Multi elementary school security case study. Preventing a "Newtown"


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Integrated Security System for multiple elementary schools in a School Districy Case Study.
Completed system prevented unauthorized persons entering each school and immediately reported security alarms to each school office, as well as central command center.

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Multi elementary school security case study. Preventing a "Newtown"

  1. 1. SCHOOL DISTRICT SECURITY A CASE STUDY Wivenhoe Management Group
  2. 2. Background Data• More Than 10 Schools• Includes One High School and One Middle School• Part Urban and Part Rural Environment• Total Square Footage = 803,204• Approx. Number of Students = 6,400 Wivenhoe Management Group
  3. 3. Background Data• Additional Properties – Administration Building – Bus Depot – Plans for Expansion Wivenhoe Management Group
  4. 4. Background Data• Military Bases• Forward Thinking Administration & Architect Wivenhoe Management Group
  5. 5. Vulnerability Assessment (VA)• Initial Involvement of Wivenhoe• Proved to be an Invaluable Tool for the School District• VA Report Convinced State Involved to Approve Funding for New Integrated District Security System within 30 Days Wivenhoe Management Group
  6. 6. Findings of VA• Initial Shock for Administration• Information Kept from Administration• Several Serious Issues: – Existing Security Systems – Liability – Communications – Access to Schools Wivenhoe Management Group
  7. 7. VA Recommendations• New District Security System• Central Control via New District Command Center• Operation by Single Operator Wivenhoe Management Group
  8. 8. VA Recommendations• Access Control via Main Entrance for all Schools• Door Alert System – Via Main Office Personnel – Security Intercom System – Video Surveillance Wivenhoe Management Group
  9. 9. Industry Quotes“In the light of various incidents following theterrible events of “9/11”, it was felt that this schooldistrict should move forward with a major upgradeto its existing security. We were advised tocommence with a Vulnerability Assessment (VA)that would, if nothing else, identify our strengths andweaknesses in security from all angles. It was goodadvice, as the results of the VA provided exceptionalinsight and important data that has allowed theschool district to identify major issues on a prioritybasis, select systems that will be both cost/effectiveand functional, and which now provides a Basis ofDesign for all future school construction.” Wivenhoe Management Group
  10. 10. Industry Quotes (Cont.)“There is no question that knowing the relevantthreat level, understanding exactly what your criticalassets are, assessing the likely risk and consequences,and making intelligent choices based on suchinformation, provides far more effective security thanif we had simply relied on a local contractor to installa security system" Wivenhoe Management Group
  11. 11. Industry Quotes (Cont.)“Every decade, the architecture profession takes on a newresponsibility.  In the 1960s, it was urban planning. Duringthe ‘Seventies we took on environmental design, and the‘Eighties were all about development and design/build.  Wehad to fully integrate computers and the web into ourpractices in the ‘Nineties. In whatever we’re calling this current decade, architects(and their consultants) are now being asked to consider thesecurity of the areas in and around their buildings.  Ourdesigns, and more importantly, their occupants, arevulnerable to not just terrorism, but also crime, andcivic/natural disasters. The public is looking to thegovernment and other institutions to assure their safety inthe built environment. These entities are turning to theirprofessionals. This is the new imperative for our practices. “ Wivenhoe Management Group
  12. 12. Industry Quote By….Managing PartnerSchool District Architect Wivenhoe Management Group
  13. 13. Essential Requirements• Integrated Security System – Security Management System – Video Surveillance System – Security Intercom System – Central Command – Individual Limited School Control Wivenhoe Management Group
  14. 14. Security Design Criteria• Important Aspect• Key to Successful Design & Operation• Critical Design Criteria: – Access To Schools – Surveillance – Awareness of Students Leaving the Building – Central Control for All Schools Wivenhoe Management Group
  15. 15. Meeting Practical Requirements• New security system had to meet normal school environment• Cost considerations• Staff acceptance• Single operator able to monitor all schools Wivenhoe Management Group
  16. 16. The New Security System• Main Components: – AMAG Enterprise Security Management System – Panasonic Video Surveillance System – Aiphone Security Intercom System Wivenhoe Management Group
  17. 17. AMAG Enterprise• Dual Head End System• Non-Proprietary Equipment• MS Windows Based Software• Network Communication with All Schools• Flexibility• Reliability• Cost-Effective Expansion & Compatibility Wivenhoe Management Group
  18. 18. Panasonic Video Surveillance System • Appropriate Cameras – High Resolution – Low Light Sensitivity – Standardization • DVR Capability • Cost-Effective Value • Reliability Wivenhoe Management Group
  19. 19. Aiphone Intercom System• Application Capability• Interior/Exterior Use• Reliability• Ease of Use• Video and Non-Video Application Wivenhoe Management Group
  20. 20. System Integration• Specific Alarm • District Integration Integration – Alarm Awareness at – Open Doors All Schools – Nearest Camera – AMAG Access Surveillance – Camera Access – Main Office Ease of – Precise Monitoring Use Wivenhoe Management Group
  21. 21. Non-Electronic Systems• Physical Security• Training• Response Drills• Use of District Security Command Centers• Monitoring of Actual Systems Wivenhoe Management Group
  22. 22. Evaluate – Evaluate• Today’s security climate varies daily• Security technology is constantly changing• School district requirements are subject to fluctuation• How well is the security system working? Wivenhoe Management Group
  23. 23. Phased Security Plan• An important element of the new Security System for the School District was the development of a Phased Security Plan.• This allows the District to prioritize based on available funding and to take advantage of changing technology as well as changes within the District Wivenhoe Management Group
  24. 24. Primary Benefits to School District• New Security System Meets All Requirements• Good Security Design Criteria Based on Industry Standards and Guidelines Avoids Negligence• System Equipment Not Based on “Special of the Month”• Flexible System that can Expand and Change with the School District• Counters Threat Level & Protects Everyone: – Students – Staff – Parents/Visitors – Contractors Wivenhoe Management Group
  25. 25. Questions• Wivenhoe Management Group – – Tel. (609)-208-0112 – Fax (609)-208-1295 Wivenhoe Management Group