Enabling the Auto Industry: A Sadara Story


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Mohammad A. Alazzaz, Manager, Value Parks, Sadara Chemical Company
Event - Saudi Arabia: New Auto Market Hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia
Presented June 26, 2013

Published in: Business, Automotive
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Enabling the Auto Industry: A Sadara Story

  1. 1. Creating Value Through Chemistry Enabling the Auto Industry: a Sadara Story June 26, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda • Overview on Sadara • Sadara Value Chain & PlasChem Park • Highlights of Sadara products supporting Auto Applications • Summary
  3. 3. October, 2011 Birth of Sadara
  4. 4. Sadara Overview • US$20 Billion investment; • First complex to crack Naphtha in GCC; • Largest chemicals complex ever constructed in a single phase: 26 world scale plants with over 3 million metric tons of capacity; • Differentiated Product Slate: 14 out of the 26 plants are new to KSA; • “Dedicated Off-Takers” through PlasChem Park; • Construction began in 3Q 2011 – First products in 2015 – Full production in 2016 Jubail industrial City II
  5. 5. Cracker Furnaces Sadara is Rising up in Jubail
  6. 6. MF Cracker Sadara is Rising up in Jubail
  7. 7. TDI Dome Sadara is Rising up in Jubail
  8. 8. PlasChem Park Specialty Films Household Products PU Systems Adhesives / Sealant Paints & Coatings Laminates Oil & Gas Chemicals Detergents Water treatment Cables Construction Material Carbon Black Furniture/Insulation Automotive fluids Auto Components ConversionPark Products Chemical Park Intermediates C4’s Pygas Pyoil Ethane Naphtha Polyols PE/ Elastomers Isocyanates Propylene Glycol Amines Glycol Ethers EO/PO Sadara PlasChem Park Opportunities Market SegmentsSadara
  9. 9. PlasChem Park Site & Layout Sadara Abu Hadriya Highway Park Chemical Park Conversion Park Reactive Chemical Industries Downstream Industries • Formulators • Plastic Converters N PlasChem SATORP
  10. 10. Enabling the Automotive Industry Glass bonding adhesives Seat foam Headliners Soft-touch surfaces Structural Foam Inserts Suspension Bumpstops Polyurethanes • Lightweight, durable, versatile • 20-25 kg PU / vehicle • First production of MDI, TDI and polyether polyols in the region
  11. 11. Enabling the Automotive Industry Interior Trim Exterior Trim Brake Fluid Truckbed lining Decorative Skins Paint Systems Elastomers • First production of olefin elastomers in the region • High toughness • Used in soft / rigid TPO formulations Glycol ethers • Range of solvency and volatility allow broad formulation opportunities
  12. 12. Potential PlasChem Investors Products Target markets Polyurethane Systems House Polyurethane Insulation Foams Polyurethane Comfort Foams Polyurethane Industrial Adhesives & Sealants Glycol Ethers Automotive Brake Fluids Polyethylene Specialty Films EVA Hot Melt Adhesives PET Thermoplastic Composites Acrylates Coatings Ethoxylates Surfactants Hydrocarbon Elastomers
  13. 13. Summary • KSA is driving downstream businesses development • Value Park initiatives are spreading in KSA • Sadara products will complement other KSA productions to serve the Auto Industry • Sadara is a game changer for the region chemical industry with positive impact on KSA GDP and job creation
  14. 14. Creating Value Through Chemistry Thank You June 26, 2013