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  1. 1. About MySpace Launched in 2004 200 million current users It is used for personal use, like expressing your self and for businesses to promote their product and brand name. In 2011 MySpace was bought out by Specific Media. A company that does site analytics and advertising.
  2. 2. Promoting your Business MySpace, like all sites let you create your own website. Unlimited number of friends. This lets you have a bigger target market Post blogs, video, and photos of your product to let your customers know about sales and details of the merchandise. A good way to get more reach is to make a personal approach to customers by connecting with them and getting to know them as well as get feed back on products and ideas.
  3. 3. Targeting With over 80% of users being 18 years or older it makes MySpace a great place for businesses to target customers. It can also be used for job search. Businesses can post classifieds on the website and link them to the companies website. You can also search to advertise to a specific demographic area on MySpace. With the search engine you can specify who you want to look at.
  4. 4. Your Profile To get customers to come to your website you have to make sure your profile is: Organized, with sales and products that attract the eye of the customer. Stands out, make sure that your site is going to bring customers in and not bore them.
  5. 5. Cautions For any business or personal user there are things you have to watch out for. Do not put anything too personal on the website Set your profile to private so only people you specify are allowed to view it Only accept friends that you know Watch out for anyone pretending to be other people
  6. 6. Businesses Succeeding There are many on MySpace, but the people who do excel are the upcoming artist making their name. They try to get noticed and signed by record labels. In fact when you sign up it asks you if you’re an artist or personal use for the site. Though companies like Jack in the Box, Nike, and Honda all do a great job getting friends and spreading their brand name.
  7. 7. From MySpace Account types Create a customized profile that is all about you, your content, and your fans. Personal: Find and connect with people who have similar taste in games, music, and movies. Share photos, videos and updates with friends. Musician: Upload songs, photos, videos, and more for your fans to enjoy and share. Connect with fans, promote your shows, and get detailed traffic stats. Comedian: Get listed in our extensive professional comedian directory. Promote gigs and geo-target your fan base with access to our Events Platform. Filmmaker: Showcase your work and spotlight your role in the filmmaking community. Establish your preferences, affiliations and influences; announce screenings and awards.
  8. 8. KPI Friends How much interaction you have with your market How many people visit your site
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