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SVA Agency credentials - PR 2010

  1. 1. Welcome.
  2. 2. What to expect from us? A mixture. Strategy, creativity, business expertise and independent thinking. SVA is an agency from Belgrade specializing in integrated communications. It was founded in 1990, and ever since then it has been a part of many communication solutions in turbulent as well as in easy times in Serbia. The best recommendation are the lasting partner relationships the agency has built over years with many international and domestic companies, insitutions and government (Hypo Alpe-Adria-Leasing, Marfin Bank, Adidas, Samsung, Podravka, Renault Nissan, Mlekoprodukt, CeSID, Eunet, Holcim Ltd, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, Bank of Moscow, Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro, Citadel...)
  3. 3. SVA in Serbian means- everything. Everything that makes SVA what it is – clients, brands and people, is very important to us. That’s why this is our name. We take care of it all. We are big enough to remain flexible. With 22 people on board we are big enough to react to any challenge and small enough to squat and transform customarily if the business or idea is asking so. And with more than 10 creatives, PR, visual artists, technologists… as a freelance base, we can come up with purely unique ideas in any field. A few words on SVA
  4. 4. Integrated communication service Corporate PR Communication strategies, PR plan Brand PR Brand experience Product Placement Internal PR Projects for improvement of internal communications and implementation.
  5. 5. We provide infrastructure Years of long fruitful cooperation and understanding with governmental institutions of country of Serbia, its cities and countries in the region puts us in a position of a trustful partner. We are able to overcome any red-tape or such set-backs that may make others struggle. And more...
  6. 6. We get noticed!
  7. 7. IPRA Golden Award, Finalist 2010 Golden Drum Finalist 2009 UEPS BTL award for Tvoje NE. Menja sve. Holographic Tour of Serbia 2009 UEPS BTL award for (UN)REAL 3D holographic installation 2008 WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION award for the best campaign in Europe against tobacco smoke 2008 Awards 2008, 2009
  8. 8. We create and influence 2008/2009
  9. 9. How to be great and cost nothing? Still smoking? See you soon . The death car visited 5 cities during 2 weeks – it marked the beginning of the anti-tobacco smoke campaign in 2008. ROI – 1:30
  10. 10. Creative use of media Step on your last cigarette, alternative media on frequent Belgrade streets. Anti-tobacco smoke campaign 2007 and 2008.
  11. 11. The secret? Our ideas earn us free media space.
  12. 12. BTL, PR and ATL – Integrated communication
  13. 13. Technology made fun and approachable Samsung Olympics Award Game With only short time running, and mobile phones as awards, the recall was excellent. Total SMS sent: 27,205, total players: 8,343 Samsung partner ZOI Vankuver Journalist trip to Wienna and Seoul. Monthly media announcements Average - 30
  14. 14. PR couture ? addidas Instead of just having fashion shows, each of the events is turned into a party and a PR sensation. Celebrate Originality– one of the headlines was Madonna in Belgrade! – first Serbian Youtube cover star opened the show. Second party- Gramophonedzie, at the height of his popularity was a DJ at the afterparty. What is sport’s fashion brand without good dance moves and underground culture boost? Monthly media announcements average - 90
  15. 15. Marfin Bank 2010 SVA won the Marfin bank pitch in June 2010. Marfin Bank Home loans campaign ATL and BTL – at present Travel Card campaign – joint promotion with tourist agencies in Belgrade – Travel now. Pay later. Promotion with Pizza Hut – at present
  16. 16. Cement made stylish and passionate? Tango as a creative concept was a great reflection of this brand’s benefits- in construction as well as in tango you need a perfect partner. The ‘Perfect Partner’ message communicated the premium brand position and transformed the notion of cement from a concrete jungle to a life quality enhancer. Product and brand placement in the reality show- Kuća snova. Visually simple, yet stunning campaign raised awareness from the mere 7% to an amazing 22% for the Holcim logo and the brand recall doubled! IPRA awarded project 2009.
  17. 17. How finances inspire dreams Successful stellar campaign: “Challenge us with your wishes“ we did for Hypo Leasing in 2007 continued for more than 2 years. Motivating, visually effective and clear, this campaign consisted of a print campaign for each type of vehicles: a yacht, a car, a construction machine, commercial vehicles, etc… Dream Room 2009- humanitarian project redesign of the rooms in the orphanage JJ Zmaj in Belgrade and creation of the modern social and educational space. Featured in newspaper, magazines and design magazines. ROI – 1:4
  18. 18. Web concepting and design
  19. 19. Smisli biznis/ Make up a business business concept is created to help young businessman and future leaders to start their own business venture. This site inspires you to get a business idea, aids in developing it and generally encourages you to start your own venture - with tips, courses and ideas. In the time of great crisis, we need creative businessman and woman more than ever!
  20. 20. TV program
  21. 21. Custom-made TV series and other content Trik Šik First season- morning program quick style makeover. For USĆE shopping center as an advanced level of communication with the public. Russian Fairytales- the most ambitious Russian national project on RTS- adaptation and product positioning 3 years of successful creation and production of the popular TV show – My favorite meal with Vegeta (client Podravka) PR All TV projects have media partners in best rated and carefully selected magazines and newspaper as well as online.  
  22. 22. Clients
  23. 24. Governments and Organisations
  24. 26. Media about us
  25. 27. PINK, National TV Channel RTS , National Broadcaster ‘ The cooperation between RTS and SVA agency has been going on continuously for almost 20 years…‘ Dragan Balaban Director, EPP RTS ‘ Professional and flexible agency that successfully connects the interests of media and companies/clients.‘ Svetislav Milićević Director, Pink International Company Ekonomist magazine B92, National TV Channel ‘ We were honored to be invited to take part in very important, socially responsible campaigns... We sincerely hope that you will keep us informed about all the upcoming projects so we could continue with the media support through TV, radio and web. ‘ Sandra Pajović Assistant to the Director of B92 for corporate responsibility ‘… NIP Ekonomist Media Group and Agency SVA have had a great cooperation through the Ekonomist magazine, Preduzeće magazin e and Bankar , for PR and advertising purposes …   We are planning to continue and enlarge our successful cooperation and we would also like to thank SVA for it.’ Deputy to the Managing Director Jelena Sterđević
  26. 28. Clients about us
  27. 29. Renault Nissan Serbia Dacia Why do I like working with SVA agency ? Its simple, I have a strong motive ! How? We are blooming thanks to their good ideas and interesting solutions . And on top of that, I know, whenever I have a bad day, they will make me laugh . An amazingly good agency . Dejana Komadina ( Marketing Director, Renault Nis s an Serbia ) Mlekoprodukt (Groupe Bongrain) Bongrain group has found a high-level business partner in SVA for our growth in the Balkans region. Firstly, we respect and value the creativity that aids the development of our brand, as well as the execution of innovative solutions . Benoit Peron ( Marketing Director , Mlekoprodukt, Groupe Bongrain) Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia Working with SVA Agency on the campaign against tobacco smoke was very successful : the campaign has been awarded by World HealthOrganization as the best campaign against tobacco smoke in Europe 2007. The campaign had great results – the number of smokers in the country dropped by 5% which is an excellent result . SVA agency has shown a great level of creativity and professionalism . Ana Vuksanovi ć ( PR Executive, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia ) Podravka – Vegeta SVA. Creative and provoking . More than an agency. Danijel K ocijan ( MD, Podravka Serbia )
  28. 30. A s presented on Times OnLine
  29. 31. CONTACT A. Palmotićeva 12/I • 11000 Beograd, Srbija T. (38111) 3226 561 • 3340 806 F. (38111) 3222 910 E. [email_address] W. Call us, send us an email, or simply come and visit.