USSaudiForum - Panel 8 - Hamad Al-Sheikh - Opportunities in the SMEs


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The 3rd US-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum was held Sep 16-18, 2013, bringing together officials, business people, educators and specialists highlighting the U.S.-Saudi trade relationship and how U.S. companies can participate in Saudi Arabia's expansion.

Saudi Arabia is undergoing an extraordinary economic boom. Massive public investment, rapid private-sector growth and new sector initiatives are driving an expansion projected to offer more than $1 trillion in trade and investment opportunities over the next decade.

This panel of distinguished experts highlighted the opportunities in the small and medium enterprises [SMEs].

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USSaudiForum - Panel 8 - Hamad Al-Sheikh - Opportunities in the SMEs

  1. 1. SME's in Education Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh Vice Minister, of Education
  2. 2. SME's Market In Education • About 34,000 schools. • 5 Million students. • 600,000 teachers. And growing. 1
  3. 3. Features: 1. Education SME’s are across wide spectrum of specialties from human resources, technology and e-learning, curriculum, assessments, professional development school buildings, schools furniture, schools equipment, catering, transportations, and schools operation. 2. It has a high local or national context leading to a high impact on employment, economic growth and development. 3. Capacity building is essential for success. Building the system is as important as the product. It is empowering the SME's. 2
  4. 4. Private Education Sector • Number of private schools: 3,948 • Number of teachers in private schools: 54,846 • Number of Saudi teachers in private schools : 32,167 and they are (58%) of the total • Number of student in private schools: 641,991 • The percentage of the private education is (12%) 3
  5. 5. International Schools • Number of international schools: 501 • Number of the international school students: 301,213 • The percentage of Saudi student is: 9% • Number of teachers in international schools: 21,841 • The percentage of the Saudi teachers is: 10% 4
  6. 6. International Programs • Numbers of schools implementing international programs: 120 • Number of the students: 18,918 • Number of teachers: 1,551 • The international programs are: -American diploma -International bachelor -British curriculum -Canadian curriculum 5
  7. 7. • In addition, we have more than 20 other international curriculums for different nationalities living in Saudi Arabia. • Number of private educational companies: about 80 • Government Schools Loans is about 50% of the project amount: (Max 25.000.000 SR) • Teacher minimum salary is 5600 SR - (HADAF) pays 2500 SR 6
  8. 8. Concluding Remarks • Educational business sector represents great opportunities for SME • The Saudi government increasingly investing to support the growth of the sector. • A major restructuring effort for the educational sector is underway to ensure quality educational provision (e. g. the establishment of an independent body for educational evaluation and quality assurance) • There exist needs to improve policies and procedures to facilitate SME’s involvement in the educational sector. 7
  9. 9. Thank you