USSaudiForum - Panel 7 - Maury Blackman - Architecture, Construction, Engineering


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The 3rd US-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum was held Sep 16-18, 2013, bringing together officials, business people, educators and specialists highlighting the U.S.-Saudi trade relationship and how U.S. companies can participate in Saudi Arabia's expansion.

Saudi Arabia is undergoing an extraordinary economic boom. Massive public investment, rapid private-sector growth and new sector initiatives are driving an expansion projected to offer more than $1 trillion in trade and investment opportunities over the next decade.

This panel of distinguished experts highlighted the opportunities in architecture, construction and engineering.

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  • We ’ re at a unique point of convergence, with three factors coming together - social media, ubiquitous mobile access, and a full embrace of the Cloud - that make evolution toward the new way of governing possible.
  • At Accela, we feel that governments benefit from improving citizen engagement by: 1) Making it Easier to Do Government Business: By enabling people and businesses to effectively participate in and manage key civic functions, when, where and how they want.
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  • USSaudiForum - Panel 7 - Maury Blackman - Architecture, Construction, Engineering

    1. 1. A New Way of Governing Maury Blackman, President & CEO
    2. 2. How We Govern is Changing
    3. 3. Social, Mobile, Cloud
    4. 4. About Accela
    5. 5. Making it Easier to Do Government Business Community Development Business Express
    6. 6. By the Numbers 30+ Years in Government Automation Hundreds of Successful Implementatio ns (one of the best reputations in the industry) 500+ Agencies Large and Small Use Accela’s Products Everyday 400+ Employees Worldwide Thousands of Services and Millions of Transactions Reaching 74 Million Citizens
    7. 7. Clients ... and hundreds more
    8. 8. Locations San Ramon CA, USA Dubai United Arab Emirates Melbourne Australia
    9. 9. Civic Functions Land Management: Facilitate use and development of land resources. Licensing and Case Management: Regulate registration, accreditation and renewal activities. Asset Management: Monitor operation, maintenance, upgrade and disposal of assets. Public Health and Safety: Promote and enforce health, safety and quality of life.
    10. 10. Electronic Document Review • Enterprise project review and management system for regulatory documents including plans, architectural drawings and licenses, required in support of plan applications and renewals • Enables agency to automate organize and track reviews online
    11. 11. Accela GIS • Leverages geospatial data • Provides geographic view of land-use, zoning, and infrastructure information associated with parcels, permits, inspections, assets, work orders or service requests.
    12. 12. Accela Citizen Access • Moves traditional counter services to the Web • Offers 24-hour self-service online for the public to apply for permits, licenses, schedule inspections, submit service request or complaint or check status of activities.
    13. 13. Productivity Apps Accela Inspector Accela Code Officer Accela Work Crew
    14. 14. Thank You