% 150000 -40% 100000 50000 -60% 0 -80% Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Total Revenue Gross margin % Month Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar 9855 1559 1877 2007 1599 1622 2514 4428 1780 1554 1002Total Revenue 124380 0 70 42 90 30 80 90 05 20 80 80Gross margin % 58% • YTD Margin: 38% 30% 68% 55% 53% 56% 35% 39% 65% -3% -18% -70% • Observation : Higher Margins through controlling Operating Cost 32
  33. 33. Ericsson RPO – Revenue 1600000 70% Marg 1400000 60% 2011-2012 Revenue in 50% Apr 1007050 48% 1200000 40% May 1105631 52% 1000000 30% Jun 976150 49% 800000 20% Jul 868000 37% 600000 10% Aug 821650 33% 0% Sep 806200 41% Oct 1007050 52% 400000 -10% 200000 -20% Nov 1408750 65% 0 -30% Dec 1130650 56% Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Jan 466300 -5% Revenue Margin Feb 373600 -23% Mar 412000 -3%• YTD Margin – 42%• Lowest Revenue registered in the month of August as the recruitment numbers were reduced 33• Revenue per Employee- Rs 798,695 per annum
  34. 34. Ericsson – Key Learning Take complete ownership andData to published in a regular ensure Solutioning at each manner stage of the project Need to train the team and Delivery team to be backed create back ups by a strong Strategy Team KAM to work closely with the Client on Recruitment Plans and Strategy 34
  35. 35. Comviva- Revenue Revenu Margi 600000 150% 500000 100% 2011-2012 e n 400000 50% Apr 544380 28% May 334690 -18% 0% 300000 -50% 200000 Jun 459690 33% -100% 100000 Jul 229845 -42% -150% - 0 -200% Aug 104845 142% Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Revenue Margin Sep 83876 100%• YTD Margin: 7%• Team absorbed by the client and project closed 35• Revenue per Employee- Rs 219,665 per annum
  36. 36. Comviva- Key LearningDelivery Team to be trained Strong Sourcing arm needed on Client management for the RPO to be successful aspects too KAM to be in a Solutioning Delivery team to be backed mode by a strong Strategy Team 36
  37. 37. wServe – Revenue and Learning 60000 120% 50000 100% 40000 80% 2011- Revenu 30000 60% 2012 e Margin 20000 40% Jan 16500 13% 10000 20% Feb 54500 87% 0 0% Mar 26500 74% Jan Feb Mar Apr Apr 27300 100% Revenue Margin Low scale and low skill recruitment projects to be taken in a different model• YTD Margin:• Project closed as the client requirement changed• Revenue per Employee- Rs 27300 per annum 37
  38. 38. Tamana – Revenue and Learning 90000 0.7 2011- Reven 80000 0.6 2012 ue Margin 70000 0.5 Apr 60000 0.4 50000 0.3 May 40000 0.2 Jun 40000 -11% 30000 0.1 Jul 62000 23% 20000 0 Aug 66000 41% 10000 -0.1 Sep 54000 27% 0 -0.2 Oct 64000 39% Rev… Nov 66000 54% Mar… Dec 78000 61% Scoping of the project to be Project Based Hiring could be done in a optimum manner given a different commercial• YTD Margin: 37%• Project closed as the client’s requirements changed• Revenue per Employee- Rs.273636 per annum 38
  39. 39. Ingersoll Rand - Revenue500000 70% 2011-2012 Revenue Margin450000 60% Apr400000 May350000 50% Jun300000 40% Jul250000 Aug200000 30% Sep 140500 48%150000 20% Oct 134220 26%100000 Nov 172000 46% 50000 10% Dec 273340 63% 0 0% Jan 317790 55% Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Feb 283496 50% Revenue Margin Mar 429688 58%• YTD Margin: 52%• Lowest Revenue registered in the month of October- setting up phase, no candidates joined hence no variable 39• Revenue per Employee- Rs. pa
  40. 40. Motricity and Max New York Life Motricity MNYLIScoping of the project to be 2011- Reve Margi Reve Margidone in a optimum manner 2012 nue n nue n Apr 27300 -688%Projects dealing with volume Mayand volatility to be dealt in a Jun 275000 60% different model JulMNYLI –KAM – not trained on Aug the practice Sep 73864 100% Oct Nov Dec 40
  41. 41. Competition –On Boarding 41
  42. 42. DIRECTOR ADDRESS i- CMS  Demo Weblink: http://www.icims.com/demo/OnboarCREDITS ding_Video.asp 1 Of the largest  Advantages service provider in  Engagement- Similar to XHR this space Recognized leading tech firm INTERACTIVE by FORBES, VIDEOS Deloitte & Touche, ALL INFO PRE_POPULATED Gartner Client Sat 97 % Dedicated support team % COMPLETION Training programs 42 :support programs
  43. 43. Taleo On-boarding Services  Demo Weblink: http://www.taleo.com/solutions/taleo-enterpriseFEATURES on-boarding Customer New  Advantages Hire Portal  Dynamic Branding capability  Signing up for new hire training Recruiter/Hiring  Covers all aspects: Engagement, iForms & Manager Reporting. Dashboards  All notifications sent on multiple devices Seamless Integration Electronic Forms Correspondence Library e-Signatures On-Boarding 43 Reporting
  44. 44. Silk RoadFEATURES  Red Carpet online demo Get quick results on http://pages.silkroad.com/RC- your queries AutoDemo-Access-Granted.html Eliminate miss match MORE LIKE errors MINI WEBSITE Reduce unauthorized TASK LIST employment without DEFINED ever leaving the training events are MANAGE used for traditional CONTACT classroom-based INFORMATON S training activities DELIVERY & LIFE rather than EVENTS eLearning, although virtual classroom (synchronous) training 44
  45. 45. SIMILAR LOGEmerald Software Group IN PAGE Demo Weblink: http://www.emeraldsoftware group.com/Onboarding LANGUAGE OPTION  OFFER LETTER VIEW Multi-Lingual AND ACCEPTANCE ATS INTEGRATED Customization in less OPTION AVAILABLE than week’s time Integration with HRMS Offer letter Acceptance embedded ATS integrated Visual cue provision on form completion 45