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Blogger Presentation …

Blogger Presentation
By: Taylor Linderman

More in: Technology
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  • 1. Taylor Linderman
  • 2.  A place for YOUR blogs What is a blog? ◦ Whatever YOU want it to be! ◦ A blog website gives people the ability to post anything on an on going basis. ◦ New posts show up at the top and visitors can comment on the post or link to it or email. ◦ Your blog is your space! Design it however you want  ◦ Offer different themes
  • 3.  Launched: August 1999 Founded by three friends in San Francisco CA. Started out small by 2002 they had thousands of users. Then…GOOGLE bought them! Now they are a small team in Google focusing on helping people have their own voice on the web 1.2 mil registered users
  • 4.  Blogger lets people ◦ Show their interest ◦ Communicate with others ◦ Organize your thoughts ◦ Create your own theme ◦ Upload pictures ◦ Go mobile ◦ Group Blogging ◦ Available in 41 languages Go ahead and publish your thoughts…
  • 5.  Blogging is the new buzz A place where companies can be in contact with their visitors 24 hours of the day Will be essential to establish their brand and build social media foot print Blogger is the business stage
  • 6.  How many comments on posts Number of site viewers Time on site Number of followers
  • 7.  Schedule your blogs Ad locations Use labels Choose your blog name Pick a template design
  • 8. Personal Blog•Think carefully when naming you blog•Always view your blog post beforepublishing it•Only say things you are comfortablewith the world seeing
  • 9.  If you create a blog, stay active Connect with other bloggers Add media (pictures, video, etc) Encourage interaction with your customers Stay professional Your goal is to create repeat visitors to your site Make your blog EASY to find Allow readers to comment to get feedback
  • 10. Be carefulwhat you say
  • 11.  The way bloggers can be profitable with Blogger If a company contacts their blog about advertising they can post the company’s HTML link of the ad to their profile The ad will show up on the top of their blog.
  • 12.  http://www.networksolutions.com/education /9-helpful-tips-for-business-blogging/ www.blogger.com http://flip4u.org/docs/Blogger%20User%20G uide.pdf http://www.google.com/imgres?start=114&u m=1&hl=en Questions???