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Sur In English edition 14 Jan 2011

  1. 1. Free Copy The newspaper for southern Spain January 14th to 20th 2011 in English Inside News2 Opinion24 LifeStyle26 What to do37 Heath&Beauty41 Restaurant Scene44 Sport46 Classified48 Pastimes62 News 2 ETA’s latest ceasefire is not enough says Government The Basque terrorist organisation ETA released a statement on Mon- day declaring a “permanent, gen- eral and verifiable” ceasefire. The Government is sceptical and claims that the move is insuffi- cient and would certainly not mean that the banned Nationalist parties associated with ETA would be allowed to take part in May’s municipal elections. The Interior Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, stressed that the only step forward is for ETA to disband and give up its activity altogether or for par- ties such as Batasuna to break all their ties with the organisation. Just 18 hours after the statement was released two alleged ETA members were arrested in a joint operation between the Spanish and French police. SPECTACULAR. SMOKE FROM THE BREWERY COULD BE SEEN FROM MILES AROUND. / ALVARO GARIJO DUERTO Costa del Sol 14 Pipe goes up A column of smoke rose over the San Mi- guel plant near the airport yesterday lea- ding to fears of extensive damage. However a fire for them to put out as the smoke came from the fibreglass lining of a pipe in an old refrigeration tower which was being dis- Tourism sector in smoke according to firemen, who arrived within ten minutes, there was little in the way of mantled and caught fire. Nobody was hurt and beer production was not halted. wants sewage plants not methane gasIt won’t happen, says Chaves Amidst the uproar this week over plans to prospect for methane gas under the Mediterranean off the Costa del Sol, one question was asked repeatedly by representa-Governmental versions of gas prospecting on the Costa del Sol differ tives of the tourism sector and lo- cal politicians on the coast. How is it that such a major project hasManuel Chaves, Third Deputy prospecting project. He answered for Spain as a whole. “No decision is authorized, is investigations to got the go-ahead, almost withoutPrime Minister and former Anda- that “Nobody should be alarmed has been taken,” he said. “We are see if the resources are there, but anybody hearing about it, whilelusian President, back in the re- about something that isn’t going awaiting some reports, among oth- nobody is going to extract gas, and the integrated sewage system forgion this week to devolve compe- to happen”. The tourism industry , ers regarding the impact on the far less oil, on the coast”. Earlier which they have been clamouringtence over Andalucía’s beaches to he said, takes priority as a source environment, to see whether to in the week the Ministry of Indus- for years is still pending? SUR inthe regional government, caused of revenue not only for the Costa take the decision or not.” He went try said the exploration project English takes a look at the currenta furore when asked about a gas del Sol and for Andalucía, but also on: “What will be authorized, if it was going ahead. News 20 state of sewage affairs.News 3Keepingsmokers warmand happyComment 25A problemmore seriousthan politicians
  2. 2. 2 SUR IN ENGLISH JANUARY 7TH TO 13TH 2011 News Complaints Malaga, the province with the most reports of smoking S. VEGA MALAGA Malaga was the Spanish prov- ince to generate the most complaints about smokers failing to comply with the new no smoking law during its first 24 hours in force. The consumers association Facua reports that their website re- ceived a total of 311 reports from Spain as a whole, and of these 61 came from the prov- ince of Malaga. Second in the ranking came Madrid, with 32 complaints. Meanwhile the number of reports received by Facua continues to in- crease. By Tuesday evening the total figure had gone up to 1,014, of which more than 142 referred to establishments in the province of Malaga. Consumers can report bars that continue to allow custom- ers to smoke at ‘ baco’. As the information re- ceived has not been con- firmed Facua points out that it is unable to release theBAN. CUSTOMERS SMOKE OUTSIDE A MALAGA BAR ON SUNDAY, THE FIRST DAY OF THE NEW LAW. CARLOS MORET names of the bars that have been reported, however the association claims that it willSmokers fill the terraces as report cases to the relevant health authorities where nec- essary and has urged the Junta de Andalucía to step up ban comes into force Meanwhile the Junta de Andalucía’s Health Depart- ment has pointed out that in- spectors who normally carry out health inspections in bars and restaurants are now in- mainly one of satisfaction on the VIEWS a separate area for smokers. The cluding compliance with theSince Sunday part of non-smokers and resigna- Shanna, bar’s owner, Rafael Prado, com- no smoking law in their rou-Spain’s new no tion on the part of smokers. The majority of customers have been customer: plained of the cost of creating the smoking sections as required by tine of checks.smoking law has tolerant of the change and the fine “I smoke but I the previous regulations for estab- weather has meant that smokers think that it is lishments larger than 100 square Salesbeen the subject have simply made use of pave- a good thing metres. In his opinion the lawof debate in bars ment terraces. Meanwhile however the bar and that it is should have been left as it was. “We have lost a lot of customers, Service stationsand restaurants restaurant owners fear losing cus- banned in bars” especially the morning coffee expect to tomers as a result of the ban. Rob- trade”, he explained.around the region erto Pérez, who manages the 100 Roberto Pérez, The Café Central is a typical profit from Montaditos bar in Malaga’s Plaza manager: stopping point on the Malaga tour- de la Constitución, said on Sun- “I think that at ist route and on Sunday morning cigarette sales day that he expected losses at first. several foreign visitors were en- However he added that in general first we will joying a drink on the terrace in SELENE VEGA MALAGA he approved of the ban, especially lose some the sunshine. Most were unaware S. VEGA MALAGA from the point of view of his staff business” that the new law had come into Another change included in“I was about to light a cigarette in who no longer have to work in a force that very day in Spain, but the new no smoking law al-a bar, but the waiter wouldn’t let smoky atmosphere. Miguel Fanci, none was surprised. “I think it’s lows petrol stations to sellme”. These were the words of one One of the bar’s customers, Ra- customer: good. In Slovakia you can’t smoke cigarettes after five years ofof the few smokers who were un- fael Muñoz, expressed an opinion in places that serve food”, pointed prohibition. Business own-aware, or had forgotten, that from that is shared by many smokers “I don’t agree out Libor Kociab, who was on holi- ers are hopeful that theJanuary 2nd smoking is prohib- and non-smokers: “I smoke, but I with the law; day in the province. change will help increaseited in all indoor public areas. The think the law is fantastic, because we’re going to Shanna from Holland was at a their takings, not just fromban also applies to some outdoor it is annoying if someone on the end up buying drinks and table on the same terrace, enjoy- the sale of cigarettes, butplaces such as children’s play ar- next table starts smoking when meeting up at home so ing a cigarette. She agreed, how- also because it will attracteas, school playgrounds or on hos- I’m having lunch with my young ever, that although she is a smoker, more customers to theirpital premises. daughter”. He added that very few we can smoke” the ban on smoking indoors is a shops. Nevertheless the sec- The new law has caused a vari- establishments had created sepa- good thing. Curiously her home tor claims it is unlikely to re-ety of opinions. Since Sunday the rate smoking areas according to as required. country sets the unusual example cuperate the 30 per cent lossatmosphere in bars and cafeterias, the previous regulations, using no On the other side of the same of banning normal cigarettes but in income suffered over thewhere now even separate smok- more than a folding screen rather square is the well known Café Cen- allowing the smoke from marihu- last five areas are prohibited, has been than installing smoke extractors tral which did, until Sunday have , ana joints.
  3. 3. JANUARY 14TH TO 20TH 2011 SUR IN ENGLISH 3NewsBars resort to awnings,heaters and blankets to keeptheir smoking customersPavement terraces came into force they have lost be- tween 30 and 50 per cent of their issue. All we can do is inform as- sociations that from now on theyare being made customers, while their takings have cannot smoke on their premises,more comfortable gone down by around 12 per cent. Meanwhile business is booming unless they have a patio or an out- door area”, says Jesús González,as they become the for catering supply firms who are the federation’s president. being inundated with orders for The ban also applies to fair-only place where outdoor heaters. The drawback is ground ‘casetas’, but only thosecustomers can the high cost of the propane gas that have roofs. The law establishes cylinders they require and so many that ‘open air’ refers to all areassmoke bars are resorting to the cheaper with no roof or areas that are option: blankets. “They use them roofed but have a maximum of two a lot in Central Europe”, says walls, however it does not specify ALMUDENA NOGUÉS MALAGA Prado. whether areas enclosed by awnings While attention has been focused or marquees are included.Bar and restaurant owners feared on bars and restaurants, they are The president of the federationthat the new smoking ban in en- not the only places that have been of associations pointed out thatclosed public places would mean affected by the new no smoking law . most fairground ‘casetas’ in WARM. CUSTOMERS SNUGGLE UP UNDER THE BLANKET PROVIDED BY THE BAR. A. S.a loss in custom. Now their ter- The ban also applies to private or Malaga would have no problem al-races are the only places where member-only establishments such lowing customers to smoke as theytheir customers can smoke and as clubs and associations or prem- have no roofs, although they wouldmany business owners have de- ises for community use. need to seek legal advice to estab-cided to make their open air facili- lish whether those sheltered byties more comfortable and attrac- Clubs and associations overhead awnings are affected ortive. Over the last couple of weeks “In the case of associations where not. He added that in the case ofoutdoor heaters have multiplied, access is restricted to members, fairgrounds such as Seville’s,awnings are being fitted to keep they are still not exempt from the where most premises have roofs,out the wind and some establish- law”, explains Rubén Sánchez, smoking would be banned, evenments are even offering their cus- spokesman for the Facua consum- in those that are not open to thetomers blankets for those chilly ers association on whose website general public.January evenings. ( members of the There is only one remaining op- “The idea is to do as much as we general public can report cases of tion for establishments that wantcan so that smokers find bar and the smoking ban being ignored. to allow smoking; to set themselvesrestaurant terraces pleasant places The federation of associations up as a private smoking club. How-to be in”, sums up Rafael Prado, (Federación de Peñas) in Malaga ever these clubs have to abide bythe president of the Malaga bar is currently receiving numerous certain regulations. Children andand restaurant owners association, enquiries from clubs about non-members are not allowed andAehma. Something has to be done whether or not their members are as they are not classed as busi-in the light of the statistics. They allowed to smoke. “ our next gen- At nesses, then they must be non-calculate that since the new law eral meeting we plan to discuss the profit-making. COMFORT. MORE AND MORE BARS ARE ACQUIRING TERRACE HEATERS. C. MORET
  4. 4. 4 SUR IN ENGLISH JANUARY 14TH TO 20TH 2011News Here&There Marbella More and more residents call 010 to log complaints By simply dialling 010 residents have a direct line to the Mar- bella Town Hall and any of its municipal offices if the call passes the first screening. Since being launched in early 2008, the service has become a pow- erful outreach tool between the public and the local administra- tion, and it is continuing to gain momentum. The Councillor of Public Works, Javier García, said this week that his department had received a 100 percent increase in calls in 2010, compared to the previous year. The vast major- ity of calls concerned com- plaints about ill-maintained or damaged streets or neighbour- hoods. The 010 hotline “allows us to make the work done by the citizens’ service team more effective,” explained García. 010. THE NUMBER TO RING.RULES. THE SEASONS FOR BIG AND SMALL GAME HUNTING END THIS MONTH. SURFinancial crisis brings Marbella Property handed over to reduce Antequera Nearly 600 children enjoyedback poaching to put municipal debt The Marbella Town Hall is giv- indoor festive activitiesfood on the table ing the Junta de Andalucía the building which houses its Christmas and Three Kings town planning offices on Av- celebrations in Antequera saw enida Ricardo Soriano, in the nearly 600 children taking part heart of the town centre, as in festive activities in the Mer- the season for shooting big game Seprona points out, indicates that part repayment for a loan. cado De Abastos indoor mar-The threat of fines such as deer, mouflon, wild boar the prospect of stiffer penalties In 2006, the management ket in the town, from making or mountain goats, as well as has not put people off. committee which took control Christmas cards and tree deco-and going to court smaller animals and birds such as Sources point out that there of the Town Hall in 2006, be- rations to storytelling anddoes not put off partridges, hare, quail, foxes and rabbits. The official hunting and are two types of illegal hunting. On one hand there are the profes- fore the elections took place a year later, accepted a 106 mil- book reading. Games and art activities were arranged forhunters who take fishing seasons for each species sionals who go out to capture pro- lion euro loan from the Junta. children with themes around are laid down by the Junta de An- tected species to sell to unscru- The building, valued at 5.2 mil- equality collaboration, respect ,out their rifles in dalucía along with rules and regu- pulous collectors or to add to lion euros, goes some way to and tolerance, giving parentsthe close season to lation to ensure that the sport is compatible with the protection of their own collection of trophies. “These are specialists in hunting paying back that debt. Juan Antonio Roca, Mar- time to do their Christmas shopping. Around 1,200 bal-feed their families local flora and fauna. out of season or tracking down bella’s former Town Planning loons were given out over dur- However where there are rules, protected species for financial chief who is currently at the ing the Christmas activities there are those who break them. gain and go out into the country- centre of Spain’s largest ever while Antequera saw three Last year Seprona, the Guardia side equipped with a silencer and municipal corruption trial, and a half tonnes of sweets AMANDA SALAZAR MALAGA Civil’s nature protection service, night binoculars”, says Miguel had his office in the lavish were given out during the reported 23 cases of illegal big Ángel Gallego, member of the building. It is often seen as a Three Kings parade last week.The months of November and De- game hunting and 170 cases in- Andalusian association of hunt- symbol of the Jesús Gil y Gil In the last year the Informa-cember are favourites of hunters volving small game. The figure is ing wardens. era which became defined by tion Centre at the indoor mar-in Malaga as they coincide with very similar to that of 2009 which, Then on the other hand there its excess. ket provided details of local are the amateurs who hunt ille- activities, maps of the area Damage gally because they can’t afford a and general tourist informa- licence or who resort to poach- tion to visitors from Spain, The battle against poisoned bait ing in order to help fill the larder with a wild boar or a few par- Finland, Germany, Italy, The U.K., Canada, China, U.S.A. tridges. Hunting associations and France. A. SALAZAR MALAGA not just the hunters who cause agree that hunters who have the The most serious consequence the damage. Seprona continue intention of eating their game, of illegal hunting is the envi- their battle against the poisoned rather than selling it, have in- Fuengirola ronmental damage caused, es- bait that is often put down by creased most in number since the pecially when protected species farmers and livestock breeders. start of the recession. Sports centre put are affected. Last year the Guardia Civil reported 55 cases “This worries us much more than illegal hunting, because “Even if they do it out of ne- cessity hunters must abide by the , out to tender of hunters shooting endangered the consequences are more se- rules; those acting illegally are Councillor for Sports Pedro species in the province of rious”, they point out. If poach- criminals and damage the repu- Cuevas this week invited ten- Malaga. Nevertheless Seprona ing is detected the officers con- tation of legal hunters”, explains ders for a six year concession points out that fortunately to- fiscate the arms used and, in se- the president of the Andalusian of the ‘Centro Municipal de day the general public are more rious cases, arrest the hunter. Federation of Hunters, which has Tenis de Los Pacos’ with a aware of the consequences and But when it comes to poisoned 17,000 members in the province minimum of 16,000 euros a are more likely to report cases bait, finding the culprit is much of Malaga. “The illegal hunters year and the obligation on the to the authorities. However it’s more complicated. only represent one per cent of the winner to open a municipal total”, he adds. THE MAYOR WITH THE SIGNED DEAL. tennis school.
  5. 5. JANUARY 14TH TO 20TH 2011 SUR IN ENGLISH 5News 112Reports mother’s house. He was hit by the Shootings taxi and a wheel went over his right leg. A witness tells how the boy was Second on the ground calling for help and the taxi driver said that there was unexplained no need to call an ambulance be- cause he would take him straight shooting to hospital. A 29 year old man was injured The report goes on to say that the after he was shot from a mov- driver, with the boy in the car, ing car in Vélez-Málaga last THE SCENE OF THE ATTACK. J-L turned onto Calle Manrique to- weekend. The victim was hit wards the city centre. “On the way in the abdomen and taken to Marbella the taxi driver said that he didn’t want any problems and the boy an- the Axarquía hospital where he required surgery to remove Robbers beat swered ‘OK’,” explains his grand- mother, Carmen Agudo. Seconds the bullet. The man was of Moroccan nationality and was attendant andRECOVERY. THE INJURED BOY WITH HIS MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER. GALINDO later the driver apparently turned around again and “he said - ‘Look shot in the loading bay out- side the municipal market in steal cash kid, the car’s broken down, get Calle Carretera de Loja. The An employee at the CristamarPolice seek driver out’,”. The boy asked him to take him to hospital or to his grand- mother’s house. His mother contin- market is usually closed, but one stallholder was waiting for a delivery when, at around , parking garage in Marbella re- ceived a beating from attack- ers who stole money from thewho ran over boy ues the account: “He opened the car door, and as my son couldn’t stand up he fell to the ground. The driver 6 p.m., the man appeared. The trader called the emergency services. National Police are ticket booth and automatic ticket machines. The 30 year old victim received injuries toand left him further did nothing. He waited for him to drag himself out of the way so he could shut the door and drive off ”. The boy stayed on the pavement investigating and trying to identify two men seen in the car. This was the second shoot- his head and neck and a frac- tured finger. The violent assault happened at around 5 a.m. on Saturday morning when thedown the road for more than ten minutes until a woman stopped to help him. She flagged down a passing ambulance ing incident in the province of Malaga in a week. The Guardia Civil are still looking three men approached the em- ployee from behind and threat- ened him with a sharp object. which informed the police and sent for the man who shot a Brit- A struggle ensued and the rob- JUAN CANO MALAGA in his taxi, although, according to for another emergency vehicle. The ish resident in his garage last bers produced a gun and held the report, around 200 metres fur- boy was eventually rushed to the week on the Mijas Golf estate. it to the attendant’s head. TheyAn 11 year old boy is recovering in ther down the road he apparently children’s hospital when he under- The man was shot in the then took his keys and, afterhis Malaga home from a broken leg changed his mind and ordered the went emergency surgery . mouth and treated at Carlos failing to break open the safe,after being knocked down in an un- boy to get out the car. “He left him Since then the police have been Haya hospital. In this case the they emptied the car park ma-usual case of hit and run. Accord- lying in the street, like a dog” says trying to identify the driver who police are considering the the- chines. Before leaving they beating to the report filed by the boy’s the boy’s mother, Estefanía Gra- knocked the boy down. The family ory that it was a settling of the attendant again, leavingfamily he was hit by a taxi last De- , nado. The incident occurred at has called for the collaboration of scores, although other possi- him semi-unconscious. It is notcember 16th. The driver offered to around 4 p.m. when the boy crossed members of the public who may be bilities have not been ruled known how much money wastake the boy to hospital and put him the road on his way to his grand- able to provide any information. out. stolen.LOCAL HEROES. YOLANDA AND DAVID.Couple rescueelderly manfrom fire AGUSTÍN PELÁEZ VÉLEZ-MÁLAGAWhen Yolanda Mesa and David Mu-ñoz saw that their nextdoor neigh-bour’s house was on fire they knewthere was no time to wait for thefire brigade to arrive. At around 2a.m. they heard shouting and sawtheir neighbour at the window ofhis house. Seeing that his face wasblack and blistered and that he wasfeeling faint Yolanda held him upthrough the railings while Davidand later more neighbours tried tobreak the door down. Eventuallythey managed to pull the 70 yearold man out onto the pavement. Heis now recovering in Malaga’s Car-los Haya hospital. Yolanda requiredtreatment at the local health cen-tre for burns to her hand.
  6. 6. 6 SUR IN ENGLISH JANUARY 14TH TO 20TH 2011News Axarquía Here&There El Borge Parish church to undergo major restoration project A 400,000 euro project to restore most important rehabilitation the 16th century Nuestra work to have taken place on the Señora del Rosario church, lo- church in the last three centu- cated next to the Town Hall in ries,” said a Town Hall spokes- the Plaza de la Constitución, is person. The church has Gothic, to begin within the next few Renaissance and Moorish-style days. architecture and was, accord- The works will include the ing to historical studies, built complete restoration of the roof on the site of an ancient Arab and external walls, removing mosque. It has three towers, one the white wash and exposing of which has an octagonal lay- the building’s original brick- out, making it unique in the work and stone. “This is the province of Malaga. Rincón de la Victoria Alfarnate Visitor numbers Damaged road increase at pre- must be fixed,POISONOUS. A PLAGUE OF THE CATERPILLARS IN MALAGA LAST JANUARY. SUR historic caves says Town Hall More than 30,000 people vis- The Town Hall has passed a‘Dangerous’ caterpillars ited the Cueva del Tesoro in 2010, a slight increase on the previous year’s figures. The Town Hall has recently an- motion urging the provincial government of Granada to re- pair the storm-damaged road that runs from Los Alazoresbegin to emerge nounced it is to invest 8.9 mil- lion euros to develop a cave museum and visitors’ centre on the site. to the border of Malaga prov- ince. The Mayor said the road was “vitally important” to Al- farnate’s residents.The next two months are when the build a white nest, often described as ‘candyfloss-like’, on the tip ofPine Processionary Caterpillars are at pine branches in the autumn. By January they start to emerge andtheir most active form lengthy processions, and this is when they can be hazardous. Each caterpillar has around 60,000 GEORGE PRIOR FRIGILIANA IN BRIEF white hairs containing a toxin, Details which can cause severe rashes,“Between now and the middle of temporary blindness and even res-April, I’d recommend everyone F Species: Pine Processionary Cat- piratory problems. Experts sayto be extremely careful of the poi- erpillars, or Thaumetopoea pityo- those who come into contact withsonous Pine Processionary Cat- campa, are known as ‘procesion- them should seek advice from aerpillars,” warns Frigiliana resi- arias del pino’ in Spanish. It is an doctor immediately .dent, Jane Tadler. “At this time abundant species of pine forests “The problems are worse for IMPROVEMENTS. CALLE JÁBEGA IN RINCÓN DE LA VICTORIA E.C.of year the ‘innocent-looking’ cat- in central and southern Europe. dogs who can suffer extreme aller-erpillars are coming out of trees F Procession: Normally around 60 gic reactions or anaphylactic Rincón de la Victoria Vélez-Malagaand, as their name suggests, form caterpillars, each about 4cm long, shock which can result in death,”long processions looking for soft form a nose to tail procession while says Jane. First symptoms that 10 million euros Tram has longest looking for a pupation site. Theyground to burrow into beforethey become moths later in the have been known to travel up to your dog or cat may have been af- fected include breathing problems, for road waiting times inyear.” However, appearances can be 30 metres to find soft ground. drooling, and white spots in the mouth. improvements Spaindeceptive and at this stage of their “People worry about spiderslives, Pine Processionary Cater- sonous hairs on these creatures. and snakes but I think, at this time During 2010, 10.8 million euros Users of the Vélez-Malagapillars pose a potential danger to By the time I got him to a vet it of year especially, we should be was invested across 51 projects tram often have to wait up tohumans and domestic animals, as was too late,” she says. “I had more wary of these caterpillars. to improve public highways in 40 minutes at a stop before oneJane found out. “In mid-January heard about these caterpillars in And its not just those walking in Rincón de la Victoria, accord- arrives, making it one of thelast year I was walking my dog the past but as I wasn’t in a pine woods that need to be aware. ing to Town Hall figures. The worst-rated railway systemsjust outside the village and, unfor- forest as such, I foolishly didn’t Wherever there are pine trees, funding came from the State, in the country, according to atunately my inquisitive puppy got , give it a thought.” there could be Processionary Cat- the Junta, and Malaga’s pro- study in the magazine, Con-too close and fell victim to the poi- Pine Processionary Caterpillars erpillars,” advises Jane. vincial government. sumer Eroski.
  7. 7. JANUARY 14TH TO 20TH 2011 SUR IN ENGLISH 7
  8. 8. 8 SUR IN ENGLISH JANUARY 14TH TO 20TH 2011News Costa del Sol Here&ThereMijas aims to attractthousands of cruisepassengers in 2011The Tourism an agreement with the agency Raytur to take coach-loads of the news. “Mijas is known all over the world as a quaint, traditional TOWN. WORK HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR SEVERAL WEEKS. SURDepartment plans cruisers from Malaga Port to Mi- Andalusian village and for many Benalmádenato bring in jas Pueblo. Within three months nearly 600 people, mainly North years we have had visitors from as far a field as Japan, Korea, Town Hall seeks solution forthousands of Americans, signed up for the ex- America and Australia. But de-cruisers who cursion, representing a 25 per cent increase in cruise passengers vis- spite this we must never just take it as a given that people will come. storm damaged beaches iting the village. “I think it’s extremely positivearrive in the port Now with the amount of cruise that the Town Hall is being so pro- Works are underway on several flow of water washes away theof Malaga ships coming to Malaga set to soar this year, and with research sug- active in bringing holidaymakers here, and not just hoping for the beaches in Benalmádena to find a permanent solution to reduce sand on the beaches, meaning it has to be frequently replaced. gesting six out of 10 people disem- best that theyll find us,” he says. the damage caused by winter On a recent visit, Rafael Obrero, GEORGE PRIOR MIJAS barking a cruise want to be offered “The more visitors we have the storms every year. the Councillor for Beaches, said excursions, the local Mijas admini- better in terms of trade.” Much of the initiative is fo- the team are working on waysSome 600,000 people are forecast stration has allocated a greater He adds: “People coming off cused around the areas near to to channel the water to run di-to arrive this year in Malaga on proportion of the 7.3 million euro cruise ships are increasingly the mouths of rivers and rectly into the sea, so it doesn’tcruise ships and the Mijas Tour- tourism budget to this initiative aware of their options when they streams where water flows “break across the sand.” Worksism Department is on a mission in 2011. are in-port and they’re market- from the land into the sea. Dur- have already been completedto have as many of them as possi- Thomas Weller, a Canadian- savvy We need to actively pitch to . ing heavy rainfall the increased on Playa Malapesquera.ble visit the famously well-pre- born local businessman and the them about why they should comeserved white ‘pueblo’ on day trips. Secretary for the Mijas Pueblo and explore the delights of Mijas In 2010, the Town Hall signed Traders’ Association, welcomes as competition is fierce.” Mijas Costa Mijas Indigenous Forest fires species return to down by a third Mijas Costa in 2010 A project has been completed There was a 36 percent drop to return several beaches of Mi- in the number of forest fires jas to their “natural state” with in the municipality of Mijas the planting of many indige- in 2010, compared to the pre- nous species of fauna found in vious year, according to fig- Mediterranean forests and the ures released by the Town removal of non-native plants. Hall. Working in an area of El In total, the fire service at- Chapparal covering 5,600 tended more than 700 emer- square metres, the Town Hall’s gency situations last year, in- Environmental workers and a cluding 52 house fires. team from the eco-research group, Aula del Mar, removed 35 tonnes of foreign plants and Fuengirola sent them for composting nearby Over the course of 18 . 10 per cent more months, more than 500 volun- teers have planted more than Tourist OfficeCOACHES IN MIJAS. THE TOWN HALL HOPES TO COACH-IN CRUISE PASSENEGRS. /G.P 2,000 native trees and shrubs with the aim of “improving consultations and conserving biodiversity in The recently refurbished main Mijas.” Tourist Office in FuengirolaWorks start on at the mouth of the river. The Mayor added: “Fuengirola will soon have a beautiful land- attended to an average of 301 people each day last year, with a total of 72,360 users through-Fuengirolas new scape park surrounding the iconic Sohail Castle and the Armada bridge. Not only will residents and out 2010. This is an overall in- crease of more than 10 percent on the year before.Riverside Park visitors be able to take part in rec- reational activities and sports in the park, but they’ll also be able TorremolinosThe first industrial diggers started to use small boats on the river it- self.” In this regard, there are 4,637 enquiriesmoving earth on Monday plans to launch a municipal row- ing school in the park. at Consumer Anne Small, who lives near the future park, and who happened Office GEORGE PRIOR FUENGIROLA During her visit to the site with across the dignitaries during this The municipal Consumer In- the Junta de Andalucía’s Head of week’s visit said residents are ex- formation Office (OMIC) dealtAs work began on Fuengirola’s Tourism, Trade and Sport, Luci- cited by the 1.2 million euro pro- with more than 4,600 enquir-much-anticipated Riverside Park ano Alonso, Oña told reporters ject. “I think it will be a big boost ies last year. One in four cases(‘Parque Fluvial’) this week, the that the 70,000 square metre park for this end of town. I hope its as were regarding the telecom-Mayor, Esperanza Oña, confirmed on the banks of the Fuengirola well executed as the plans and pro- munications industry Advice .to SUR in English that it would be River would be completed in two jections indicate. And hopefully about the electricity board“finished before the start of the phases, with phase one covering itll have a positive impact on the was the second most commonsummer.” an area of some 520 square metres areas house prices!” VOLUNTEER. HELPING WITH PLANTS. consumer query .
  9. 9. JANUARY 14TH TO 20TH 2011 SUR IN ENGLISH 9News MarbellaA hundred people were given two free items of clothing for going to a fashion trouble finding what I wanted be- cause they didn’t have the jacket store in their underwear on the first day of the sales in my size”, said David as he emerged, now dressed up in his new gear, a jacket and a pair of jeans, that would have cost him 89 Cool sales shopping and 69 euros at their sale prices. He was by no means the only one who thought that taking his clothes off was a small price to pay for some new clothes. Lidia Salado, a 23 year old from Seville knew ex- actly what she was doing. Last CRISTINA GONZÁLEZ MARBELLA June she had taken part in a simi- lar promotion in Madrid, arrivingIt was a quarter to nine in the among the first 100 on two con-morning on January 7th and 200 secutive days and coming awaypeople were waiting patiently out- with four new items of clothing.side La Cañada shopping centre “Now I’ve come for a coat”, she ex-eager for the chance to take their plained just before the doorsclothes off. Tired faces showed opened. She was joined by threethat they had been there for some friends who had come especiallytime, in some cases for more than from Seville, joining David at the12 hours. “I arrived at half past shopping centre at ten o’clock theeight last night and I haven’t slept previous evening. Kathrin Dando,a wink”, said 34 year old David a 37 year old German customer,Asenjo, proudly showing off the had also made the effort as “hav-number one card he was wearing ing a Desigual coat has been myaround his neck. He was first in dream”. She came away with athe and the first to strip off; and jacket and some trousers worthall this to obtain two free garments more than 200 euros without evenfrom the Desigual store on the first opening her of the January sales. The firm knows that the cam- The fashion firm had chosen its paign is worth its cost as publicitystores in Barcelona, San Sebastián is guaranteed. “There are a lot ofand Marbella as the venues for the fans. It’s what we call brand expe-campaign they called ‘Come in al- rience” said Pedro Moscoso themost nude and go out fully Desigual Communication Manager.dressed’. The first 100 customers In fact this same marketing stuntwould win themselves a new out- has been successful in New York,fit, worth an average of 200 euros, Lisbon and even in Amsterdam,for stripping down to their undies with the added inconvenience ofbefore doing their shopping. “I had EXPOSED SALES. A HUNDRED DESIGUAL FANS GOT FREE CLOTHES FOR SHOPPING IN THEIR UNDERWEAR. JOSELE-LANZA temperatures below zero.