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This is WINWIN group of AU, COMM. ARTS

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AU Workshop

  1. 1. Background• 1969, initially originated as Assumption Commercial College, later changed to Assumption School of Business.
  2. 2. • 1972, it was officially established as Assumption Business Administration College or ABAC.• 1990, Ministry of University Affairs granted a new status as "Assumption University" with the message of “The First International University of Thailand”.
  3. 3. HypothesisMedia choices for targets to do Information Search Not enough Having low Towards Students’ recognition perception Decision factors for choosing International University
  4. 4. Research Objectives 1) To study the Influencing Media among High School and AU Students. 2) To explore the High School and AU Students’ Perception towards Assumption University. 3) To discover the Decision Making Factors in choosing International University.
  5. 5. Research Methodology QUANTITATIVE Research *50 *150 *150 Vocational Private Public *350 High School Students *500 Students *150 AU Students *30 Non-Thai *120 12 from 10 Thai faculties* Number of Respondents- Concentrate more on High School Students to know their perception of Assumption University
  6. 6. Research Methodology QUALITATIVE Research Public Private *5 Interviewee Interviewee *5 High School Students Students AU *5 Students Non-Thai Interviewee Thai *5 Interviewee* Number of Respondents- Learn more about the insights by using in-depth interview
  7. 7. Research Findings Hi! I’m a High School Student Nice to meet you! I’m AU Student
  8. 8. Research Findings Media Choices for Information Search • Interactive media with Worldwide information • Reliable Testimonials • Sincere and Credible Influencers* Based on qualitative research
  9. 9. University Information Channel TV Channels used most are 2nd 9% Newspaper Internet and Influencers 5% Influencer 23% Internet Print Ad 31% 13% 1st Magazine N=500 Radio Exhibition 8% 2% 9%
  10. 10. Research Findings Students’ Perception - Assumption University • Beautiful Buildings • Suitable Atmosphere for Learning • Excellent in English • High Reputation* Based on qualitative research
  11. 11. Students’ Perception - Assumption University Perceived as a HighReputation University with Beautiful Buildings and Suitable Atmosphere for 1st Learning N=500 3rd 2nd
  12. 12. Research Findings Student’s Perception - Assumption University Students • Proficient in English• Prosperous • Enthusiastic • Well- • Friendly Rounded • Professional • Work Competently* Based on qualitative research
  13. 13. Students’ Perception - Assumption University’s Students International students 3% Highly perceived in Expert 2% Didnt pass the Prosperous and admission exa 13% Proficient in English Studious No intension to join 4% Public university 24% Fluency in English 1st 26% Prosperous N=500 28% 2nd
  14. 14. esearch Findings Factors in Choosing International University • Courses’ • Reputation of University Concentration Management Based (Match with Students’ Interest)* Based on qualitative research
  15. 15. The Factors in selecting International University Transportation2nd 7% Ease of Faculty Factors concerned most Reputation Selection are Courses 30% 16% Concentration and Reputation. Variety of Courses Courses N=500 Offered 14% Concentration 33% 1st
  16. 16. Media Channel • Beautiful CampusPerception • Fluency in English • Professional SkillsDecisionFactors