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The 3rd US-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum was held Sep 16-18, 2013, bringing together officials, business people, educators and specialists highlighting the U.S.-Saudi trade relationship and how U.S. companies can participate in Saudi Arabia's expansion.

Saudi Arabia is undergoing an extraordinary economic boom. Massive public investment, rapid private-sector growth and new sector initiatives are driving an expansion projected to offer more than $1 trillion in trade and investment opportunities over the next decade.

This panel of distinguished experts highlighted the investment opportunities in water.

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  • The world is changing – four billion new people are reaching the middle class, placing demands of food, infrastructure and energy, all of which depends on water.Together, we will be a leader in providing solutions to address these new global demands and keep the world running
  • Desalination winCairn Energy PipelineReliance J3Debated Infrastructure as a vertical: 3 reason why it did not make our top 3 list - first there are not enough desalination plants coming up; second driving specifications with government water projects is a long and difficult process; metros is an opportunity, mainly for Schroff and Thermal – but the number is limited and being handled well by the GBUS
  • USSaudiForum - Panel 11 - Phillip Rolchigo - Opportunities in Water

    1. 1. PENTAIR : Confidential Property of Pentair. Do not distribute without express permission of Pentair. PENTAIR OVERVIEW U.S. - Saudi Business Opportunities Forum Los Angeles, USA PHILIP M. ROLCHIGO, PhD Vice President of Technology September, 2013
    2. 2. PENTAIR CLEAR VISION TO MEET THE WORLD’S BIGGEST NEEDS • Four-plus billion reaching middle class globally • Increased needs of developing countries • Desire for a higher quality of life A Growing Population with Increasing Wealth Energy Food Clean Water Has Created New Demands & Opportunities 2 We Improve The Quality of Life of People Around The World
    3. 3. PENTAIR PENTAIR TODAY Well Positioned With Leading Solutions 3 Technical Solutions ~25% Valves & Controls ~30% Water & Fluid Solutions ~45% REPORTING SEGMENTS Sales Mix Technical Solutions ~25% Valves & Controls ~30% Water & Fluid Solutions ~45% Water & Fluid Solutions ~ $3.5 Billion • A Global Leader In The Transport & Treatment of Water • Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Infrastructure Applications • Pump & Flow Controls Solutions • Advanced Filtration & Separations Technologies Valves & Controls ~ $2.5 Billion • Largest Global “Valve Company” • Most Diverse Suite of Valve & Actuation Offerings • 75+ Global Service Centers • Leading Brands Technical Solutions ~$1.8 Billion • Leading Electrical Equipment Protection Business • Leading Thermal Management Solutions • Diverse Suite of Products & Solutions
    4. 4. PENTAIR CPT PENTAIR – A RECOGNIZED LEADER IN INNOVATION 4 Prestigious Awards Vision & Strategy Technology Business Models Processes Driven by World Class Innovation in: Lean Enterprise Talent Management RGP 3D Aquaculture Services Growth Top 50 Prestigious Global Awards
    5. 5. PENTAIR 5 GLOBAL COMPANY ACTING LOCAL Switzerland Houston Minneapolis Delevan Stanford Moscow Shanghai Sydney HEADQUARTERS REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS BUSINESS UNIT OFFICES LOCAL PRESENCE San Paolo Singapore Global Across 6 Continents 100 + Manufacturing 80 + Service facilities 30,000 Employees +1,000 Product Lines ~ $8 B in Sales New Delhi Dubai
    6. 6. PENTAIR PENTAIR ME PRESENCE Pakistan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Egypt UAE Yemen Oman Iraq Kuwait Qatar Sharjah, UAE Middle East Employees 1,100 Manufacturing plant 20 Service technicians 33 Pentair Sales Teams 32 Representatives Sharjah Steel Foundry, Valve & Pump Manufacturing 6
    7. 7. PENTAIR • Oil & Gas • Power • Mining • General Industrial • Automotive • Process / Chemical • Municipal • Desalination • Roads, Rail, Ai r Travel • Agriculture & Aquaculture • Food & Bev. Processing • Food Service • Residential Homes • Commercial Buildings • Recreation & Leisure PENTAIR PARTICIPATES IN FIVE KEY VERTICALS Pentair Leading Across Multiple Verticals 7
    8. 8. PENTAIR LEADING PORTFOLIO OF WATER TECHNOLOGIES Energy& Industrial Key Applications Include: – Pretreatment Filtration Systems for Seawater RO – Ultrapure & Potable Drinking Water Treatment – Wastewater Treatment & Water Reuse Systems – Water Disinfection Systems – Aquaculture Systems – High Efficiency Pump & Valve Systems For Pressure Management, Flood Control, Fire Protection & Distribution Many Innovative Products Positioned To Create Customer ValueResidential& Commercial Food& Beverage Treatment / Storage / Distribution Well Surface Desalination Water In Water In Municipal Infrastructure Waste Water Waste Water Water Reuse 8
    9. 9. PENTAIR Pumps − Water Supply & Pressure Boosting: Vertical, Horizontal Multi-stage, closed flexible end suction submersible pumps − Sewerage & Wastewater: Sump, Grinder sewage, Lifting stations & sumps, Dry Pit Submersible and self prime pumps − Pumping & Lifting station: Vertical turbine, Vertical Axial, Split Case, Centrifugal, Submersible and Angle flow solid handling pumps. FLOWMANAGEMENTSOLUTIONS Delivering The highest Levels of Energy Efficiency & Reliability Valves − Fresh Water Intake: Gate, Butterfly & Triple Offset − Seawater Intake: Gate, Butterfly & Triple Offset − Water & Wastewater Isolation: Gate, Butterfly & Triple Offset − Main Plant Isolation: Gate, Butterfly & Triple Offset − Water & Wastewater Distribution Controls: Gate, Butterfly & Triple Offset TREATMENTSOLUTIONS Membrane & Filtration Technologies − Seawater Desalination: Codeline RO Vessels, RO Pretreatment with Seaflex Ultrafiltration & Aqualine Filtration − Potable Water Treatment: Drinking Water Purification with Aquaflex Ultrafiltration − Wastewater Treatment & Reuse: Wastewater polishing with Aquaflex Ultrafiltration; Wastewater Treatment with Airlift, Crossflow & MegaBlock Membrane Bioreactors (MBR); Wastewater Reuse and Bio-Gas Energy Recovery Systems with Anaerobic MBR − Produced Water Treatment & Process Solutions: XIGA Ultrafiltration, UltiSep Coalescing Technologies & Polarex Extraction System LEADING PRODUCTS … INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS 9
    10. 10. PENTAIR Contact Tower’s Used For Oil & Natural Gas Neutralization • Contact towers are large & capital intensive • A sensitive balance exists to ensure acid is extracted without emulsifying the liquid-liquid or liquid-gas streams to aid their separation Highly Efficient Modular Design … Lower CAPEX & OPEX POLAREX® SEPARATION SYSTEM 10 E-1 Contact Tower Sour Gas Sweet Gas Rich Amine Lean Amine Makeup Water E-2 E-2 E-12 E-12 E-1 Contact Tower Sour Gas Sweet Gas Rich Amine Lean Amine Makeup Water E-2 E-2 E-12 E-12 High Shear Contactor Strips Acid From Liquid >100X More Efficiently – Lowers CapEX; Reduces Footprint & Is Highly Scalable – Reduced Inquiry to Order Lead-Time Polarex System Invented for Liquid-Liquid Separations Before & After Separation
    11. 11. PENTAIR REGIONAL FLAGSHIP WATER PROJECTS Pentair Solutions Treating Millions of M3 of Water & Process Fluids Daily 11 Infrastructure Solutions Energy Solutions Water Injection Project Kuwait Oil Company RasGas, Qatar Flagship Projects: Seawater Desalination, Wastewater Treatment & Water Reuse: • Saudi Arabia: Jubail, Jeddah III, Shuqaiq, Kindasa • Oman: Barka, Salalah • Kuwait: Shuwaikh, Sulaibiya • Qatar: Doha North & South • UAE : Palm Jumeirah, Al Zawrah, New Qidfa, Ghalilah, Layyah, Khorfakkan, Kalba, Fujaira h I & II Opening Soon…. King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center • 8000 M3/day wastewater to reuse standards • Commissioning Q4 2014