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Class Slide presentation Spring 2014

Class Slide presentation Spring 2014

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology

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  • Hi, I’m Rene. Does everyone know what Pinterest is?
  • Pinterest is a social networking site that allows you to “pin” pictures or videos to various creatable categories, that are your pinboards. - it is often referred to as an online scrabook(all pictures shown in this presentation are from pinterest.) Who here has the Pinterest app
  • The most popular pin categories are food & drink, DIY & crafts, Women’s apparel, Home Décor and Travel. All fitting of the young middle class females that spend about an hour at a time on pinterest. Critics say men are not on pinterest because they like “funny pictures, hot girls and memes” male versions of pinterest like Tapiture have completely different content.
  • Pinterest was created by Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra. Within the first 9 months of the beta being released, there were 10,000 users (5,000 of which were personal contacted to join by Ben & Paul). The use of pinterest has grown exponentially to 70 million users worldwide placing it as the third largest social media site behind facebook and twitter.
  • Pinterest does have the ability to grow. Their biggest opportunity is with appealing with men. They can also allow advertising on their site.The threats are much more important. The use of pinterest can be hindered by other social media spammers and copyright infringment.
  • The great thing about pinterest is you really don’t need to have “friends” or “followers” to have something to do on pinterest. All “pins” are public unless the pinner makes them private. All you have to do is search for something you’re interested in and a page full of pictures that you may like is available. The best thing for businesses is that it creates more referral traffic back to websites than YouTube, GooglePlus and LinkedIn combined
  • Pinterest is an important tool for companies aiming to reach the young women out there. According to studies, 21% of users purchased something they saw on a pinboard. The main benefit is the connection with potential customers. Pinterest is a snapshot into their lives and is more likely to show for clients with like interests to the company.
  • The performance indicators are pretty simple to understand. When a company makes a business profile, analytics will show clicks per pin, re-pin numbers and the average visits.
  • For personal use we just have to remember pinterest is a tool and not just for fun. Your boards are visible because they are online so, you need to keep in mind that what you pin can b seen by most everyone online. It’s best to connect your twitter or facebook to pinterest for simple integration and an online Resume of your projects can be an easy segway with potential employers. It’s best to constantly update and delete pins to ensure they represent you.
  • Many retail companies use Pinterest as an advertising outlet. Free People, West Elm and Real simple all do a good job of effectiely using the outlet. There are companies that stand apart for their effectiveness. Early this year, a 5 story tall interactive pinterest board was set up in mall of inMinessota. There is a simple clip of this……Do you find Caribou coffee’s approach more effective than the basic online approach?
  • Recently, Pinterest has implemented new features. Back in november, place pins were introduced. These include geographic info that comes with a pin. There are now over 200 million place boards on the platform.At the beginning of January, Pinterest acquired Visual graph, an image recognition and visual search technology. As of right now it’s not clear where this technology make take them.On valentine’s day, app updates so that GIFs animations are playable on mobile
  • Transcript

    • 1. ReneWrightMKTG-338-001
    • 2. “social networking tool that allows users to create and share images or videos by creating digital pinboards, a collection of pins, usually with a common theme”
    • 3. 72% female Average age: 25-54 Average Income of $25k-$75k DEMOGRAPHIC 70 million users worldwide
    • 4. Founders: Ben Silbermann & Paul Sciarra Beta released: March 2010 Best New Startup of 2011 Third Largest Social Media Outlet Ben Silbermann accepting the Crunchies award in 2011
    • 5. Opportunities Global Growth Appeal to men Allowing advertising Threats New Social Media Spammers Copyright infringement issues
    • 6. Simple & Easy Addictive Universally Useable Solely Focused on Personal Interests Creates Referral Traffic WHY THE INTEREST IN PINTEREST
    • 7. Boost Traffic Get Discovered Increase Awareness Connect with Target Bond with Brand Fans Customer Engagement Kick of discussion Search Engine Optimization Snapshot of inner lives of ideal clients ADVERTISING & MARKETING
    • 8. Clicks per pin Re-pins per pin Average visit duration KPIS
    • 9. Integrate with other Social Media Update & delete your pins & boards Make a „resume‟ board Remember your audience TIPS FOR PERSONAL USE
    • 10. Free People West Elm Real Simple Caribou Coffee TAKE NOTES FROM
    • 11. November place Pins January acquired Visual Graph Predicting interests (“Explore Interests”) February 14th Apps Support GIFs 2013-2014
    • 12. Business life cycle Increases current clientele base Use place pins to send out coupons & alerts TO THE FUTURE Any Questions?
    • 13.  Carr, K. (2012). Pinterest marketing for dummies. Hoboken, N.J. Chichester: Wiley John Wiley distributor.  Hayden, B. (2012). Pinfluence : the complete guide to marketing your business with Pinterest. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.  Leland, K. (2013). Ultimate guide to Pinterest for business : master the A-to-Z guide on using Pinerest in your profession, curate content and build boards that convert customers to buyers, create a savvy pinning strategy to drive traffic, build your brand, and boost business. Irvine, California: Entrepreneur Media, Inc.  Pinterest. (2014, February 8). Retrieved February 13, 2014, from Wikipedia website: SOURCES